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5 Chapter VI, Kuaiben’s Memory
    Chinese Name: 巨星从综艺主持人开始  Author: 村中野夫(Cun Zhong Ye Fu, Wild Villager)
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The next day.

     Luo Yi was dragged out of the bed by his mother early in the morning. He was fucking with the mentality of the 30-something-year-old men in his previous life. He was really a little uncomfortable seeing the picture of his mother letting his arms eat breakfast.

     "Mom, I'm... twenty years old, can we give me more freedom?"

     "Hey, give me freedom when I'm only twenty? Don't think that you are a big deal when you reach the finals. You are not even the top 24 in plain terms now."

     What Wang Haiyue said was that the Hubei Satellite TV interviews also said the same, saying that on the 11th of November, there will be a top 24 meeting.

     In fact, more than 24 hosts have met after the national audition.

     When she passed the interview, Wang Shasha told herself that there were 30 hosts in the national recruitment.

     Choosing 24 out of 30 will inevitably face a tough battle.

     However, since Luo Yiming has passed two sea elections, he is confident of winning the final battle.

     "Mom, I know. Just relax, I won't be able to get rid of this trembling in the end. But I'm so sleepy, I'll sleep for a while."

     With that, Luo Yiming was about to lie down when he saw the phone ringing by his pillow.

     Looking around, it was Teacher Dong Hao's call.

     Yes, I have no sleep now.

     "This teacher Dong Hao seems to have negotiated with my mother. He disturbed people's dreams early in the morning. Okay, I will do your wish and get up."

     Luo Yiming shouted helplessly, and then picked up the phone extremely unwilling.

     Seeing his son got up, Wang Haiyue laughed and walked out.

     Teacher Dong Hao told Luo Yiming about this call.The production of the song has already been completed.

     If the guitar version of as empty as anything is more monotonous, the official version of as empty as anything is more interesting than the previous version of Hu 66.

     Luo Yiming looked forward to the demo of his first song very much. After washing his face casually and taking a few mouthfuls of dinner, Luo Yiming took a taxi to Dong Hao's music class.

     "Yiming, come on, hurry up, listen to your song as empty as anything."

     As soon as Luo Yiming entered the door with his front foot, Dong Hao was dragged into his studio.

     "Can it be recorded?"

     Luo Yiming asked while sitting on the chair.

     "It's quite okay. You'll know by listening to it yourself."

     After finding a sample of as empty as anything on the computer, Dong Hao opened it excitedly.

     When I sang it, I didn’t feel much. I thought the melody of this song was nothing special, but when I heard the official recording version, Luo Yiming thought it was amazing.

     Not only is his own guitar sound rushing into the music, but the drums added by Dong Hao are clear and powerful, neither fast nor slow, which completely modifies the empty singing in front.

     Most importantly, the atmosphere created by the instrument and the lyrics bring out the best in each other.

     Lyricism is relatively in place.

     One word and one sentence reflects the frustration of love life after separation.

     I feel that I have lost a tremendously important part of my life and become incomplete.

     Empty heart, empty life.

     There is no catharsis of howling wind and torrential rain, and no indecisive pull. It is more bearish and empty, and feel that many things are meaningless.In this atmosphere, Luo Yiming's voice and music blend together, and the shallow lyrics as empty as anything become full of power.

     That emptiness is magnified.

     Especially when it comes to the chorus, it is like a thin plum needle commonly used by doctors, and it plunges into your heart all at once.

     What I feel stolen is really as empty as anything.

     Is this what I sang?

     Luo Yiming was completely stunned when he heard the end.

     This song is different from when he sang the guitar alone. If the guitar version of as empty as anything is very casual, it is similar to playing, the little boy mutter to oneself.

     This version recorded by Teacher Dong Hao puts clothes on as empty as anything, it looks like a work.

     It loses a lot of the dullness of the midrange part and pave the way with music.

     A few as empty as anything are even more exciting.

     "Yi Ming, how about it, now do you believe you are a bad singer?"

     Dong Hao has listened to this song as empty as anything dozens of times, and he was looping this song last night.

     Dong Hao feels that the brilliance of this song is that it never tires, the more you listen, the more enjoyable it becomes.

     "Teacher Dong, I think you are too good. My singing was not so good at first, but with your soundtrack, it suddenly became taller."

     Dong Hao said: "Then you have to sing well before I can on brocade, add flowers. This song is so great, do you have an uninterested single ep?"

     Dong Hao has been in the music circle all year round, and he can help Luo Yiming.Luo Yiming shook the head: "Teacher Dong, then it’s not necessary. I didn’t even think about going into the singing circle, frankly, when I first created this song, I was acting as a talent. I signed up for the Hubei TV show. Liangxin anchor. Hosting talent is my dream."

     "You said you want to be a host?" Dong Hao didn't quite understand. In his understanding, the host was not as good as a singer.

     "Yes. So I still thank Mr. Dong for your kindness. But if you really want to help, you can help me register the copyright of this song."

     To put it bluntly, Luo Yiming really didn't care much about a song. To say that Dong Hao would take credit for the copyright of this song himself.

     Luo Yiming felt that he didn't need to worry.

     I have already sung this song on the audition of the new shining anchor.

     It's like Hu 66 sang as empty as anything. Although there were later versions of Ren Ran and Wang Banbi, everyone still liked 66 as the first impressions are strongest.

     Furthermore, Teacher Dong Hao made a demo for himself and asked himself to record songs with his sound engineer.

     If he really wants to steal this song, it is basically impossible.

     Sure enough, Dong Hao readily agreed.

     It is the nature of musicians to register copyrights and respect copyrights.

     Dong Hao felt that although Luo Yiming didn't want to publish this song, it is estimated that this song will become popular online. It's just that there is no record channel for hearing this song.

     "Yi Ming, you can continue to come to me to record songs when you have written any nice songs.""Okay, Teacher Dong. If I write another song, I will definitely find you." Luo Yiming smiled. In this life, he can meet Dong Hao in music, Luo Yiming is very satisfied.

     In the next month, in addition to learning guitar from Dong Hao, Luo Yiming also added an amateur piano in his previous life. He also looked for a moment in the previous Happy Camp.

     Although there are not complete programs about Kuaiben on the Internet, after watching several episodes, Luo Yiming already knows the 2005 Kuaiben very well.

     This year, He Jiong is still childish, and he is only a thirty-year-old boy.

     When hosting, he will also talk about fullness, some games are hosted, sometimes he himself is a little confused and disoriented.

     However, Teacher He Jiong's natural affinity and young mentality make him very suitable for the rhythm of the fast book.

     It can be said that the personalities of Kuaiben and He Jiong are the same.

     Following the rhythm of Teacher He Jiong, Li Weijia and Xie are optimistic.

     This is the status quo of Kuaiben.

     I review the Kuai Ben every day before going to bed. Luo Yiming is finding the one who is most suitable for Kuai Ben to host, just as he presided over the good Chinese poetry in his previous life and armed himself as a poet. Luo Yiming is on Kuai Ben, first of all To become a naughty and lively boy.

     One month passed unconsciously, and on the 10th of November, Luo Yiming received a call from Changchun.
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