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6 Chapter Seven, Big Amoy
    Chinese Name: 巨星从综艺主持人开始  Author: 村中野夫(Cun Zhong Ye Fu, Wild Villager)
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The top 24 matches of the new anchor of the Hubei Satellite TV will start on the 26th of this month.

     But in three days, on the 14th of this month, there will be a meeting for the top 24 (actually the top 30).

     Then, for a week, a senior host of the Lake Provincial Satellite TV will conduct basic training for the top 24 hosts. This is also to facilitate the beginning of the top 24 to avoid some jerky hosts of non-professional hosts.

     After all, the round of 24 will be broadcast on Mango TV perfect time.

     Hubei Satellite TV also wants to build the shiny new anchor into another trump card of its own like Super Voice Girls.

     That's what was said on the phone, and then let Luo Yiming prepare well.

     Originally, Luo Yiming wanted to take a look at that person's mouth, who is it as their 30-to-24 examiner.

     But the other party's weakly and without strength voice kept Luo Yiming from being interested in talking to him.

     Forget it, Luo Yiming thought, he would know by then.

     In mid-November, Chang had already faded away that warm wrapped clothes, and the wind in the late autumn blew away in the sky's blue and white, leaving behind a blue sea.

     Hunan Satellite TV Station is located in Golden Eagle Cultural Film and Television City, next to the Window of the World theme park.

     Tall buildings are easy to find, but compared to Window of the World, Mango Terrace was not as perfect in 2005 as later generations.

     The entire building is very old and not as tall as imagined.

     It’s hard to imagine that the place where that’s it is actually the most prosperous area of entertainment empire in later generations.And Mango TV has also become the cradle of TV entertainment, where it leads the future of entertainment.

     Luo Yiming has a mixed feeling about this place.

     In his previous life, although Luo Yiming had also been here, it was more of a study trip arranged by Taili.

     In his previous life, he always looked up at Mango TV as a learner. Now, Luo Yiming cherishes the opportunity to obtain a job here.

     Of course, even the best TV stations have their flaws and shortcomings.

     Mango TV is too ha-han, so that the entire station’s entertainment program lacks a manly aura.

     This has also caused many people in previous lives to comment on the male host of Mango Terrace, which is just one word, mother.

     Luo Yiming is not the host of the Mango Channel yet, but he told himself that if he could work in the Mango Channel, he would be a different host.

     On the 13th, took a car from Shijiazhuang to Chang.

     After getting off the bus, Luo Yiming was arranged in a youth hotel next to the radio and television.

     Due to the negotiations of the production team of the Hubei Satellite TV, the top 24 accommodations have been temporarily set here, and some regular shooting will also be carried out here.

     Some players will not arrive until tomorrow. After staying in the hotel, Luo will rest early in the morning.

     On the 14th, Luo Yiming was still asleep, and his room was flooded with regular knocks.

     Luo Yiming slept a lot, until he was sure that someone was knocking on the door, and then thought that he was currently already growing up, and the director told him that there was another player living in this room.

     Luo Yiming straightened up and got out of bed to open the door.

     "coming."Opening the door, what Luo Yiming saw was not a strange face.

     It can be said that this face is very familiar to him in later generations.

     Because every Saturday, he will host Happy Camp with He Jiong and Xie Na, and has created many firsts.

     The first Chinese male host to kneel down to the Korean stick.

     The first legendary male starring at a box office not exceeding 10,000.

     It's also the first one, and I sincerely accept it, a good young male host at Mango Terrace.

     That's right, the fat guy Du Haitao from Kuaiben lives in the same room with Luo Yiming.

     In addition, in his previous life, he was the champion of the shiny new anchor.

     Du Haitao is a native of Shenyang. In 2005, 19-year-old Du Haitao had just graduated from high school. Du Haitao was admitted to the Hunan Mass Media Vocational and Technical College and will complete his university studies here.

     Unknown to be coincidental or deliberate, Du Haitao had already participated in the audition for the happy new anchor before he entered the Hunan Mass Media Academy.

     In addition, Shen Yang’s audition went smoothly, and his arrival in Changsha also brought great popularity.

     Du Haitao not only successfully advanced to the top 24, but his supporters range from young people to middle-aged women 40-50 years old. Among the top 24 players, it can be said that he is a host who has not been officially matched.

     Du Haitao's room was arranged with Luo Yiming.

     Luo Yiming would rather believe that this is just a coincidence.

     Du Haitao got off the plane this morning, and when he arrived at Huanghua Airport, he took a taxi to the hotel.

     "Hello there."

     Regardless of the reason, Du Haitao's ability to gain a foothold in the Mango Terrace must have his unique advantages.Luo Yiming greeted him first when he saw him.

     Du Haitao smiled lazily, somewhat stupid: "Hello, this is Du Haitao. I think you are not too old, right?"

     Du Haitao is like a Northeastern person, straightforward and familiar.

     This greeting suddenly narrowed the distance between the two.

     Compared with Du Haitao's lively and cheerfulness, Luo Yiming is somewhat restrained and calm.

     "Ah, I'm twenty years old this year, a student of Media College in He Province." Luo Yiming said Qianqian.

     "Then you are older than me. I am from Shenyang, and I am studying at the Hunan Media College." With that, Du Haitao stretched out his chubby hot hand, like freshly baked white bread, and suddenly held Luo Yi Ming's hand.

     "I'm from Shijiazhuang, my name is Luo Yiming."

     "Good name, then the two of us will take care of each other in the future. Do we live here?"

     Du Haitao looked at the room as he walked in.

     He shook his head from time to time. It seemed that Du Haitao was not satisfied with the accommodation environment here.

     Yesterday Du Haitao did not come, and Luo Yiming learned from the director's mouth that there were a total of 30 players who came to the Shining New Anchor Meeting.

     Twelve girls and 18 boys lived in 15 rooms. Before the start of the race, 30 people would eventually be eliminated after training.

     Of the 30 players, only 24 entered the round of 24.

     Then after the Mango Taiwan race to kill, and finally the champion candidate.

      In other words, not everyone can perform on the Happy Camp stage, pk, and compete, and during the one-week training and assessment, six people will miss the next game and stop in the top 24.Regarding the content of the assessment, how to unfold, not to mention Luo Yiming, which player in the top 24 doesn't know at all.

     This is a relatively fair contest. After breakfast, the top 30 contestants began to wait in the room for the arrival of the assessment host.

     During this meeting, the hosts in the 15 rooms were also chirp chirp twitter twitter whispering, they were enthusiastically discussing what kind of cruel pk method would make 6 people leave, and again, who is from Mango Channel Big coffee host will be the teacher of this assessment and training.
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