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7 Chapter 8 The Anchors In The Monitoring Room
    Chinese Name: 巨星从综艺主持人开始  Author: 村中野夫(Cun Zhong Ye Fu, Wild Villager)
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After waiting for one hour later, the contestants in 15 rooms were notified by the director that they were picked up by a bus to the 600 studio hall of Mango TV Station in Golden Eagle Cultural City.

     Here, a start sth new or original big scourge was prepared for the top 24.

     Facing the empty studio hall, the director hurriedly left after telling everyone to wait on stage.

     Lead by the nose by the director, the top 24 who originally didn't know what to do, became even more helpless after he left.

     Like a calm boat drifting in the ocean, some players with poor psychological quality and lack of preparation began to sweat their palms.

     As everyone knows, after the director Liu Wei left, he rushed to the backstage monitoring room.

     As soon as he opened the door of the surveillance room, the people inside laughed and beckoned him over.

     In the monitoring room, sitting a man and a woman.

     The man is Li Weiga, who is now hosting one of the fast books, and the other woman, about 30 years old, is the newly appointed producer Luo Xin.

     The two of them were pointing at the players on the stage to discuss for a minute, and seeing Liu Wei also coming, the two of them also pulled on him and started to rate the performance of the players.

     "Well, you two have been watching for a long time, who is more stable on stage?"

     Liu Wei met with thirty hosts, but because there was no dialogue, his impression was only superficial.

     Luo Xin said: "From the appearance and posture, I think these boys are good. This is Zhang Peng, and this Wang Qiao, the side, and finally Luo Yiming."

     Liu Wei followed Luo Xin's fingers and looked over. The people Luo Xin said were all more energetic boys.Among these people, Luo Yiming in particular looks extremely handsome.

     "Sister Xin, the appearance of our male host is good enough. With your eyes, do you want to pick a handsome guy like me into the fast book?"

     Liu Wei said with a smile.

      has to acknowledge, Liu Wei, the leader of the director group, is indeed the face of the Kuaben director team.

     Handsome and humorous, he has always been an idol in the director group.

     "Liu Wei, can you still be shameless?"

     "Yes, Liu Wei. Sister Xin thinks these people are good, mainly because of their adaptability on the spot and their good manners. Being handsome is only a small factor."

     Li Weijia loves to quarrel with Liu Wei. The two of them are about the same age, and they usually fought each other when they were recording programs, and they were playing enthusiastically.

     "That's for sure. Sister Xin has never missed anybody, so I have to give them more shots. It's not the same, because the host of the fast book came from these people."

     Li Weijia said: "To be honest, Sister Xin, I think that if you look ugly so fast, it might be better. Because I and Teacher He can run on."

     "Vega, you can't have this kind of thought. When you go for the assessment, you must consider the quality of their host as the fundamental. If you are too amateur, you must continue to be handsome, and even more ugly. Can't stay."

     "We want to ensure that the first meeting on the 24th, the basic quality of each host is not much worse than the CCTV challenge host.""By the way, this Luo Yiming, you focus on this Luo Yiming, Li Rui and Sa Sha can praise this kid in front of me. I have been paying attention to him now. His temperament on stage is just like Others are not quite the same."

     Luo Yiming?

     When Luo Xin specifically clicked on Luo Yiming, Li Weijia and Liu Wei's eyes fixed on the screen again.

     How can the 30 players on the stage think that from this moment on, their every move has been compared by the judges.

     As an excellent presenter, the style and appearance on stage are very important considerations.

     Including on-the-spot adaptability and coordinating leadership can all be reflected under this emergency, and the level of ability will naturally be differentiated.

     Luo Yiming's position is on the right, and Du Haitao next to him.

     Compared with Du Haitao's look in all directions, Luo Yi is obviously very calm and curious like Grandma Liu entered the Grand View Garden.

     The host status of his previous life makes him stand upright, head up, very beautiful.

     In addition, the hair that has just been trimmed is a bit three-dimensional and shiny, and it is a bit dazzling when standing in the crowd.

     "Are we waiting here? How long will it take to wait."

     Finally, a boy who couldn't stand his temper spoke first.

     At this meeting, Zhang Peng, who has experience in hosting and graduated in broadcast hosting, stood out, and said to the contestant: "Don't worry, I think the teacher will be here soon. We have to keep calm, and we may have an exam later. Don’t be too nervous."

     Wang Qiao said immediately: "Yes, we have to be calm. We are all top 30 players and we have to show our strong qualities."Wang Qiao is the host of the signing of the Lake Provincial Satellite TV.

     He has also repeatedly acted as the host of the singer agent on I Am a Singer.

     In the shining new anchor game in the previous life, he lacked professional knowledge to get the bottom line, but he only won the eleventh place, but this did not prevent him from making his own efforts in the later period to successfully sign the Lake Provincial TV.

     "But I'm still nervous. I don't know what to evaluate for a while. 30 of us, and six of us will be eliminated. According to the current male to female ratio, 18 boys and 12 girls, I think the elimination will be among our boys. Produced, 18 eliminated 6 out of them, so terrible."

     The boy was courageous enough, he said, and the other male hosts began to play drums in their hearts.

     What this kid said makes sense.

     In the top 24, if the male to female ratio is not so unbalanced, a few boys will definitely be eliminated.

     In this way, promotion has increased the difficulty.


     Several boys began to discuss whisper to each other.

     Luo Yiming didn't intend to make any comments, but suddenly he raised his head and saw that there seemed to be a lens on.

     Luo Yiming suddenly realisation.

     It turned out that Temeow's assessment had already begun.

     This is a bit like those variety show reality shows in the previous life. Without their knowledge, the ugliest scene has been recorded.

     With joy in his heart, Luo Yiming raised an imperceptible smile and slowly stood out: "Everyone, listen to me. Now that we have come to Hubei TV as the top 30, I think we already won.""We don't need to think so much now. Even if we haven't entered the next round, we can stand in the studio of the Hunan Satellite TV and just stand for a while, we are enough."

     "I propose that everyone can introduce themselves to each other now, and everyone will definitely fight together for a period of time. No matter who stays, who is eliminated, you can always contact each other in the future."

     When Luo Yiming suggested, Fatty Du immediately said, "Well, I agree with Luo Yiming's proposal. We should get to know each other and make friends first."

     Wu Xin said, "I also think everyone shouldn't be too nervous."

     "Hello, beauty, my name is Luo Yiming."

     Luo Yiming introduced herself to Wu Xin next to him, who also lightly smiled towards Luo Yiming, "My name is Wu Xin." Wu Xin told Luo Yiming some of his information.

     As the two laughed and chatted, the other anchors also introduced themselves in a friendly manner.

     The tension before unconsciously disappeared.

     After everyone's introduction, some anchors discovered that they had participated in other hosting competitions with other players, and the distance suddenly narrowed.

     After the chat, laughter continued to spread, happy laughter and cheerful voices spread over the 600 studio hall, temporarily making the anchors forget the next assessment.
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