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8 Chapter 9: Washing, Cutting And Blowing Popular That Year
    Chinese Name: 巨星从综艺主持人开始  Author: 村中野夫(Cun Zhong Ye Fu, Wild Villager)
    Original: | Translator:

Li Weijia and Liu Wei in the monitoring room are watching Luo Yiming. After a second, they did not expect that this young anchor actually introduced the group of hosts to each other.

     I thought that these little hosts would be a mess of porridge waiting for them on stage.

     But 30 people, the kind of little nervousness at the beginning, after a brief introduction, everyone was full of smiles.

     Surrounded by them in twos and threes, they seem to have forgotten the next game.


     As Luo Yiming said.

     Being able to stand here as a top 30, they already won.

     There are a total of more than 20 cities across the country. Each city has at least 500 people who have signed up. There are tens of thousands of people in more than 20 cities.

     Reveal one's talent among tens of thousands of people and become the top 30, which is already very strong.

     Even if I was eliminated, I can proudly tell others that I once stood in the 600 studio on Mango TV.

     I used to be one of the top 30 in the nation for the shiny new anchor of Mango Channel.

     "It seems that Li Ruige is right. This Luo Yiming has real skill?" Liu Wei now appreciates Luo Yiming a bit. At least, he just behaved very decently.

     "Yes, not bad. Okay, I should meet them." Li Weijia said.

     "Well, Vega. Check who is sent to the top 24, your next assessment is very important."

     Luo Xin, the producer, has a lot of pressure on the shiny new anchor draft, which is hosted by Supergirl like Wildfire.

     The new Shining anchor took over Happy Camp to broadcast on perfect time on Saturday, and the station made concessions for the new Shining anchor.If the ratings are not good, Luo Xin will definitely be criticized.

     Whether the ratings are strong or not, it is very important to keep the hosts who have ratings and are hot.

     As the host of this assessment, Li Weijia trains these newcomers as a senior, and he also knows his own tasks.

     "Okay, Sister Xin, don't worry, I will observe them carefully."

     After Li Weijia got up from his seat, the first performance of the top 24 is already finished. At this moment, in Li Weijia's heart, he already has a preliminary judgment.

     Which is better or worse, he cooks dumplings in a teapot, knowing the score.

     However, Li Weijia would not tell these people what he observed in the background.

     Coming out of the monitoring room, when Li Weiga appeared in the 600 studio, the rest of the players shut up and stopped the discussion. At this moment, only Du Haitao was still chatting with Luo Yiming.

     Luo Yiming and Du Haitao turned their backs to Li Weiga.

     Seeing that the two were still talking, Wu Xin patted Luo Yiming's arm, and the latter noticed Li Weijia's figure.

     It's him?

     Seeing Li Weijia's money coming, Luo Yiming's heart rises again. Later generations, Li Weijia will also be a very important host in Happy Camp.

     His funny ability is not inferior to other hosts. There have been many "quick books". Li Weijia's performance is no worse than Xie Na. Sometimes the reason you laugh the most is because of Li Weijia's stalking.

     However, because He Jiong's predecessor's aura, Xie Na's madness is too eye-catching, so he is relatively mediocre.

     But this person is definitely a powerful figure in the host world of later generations.Luo Yiming had thought that he would be the presiding teacher this time.

     In Kuaiben, Mr. He doesn't have time to train them. In addition, Mr. He has a good position at the Mango Terrace. Maybe he will meet with them in the final game.

     In 2005, the quality of Xie Na's hosting was much worse. The rhythm of her hosting was completely controlled and promoted by Teacher He, which was immature.

     Being reborn, Luo Yiming feels very happy to be able to communicate and learn from Teacher Li Weijia at the Mango Terrace.

     In late autumn in the south of the Yangtze River, the breeze blows the trees, light smoke and rain.

     Vega washes, cuts, and blows, wearing a corduroy waistcoat with a pair of black jeans on the lower body. He is white and delicate, with a high nose erect. He is walking with small steps and has the agility of a Jiangnan talent.

     Standing in front of the players, Li Weiga from start to finish looked at everyone. With his eagle-like steadfast gaze, many players couldn't help but feel a little guilty when looking at you.

     Wu Xin was the one who reminded Du Haitao and Li Weijia that he was here, but when the latter looked at her, it was obviously softer.

      has to say, Wu Xin's nose is a bit similar to Li Weijia's hooked nose.

     This stalk is often used by everyone in the Happy Camp in the previous life.

     Wu Xin is Li Weijia's younger sister, and this statement has continued since she first entered the fast book.

     Among the 12 girls, Wu Xin's facial features are quite pretty.

     When he first entered the fast book, Wu Xin was not an elephant leg. At that time, Wu Xin was multi-talented and skipped belly dancing.

     But those advantages in her lack the opportunity to express.After going back and forth, she was buried on the stage of Kuaiben, until later a group of young female hosts came to the station. They have godfather backstages, dare to talk and do it, and grab all the popular hosting resources of Mango Channel. After going away, as for she finally had no desire to improve.

     Knowing the development of these people in the previous life, Luo Yiming felt like a magician who controlled the fate of others.

     And among the remaining twenty-nine hosts.

     Zhang Weiwei is also a pretty good girl.

     Compared to Wu Xin, she feels more comfortable overall.

     He looks the same as Wu Xin, with big eyes and white eyes.

     But compared to Wu Xin, her tall build, black hair, and sexy smile make it difficult for people to fiends to her.

     In the match of Shining New Anchor, she got the fourth place, and then successfully signed on the Mango Channel and embarked on the path of host.

     Later, because of having children, he interrupted his hosting career.

     Li Weijia went through his eyes, and after taking back his gaze, Li Weijia said: "Welcome to the Hubei Satellite TV, the leader of the national star TV."

     "I believe you have a clearer understanding of your purpose here than I am. Shining new anchor, as a national selection of excellent hosts, you can reveal one's talent in the vast crowd. I need to make sure that you are capable. But..."

     "You are still far from being a really good host."

     "Next, 30 of you will grow and learn with me. 24 of you will also be on the big screen and meet the audience on the Happy Camp stage.""Today, we are a process of acquaintance. Start with you and introduce yourself."

     Li Weijia first asked Du Haitao to say.

     Du Haitao is not stage fright at all, raised the head, said with a grin: "Hello teacher Vega, my name is Du Haitao and I am from Shenyang. We speak Northeast dialect in Nagadaxing, and I am a thief of Northeast dialect."

     "However, I'm here for a long time, I want to host a program and interact with the long people, so I made a firm resolution to practice Mandarin, and then I finally came to practice for two months."

     "But when I first tried to communicate with Chang People, he spoke long and fluently, which made me "totally" (under the car) doubt my life."


     Li Weijia wanted to endure it, but Du Haitao's long story was too vivid, so he couldn't take one's eyes off staring at Du Haitao and laughed.

     Not only Li Weijia laughed, but the other players also laughed facing Du Haitao's stalk!

     Even the self-introduction is so burdensome, it seems that I really came prepared.

     After Du Haitao's introduction, the players behind him were obviously speechless. It was when Wu Xin, who had previous hosting experience in deadly earnest, stated his advantages, it made Li Weijia pay more attention to her.

     It's me!

     Du Haitao and Luo Yiming were next to each other and introduced themselves clockwise. Du Haitao was the first and Luo Yiming was the last.

     Today’s meeting, the simple thing is to get to know, but in the 600 studio, on such a grand occasion, Luo Yiming knows that there is Li Weijia in front of this stage, but behind the scenes still does not know that many pair is hidden of eyes.

     How many people from Mango Taiwan are building their first impressions of the top 24 players.Will this self-introduction be linked to the elimination of these days?

     Regardless, since it is the first impression, it must be amaze the world with a single brilliant feat.
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