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9 Chapter Ten. If You Don’t Speak, You’re A Blockbuster
    Chinese Name: 巨星从综艺主持人开始  Author: 村中野夫(Cun Zhong Ye Fu, Wild Villager)
    Original: | Translator:

With the introduction of Zhang Weiwei in front, Luo Yiming stood out, as if he had returned to the time when he presided over the good Chinese poetry in his previous life.

     Affectionately said: "The ice under the Tianjing Bridge is beginning to end, and Luoyang Mo is extremely pedestrian. Yuliu Xiaoshu is idle, and the moonlight sees Songshan snow."

     "In Meng Jiao's "Luo Qiao Wanwang", there are two words with my name, Luo and Ming. Add a word in the middle, it is my name. My name is Luo Yiming.

     "I come from what was written by Bai Yuchan, the poet of the Song Dynasty." Bodhisattva Guanyin is centering, Shakya Tathagata. "Zhengding County in Shijiazhuang. The savior who rides alone, Zhao Yun and Zhao Zilong who are able to overcome disaster are our people."

     "For the host, I love it very much. This time I will participate in the Shining New Anchor and I also want to study hard with the seniors and improve myself."

      The introduction of voluminous not only explained his basic information, but also to quote the classics and export it as a poem. Such Luo Yiming not only surprised Li Weijia.

     The remaining 29 players in the column were also attracted by Luo Yiming's talents.

     This kid is amazing!

     It was so good that their self-introductions had become shriveled, like leaves.

     Li Weijia is also a top student of Zhejiang Radio and Television College (now Zhejiang Media College), and he has never heard of the poems of Ke Luo Yiming.

     This kind of erudition made Li Weijia's mind suddenly look like Wang Han.

     At the mango stand.

     Wang Han's knowledge is broad.

     He also likes these poems.

     However, Luo Yiming's poem-like free and easy appearance is more visual than Wang Han's.Maybe it's because Luo Yiming is more handsome and handsome.

     Li Weijia has an illusion that this kid is simply a combination of the two anchors of Hubei Satellite TV.

     He Jiong is handsome, but also has the connotation of Wang Han.

     No wonder Shen Ling, Li Rui and the others ceremoniously recommended Luo Yiming, he really is a good seedling.

     Li Weijia was overjoyed, but he did not face light up with delight.

     He glanced at Luo Yiming faintly, and faced the people: "All right, I have heard your self-introductions. Once again, I would like to welcome you to join the shining new anchor of Hubei TV."

     "Our big-screen game will be held on the 26th a week later, and this week, every morning I will try to make time to train you."

     "Although many of you are college students, there is still a discrepancy between the specific host and theory. In addition, some of your players are hobbies. Therefore, we all need to learn from the beginning."

     "Of course, any of you who think you don't need to study can also apply for not participating in the training with me. Are there any applications not to participate?"

     Li Weijia looked around at you, even though sixteen of the 30 students were students in the science class, but did not have one person said.

     No one is a fool, and speaking at this time is an obvious confrontation with Teacher Li Weijia.

     Seeing that no one was speaking, Li Weijia was satisfied: "Well, since you didn't apply for non-training, then I will treat everyone equally favorably."

     "Host is a grand subject, and it covers a wide range. Due to time constraints, what I am introducing is variety show hosting.""Speaking of which, variety show hosts are not so deliberate about face-to-face, wording, pronunciation, or speaking speed and sentence segmentation. But the basic speech rhythm and personal style are still necessary."

     "In addition, we pay more attention to laughter, interaction, introduction, warm-up, field control and strain."

     "The so-called field control is to control the recording time of the program on the field, to deal with emergencies, and to control the flow of the program."

     "The so-called strain, for example, if the people in the audience are too high, we can use lights, sound effects, etc. to bring the audience back to the stage."

     "There is a lot to learn. We learn one every day. Today, we will talk about this smiling fruit. How to make a smiling fruit is very important for entertainment variety shows. Humor is also one of the essential qualities of a host. But you really It’s not humorous, where did Xiaoguo come from?"

     Speaking of this, Li Weijia looked coldly in the direction of the players.

     He is not one thread loose, which makes the players more or less a bit embarrassed.

     Wu Xin became a part-time host of Dalian TV Station "Fashion very much" in 2003. The education she received was also about appearance, typhoon, and sweeping.

     Of course, she also knows Xiaoguo, but she has a reserved personality and doesn't know how to make the audience laugh.

     With an eager look on his face, Li Weijia seemed to have discovered this and pointed to Wu Xin: "Tell me. How to make a smile?"

     Wu Xin is a good girl in life.

     On the host, he is also relatively shy.

     The previous life was able to reveal one's talent among many hosts. To put it bluntly, it was her experience of hosting.Compared to other girls who have no experience in hosting, Wu Xin is a potential stock.

     It is for this reason that Wu Xin made a thrilling pass in the final game.

     When asked, Wu Xin's brain was completely blank.

     Suddenly, she showed a bitter face like cold smoke and grass, and said, "I, I really don't know. Teacher Weijia, please tell me."

     Wu Xin's modest attitude to study makes Li Weijia very comfortable. He said: "It is said that part of the fruit of laughter is born, and it has a lot to do with personality. However, since there is innateness, it can be cultivated."

     "How to cultivate, the quickest way is to create contrast. Contrast is to work towards your reverse. For example, if you are a gentle girl, you can express yourself like a rough man."

     "If you are a boy, you can learn a female voice. When the contrast comes out, it breaks the audience's pre-determined impression of you, and the laughter will come."

     "Of course, if your acting skills are not good, the Laughing Fruit may really be a joke at the beginning, but when you take a heavy hand, your Laughing Fruit ability will naturally be developed!"

     Li Weijia said it was natural that this ability brought out of his bones was already a summary of his years of hosting experience.

     Listening to the words of the predecessors, 30 players really benefited a lot from being to anoint your head with the purest cream.

     Luo Yiming stood there, and scenes flashed quickly before his eyes.

     That's right, doesn't Mr. He of the Hubei Satellite TV often use this trick?

     He often plays the voice of one young's little friend's, with a slight curl of his mouth, acting like a baby, and looks unspeakably playful.The sound really has a different effect.

     Yes, contrast, contrast can form a fruit of laughter.

     In his previous life, Luo Yiming hosted too many well-regulated programs, Chinese poetry and Chinese family tradition.

     These are all fixed modules, which limits his imagination. He always thinks that only those who come out of the "Challenge the Host Competition" like CCTV are good hosts.

     But his meows are entertainment variety shows that are popular in the past life and later.

     Those who can host variety shows well are the big names in the hosting industry.

     People’s daily work pressure is already a lot, and it’s impossible for a serious program to make everyone feel comfortable. At this time, variety shows happen to meet the needs of the audience.

     The Mandarin, appearance, shape, and image of the variety show host are not important. It seems that as long as they have one attribute, they can be a variety show host!

     It is the funny property.

     It is precisely because of this attribute that Deng Chaohuo in the running man has a funny attribute. The handsome Leilei and Huang Bo in Unlimited Challenge have become popular.

     They acted as the host and promoted the rhythm of variety shows.

     To put it bluntly, it is to be funny and humorous.

     "Luo Yiming."

     Looking back on the past years, Li Weijia called out his name.

     Luo Yiming immediately took it out of his memories and said, "En, Teacher Weijia."

     Li Weijia said: "Your self-introduction is very brilliant and literary. This is an advantage. However, your self-introduction style is too orthodox and the smell of scholarship is too strong, so the people will feel ungrounded when they see it.""Kaiben is playing with young people. Perhaps your celebrity allusions and poems have never been heard before. In comparison, Du Haitao's introduction is rustic, but there are laughing fruits. Do you know what I mean? ?"

     Li Weijia didn't plan to say this, but after thinking about it, he still clicked it.

     The love is deep and the responsibility is arduous. Luo Yiming and Du Haitao gave him a good impression when they first met. He compared the two at this time, which was also a mutual inspiration.

     Luo Yiming nodded: "Well, Teacher Vega, I know that my self-introduction should be too correct, it should be both solemn and harmonious. Right?

     Li Weijia said: "Yes, it is both humorous and humorous, and the highest boundary of the variety show host is also humorous and humorous. You can be serious when you need to be serious, and humorous when you need to be humorous. If you can't be both serious and humorous, you can always have humor and humor, and you can throw away the seriousness."

     Luo Yiming said: "Understood. Teacher Vega, should I introduce myself again?"

      "Oh?" Li Weijia was caught off guard by Luo Yiming's request, and subconsciously said: "Yes."

     Luo Yi brightened his voice, meowing, isn't it just funny, isn't it hard to beat him?

     "Hello everyone, I am Luo Yiming of amaze the world with a single brilliant feat."

     Luo Yiming said that Li Weijia was dumbstruck, this introduction was a bit crazy.

     "I'm still one place behind others."

     Li Weijia felt that this introduction had offset his previous hostility.

     "Then the question is, what kind of Luo Yiming am I?"

     Everyone is looking forward to it."Actually, I was strongly determined to succeed after being one behind the others, and finally the one who amazed the world with a single brilliant feat, Luo Yiming understood."

     "Here I also want to tell all my friends, don't be discouraged if you are temporarily behind, as long as you persist, you can surely achieve transcendence. Remember, hard work pays off."

     In the first half, Luo Yiming was playing with his humor and playing humorously.

     But in the end, after he recovered his seriousness, he clenched his small fists and told everyone that he must stick to it. It was really inspirational.

     Yizhuang is also harmonious, isn't Luo Yiming's demonstration just now a show of both solemnity and harmony.

     Learn now and sell now.

     Li Weijia was stunned, and so did the rest of the players.

     In the monitoring room, Luo Xin and Liu Wei laughed happily.

     This Luo Yiming is really amaze the world with a single brilliant feat!
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