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10 Chapter 11 Be The Teacher Of Silly White Sweet Wu Xin
    Chinese Name: 巨星从综艺主持人开始  Author: 村中野夫(Cun Zhong Ye Fu, Wild Villager)
    Original: | Translator:

"Luo Yiming, please wait a minute."

     The whole morning passed away quietly. When the sun reached the middle, Li Weijia finished today's training.

     The other players were gone, Wu Xin awkwardly ran to Luo Yiming and called him.

     "Wu Xin."

     Holding past life's memory, Luo Yiming naturally called out Wu Xin's name.

     The latter was startled slightly: "You know my name is Wu Xin."

     Luo Yiming hurriedly scratched his head: "Oh, didn't Mrs. Vega just called your name?"


     "What, what's up?"

     Speaking of which, Luo Yiming and Wu Xin sat down and had a good talk.

     In the previous life, Wu Xin was actually a victim of the Hubei Satellite TV.

     She gave up the postgraduate entrance examination and went to the base camp. She thought she could shine in this show.

     But in fact, since Wu Xin won the runner-up and became a member of the "Happy Family", she has become a "vase" with no words in the show.

     In Kuaiben, Wu Xin's "weak presence" is just a "background board".

     More people despise her as a silly dressing up.

     Someone once asked on Zhihu: What is the significance of Wu Xin's existence in Happy Camp?

     The answer with the highest like is: no meaning.

     Others said: Wu Xin is in Kuaiben, the meaning given to me is how to treat a job that you don't like but can't do without.

     They generally believe that, in terms of personality, Wu Xin does not like socializing and is not suitable for being a host.

     These people may be right.But from the personal experience of the host Luo Yiming, Wu Xin was indeed a very good player among the top 30 players before entering the fast book.

     Wu Xin, who graduated from Dayian University of Foreign Languages majoring in French, has always been a master of study.

     She has excellent grades and can sing and dance. Before entering the fast book, she has been a host on Dayian TV.

     It is a joke to say that she can't host and is not suitable to host.

     This situation is caused because Kuaben owes her a microphone.

      In Happy Camp, Mr. He Jiong’s main coffee, Xie Na, Li Weijia, and champion Du Haitao, deputy deputy coffee, came to her, it was a wall covering.

     For ten years, Wu Xin stayed on the fast book stage for ten years, and her expected growth was delayed by this stage.

     No matter how good people stand on stage, they will become stupid without words.

     In the final, the happy girl who was dancing the Xinjiang dance in a yellow dress disappeared.

     The beautiful girl who was singing Russian songs in the finals disappeared.

     She became unconfident.

     Just as Cai Kangyong once asked Wu Xin in the "Men's Dessert Club": If life is a TV series, what number do you want to be a female? She smirked and said: I may be acting in a group.

     Wu Xin was not confident anymore, and her degeneration finally made the Lake Satellite TV give up her.

     In the host layout of the Hubei Satellite TV, her position has long been lost.

     Ten years later, in 2017, Wu Xin had no choice but to terminate the contract with Happy Camp.

     After that, she took part in "Let's Fall in Love," Goddess Changing New Clothes and other shows, and formed a temporary couple with Pan Shuai, showing various affections on the screen together.Wu Xin also began to take over some dramas, taking on Huang Lei's new play "Midnight Canteen".

     But ten years of turning around is not necessarily too late.

     Her acting skills are too scumbag.

     Let's fall in love with us with great difficulty The show CP Koala run by Pan Shuai has been repeatedly picking up girls, glowing green.

     Wu Xin is sad, and the Hubei Satellite TV owes Wu Xin a decade.

     "Luo Yiming, your performance just now was perfect. I want to get the best from you. What do you think is the problem with my self-introduction just now?"

     Wu Xin looked at Luo Yiming silly and sweet. Her face was exactly the same as it was at the time. Luo Yiming smiled: "Your introduction doesn't have what's the problem. However, your problem may not be self-introduction. Thing."

     "Ah, where is that?" Wu Xin asked.

     Luo Yiming patted his head and said, "Here."

     "Here?" Wu Xin was in the circle, "Are you saying I'm stupid? Luo Yiming, you don't bring such sarcasm."

     "Wu Xin, to be honest, you really should go to the postgraduate entrance examination. In fact, the host of Happy Camp wants to play dumb like Du Haitao. I showed my talent at the beginning, how was it, I was sprayed. But in the end I sold cute, Everyone feels perfect."

     "Didn't you say I'm stupid, then I'm not very suitable."

     "No." Luo Yiming shook his head with a serious face: "I said pretending to be stupid, you are really stupid. It's different."


     Wu Xin herself was amused by Luo Yiming.

     Then, Xiaofenquan punched Luo Yiming's chest and said, "You can't bully people like this."Grabbing the small arm that was beating on his chest, Luo Yiming leaned close to Wu Xin's face. The latter thought she was taking advantage of her, so she leaned back quickly: "What are you doing?"

     "What am I doing... why? Wu Xin, don't be so nervous. If I hold your waist so close to your face now, you won't work, then you really want to go to graduate school."

     Luo Yiming let go of his hand and retreated: "Please, Happy Camp is crazy than this. If you don't know how to play, and you are stupid, why are you here?"

      "All right, think about me, if you don't want to give up, you have to change."

     Luo Yiming turned and left. He raised his arm and raised a thumb in his hand. The thumb was swayed and shook, and his voice was floating in the distance.

     "Wu Xin, if you think about a change, you can still find me and see you in the finals together."

     Looking at the handsome back who left. There was waves in a bay beside Wu Xin's heart.

     Luo Yiming's words were deeply carved into her heart.

     Yes, a short 30-strong meeting.

     A simple self-introduction must be humorous and grounded, so when you come to the stage to host a variety show on Kuaiben, you naturally have to completely let go.

     Completely open.

     It's nothing to be hugged, maybe more intimate actions will happen.

      Play dumb, that's also a style, it's better than I'm really stupid, a wooden person.

     Wu Xin wants to change. Graduate school is no longer possible. Wu Xin will never go to graduate school anymore in this life. Since he chose the path of the host, Wu Xin must follow one road until dark."Thank you." Looking at the back disappearing at the end, Wu Xin whispered.

     After the collision with Wu Xin, the relationship between the two became friendly and they became friends.

     Every night, Wu Xin and Luo Yiming would go out for a walk and talk about how to make herself cheap and irritable.

     During the day, they accept Li Weijia’s class, and at night they work overtime.

     This kind of day lasts for three days. The interaction, introduction, and warm-up learning have also improved the ability of the newcomers to host.

     On the 19th of November, Li Weijia went to record the fast book. On this day, the top 30 had the opportunity to travel for the first time.

     However, Luo Yiming did not choose to go for a long time like everyone else. He pulled Wu Xin, bought tickets and went to the site of the 1200 studio in the base camp. Luo Yiming wanted to take a look at what the current base camp program is. kind.
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