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12 Chapter Thirteen
    Chinese Name: 巨星从综艺主持人开始  Author: 村中野夫(Cun Zhong Ye Fu, Wild Villager)
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Before coming, the top 30 players were muttering about this in the room. Everyone had their own opinions about who can advance and who will be eliminated.

     Being able to come to Changzhou, naturally the players hope to be able to show off their first game on the big screen of Kuaiben.

     But the rules are cruel. Facing the reality that someone must go, they can only pray to God and pray that they are not the one who is out.

     This time, Li Weijia was not standing and announcing the results. The venue had already been arranged in advance.

     A mahogany square table is placed in front, and Li Weijia is sitting on a chair. Next to him are director Liu Wei and deputy director Wang Shasha.

     During the training these days, it seems that Li Weijia is in contact with the host. But in the 600 studio, the images of everyone studying in class have long been seen by the directors hiding in the monitoring room.

      who is stronger and who is weaker, who can enter the next round.

     Liu Wei and Wang Shasha also have a steelyard in their hearts.

     Because it was Li Weiga who was in direct contact with the players, it was him who announced the results today.


     Coughing, Li Weijia's voice clearing his throat couldn't help shaking several players.

     They are so nervous that they dare not breathe hard.

     Luo Yiming had watched the singer of the Hubei Satellite TV in his previous life, and the current situation was indeed somewhat restored to that time.

     Wei Jia became Teacher Hong Tao, responsible for announcing the frightening results.

     There were nervous and relaxed ones, Zhang Peng standing beside Luo Yiming was one of them.

     He smiled all the way, his body straight.

      has to say, as a host, his appearance is indeed outstanding.Of course, this ease may have been deliberately pretended not to be true.

     However, when Luo Yiming was in the background, he clearly knew that the host called the side was indeed not at all pressure.

     Speaking of this host, his previous life was also very popular in the match of Shining New Anchor.

     He was once regarded as the appointed host of Kuaben.

      Until the end several games, the popularity of the side is still high, second only to Du Haitao.

     But the game is full of drama.

     Perhaps it was too self-confidence that turned into conceit. The next two or three games were indifferent. Compared with Du Haitao, who had breakthroughs in every field, he did not go back, and the performance of his own money was gradually abandoned by the audience.

     Speaking of which, Luo Yiming really didn't think anyone would be a huge challenge for the host in front of him.

     Unless there is shady, unless he makes a major mistake, Luo Yiming will be the champion.

     Luo Yiming can guarantee that he did not have a major mistake.

     But the shady scene, Luo Yiming knows where it will happen.

     "I directly announce the list of advancement. Those who are not named by me will automatically be considered out."

     Suddenly, Li Weijia spoke.

     Or just to test the players' hearts, Li Weijia's announcement method is also super heartbeat.

     After his sentence, some of the top 30 players started to sweat their palms.

     "Zhang Peng."

     Zhang Peng was the first to be named. Hearing his name, Zhang Peng did not have nothing about it unexpectedly.

     The rest of the presenters also there's nothing about it unexpectedly.Zhang Peng was originally the host. It would be strange if he didn't enter the top 24.

     Staying in place for a second, Zhang Peng stepped out.

     "The one I named is the one who is promoted, Zhang Peng, you can come to our nearby."

     Zhang Peng was the first to advance.

     In fact, it is also the arrangement of the director group.

     Among this wave of male hosts, Zhang Peng and Luo Yiming are handsome.

     The sides are still slightly immature, they are handsome students, while Zhang Peng and Luo Yiming, two of them are celebrities, and they have the conditions for diversified development.

     The first one to make Zhang Peng advance does not mean that Zhang Peng is the strongest.

     But in the director's current arrangement, Zhang Peng should be what they want to support.

     Walking towards the other side with a steady and proud step, the hosts here gave him a envious look.

     "Du Haitao."

     Before Du Haitao's eyes came back, Li Weijia's voice sent him there.

     Du Haitao smiled at Luo Yiming, and went without disbelief with his head dull.




     "The King Bridge."

     "Brother Myron."

      The name one by one was named, and the players who stay in place felt even more suffering.

     Luo Yiming's name has not been called yet, even though Luo Yiming knows that he can definitely advance, this is just a trick played by the director team.

     But Wu Xin's name has not been named for a long time, which always makes Luo Yiming's heart unstable.

     In the past few days, Wu Xin did what she said.

     She makes herself beautiful every day.She has a stylish side-breasted denim skirt, a red suit and a black shirt. She also learned about her hairstyle, from long hair to short haircut, airy bangs, to grandma gray.

     Wu Xin's clothing looks like it's been opened and hung, and it goes up.

     Luo Yiming was so shocked that he felt that Wu Xin, who was ten years later in his previous life, had arrived early.

     Luo Yiming felt that such a beautiful host could be promoted.

     But Li Weijia hasn't named him for a long time, and Luo Yiming will also wonder if Li Weijia's aesthetics may be problematic.

     After all, this year is 2005, this time, it is still the era of popular washing, cutting and blowing, killing Matt.

     Like sitting on pins and needles.

     Anxiety appeared on Luo Yiming’s face. At this moment, Li Weijia said with a grin: "Luo Yiming, you don’t need to frown, you are promoted, come here."

     Li Weijia was anxious for Luo Yiming, but when he heard that he was promoted, Luo Yiming looked at Wu Xin beside him.

     Now, nineteen people have been called out, and the remaining 11 people have only five places left.

     Do not.

     Adding to myself, there are already twenty people named out.

     There are only four places left.

     Four in one, among the remaining hosts, Luo Yiming cannot remember who entered in the previous life.

     But Wu Xin is obviously here.

     Could it be that the directors didn't like Wu Xin because of his own tricks?

     Luo Yiming looked at Wu Xin.

     He would really want to give Wu Xin a solid hug. He was sure that this girl must be under tremendous pressure in her heart now.As Luo Yiming thought, Wu Xin's palms were already sweating out.

     She was terrified.

     In fact, after deciding to be a quiet beautiful girl, Wu Xin gave it a go.

     Originally a tomboy, not being yourself is indeed a bit difficult.

     But even if it was difficult, Wu Xin chose to believe in Luo Yiming.

     Because the host has to have his own style.

     Beauty, temperament, and connotation. Compared to being a mad and uninspired host, Wu Xin feels that Luo Yiming's choice for her is the right path.

      still have a chance.

     After speaking silently, seeing more and more people entering the promotion list, Wu Xin tightly grasped the lotus leaf pendulum of her skirt.

     "Song Jiaxin."

     Also a name.

     "Land Rover."

     Then a name.

     "Chen Bojun."

     A name again.

     Twenty-three, and out of the remaining seven, now only the last place is left.

     "Among you, there is still one place."

     "Here I say, the order of entering the top 24 does not mean your performance."

     "The last one who was promoted, to be honest, he made our director group shine. She is a rare beauty host. Especially, in the past few days, she has dressed herself delicately and beautifully every day. bubble."

     "A host who is so demanding of herself and so demanding of perfection, I believe that her host performance must not be much worse, so welcome Wu Xin to enter the top 24."

     Suddenly hearing his name, Wu Xin first looked at Luo Yiming excitedly.Perhaps it is thanks to Luo Yiming for her "advice". For the first time, she was praised by teacher Li Weijia and the director team.

     Luo Yiming also does not conceal smile and said, "Congratulations, Wu Xin. You are promoted."

     "En." Wu Xin then turned to look at Li Weijia: "Thank you Mr. Vega, I will definitely work hard."

     She, who is as bright as the moon in the Mid-Autumn Festival, originally just wanted to take a walk and take a look.

     But at this moment, her self-confidence is getting stronger and stronger, she feels that she can perhaps win the top three.

     Wu Xin smiled, and Luo Yiming also smiled.

     Shining new anchor, the more exciting, the more challenging.

     24 advanced, six were eliminated.

     The race will be broadcast on the 26th, which is Saturday's Happy Camp.

     Because it is a recorded program, in fact, on the 24th, that is, two days later, there will be a recording of the shiny new anchor in Kuaiben, and the top 24 will have a fierce battle there.
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