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13 Chapter 14, Eat Tofu
    Chinese Name: 巨星从综艺主持人开始  Author: 村中野夫(Cun Zhong Ye Fu, Wild Villager)
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In the top 24 breakout match, half of the players will be eliminated. Although the specific number of players is not officially announced, from hearsay, everyone knows that there will be 10 hosts bidding farewell to the shiny new anchor stage in the next game.

     This is definitely a tough battle.

     The rest of the players chose to stay in the youth hostel so that they could come to Hunan Satellite TV to study.

     Luo Yiming did not go with everyone.

     Although Luo Yiming didn't know exactly what will be assessed in the 24 to 14 competition, the basic skills and talents of the host will come in handy.

     Amusing comparison is an attribute required by Happy Camp. Compared with the talents of sing and dance, how to amuse the audience is the real skill.

     Otherwise, Xie Na's set will not be so popular in Kuai Ben.

     Luo Yiming would also be crazy, but he always had to upgrade.

     For a literate teaser, Luo Yiming thinks that is really a big killer.

     In the previous life, Luo Yiming liked to listen to cross talk in his spare time, and he was still single-talking. Luo Yiming was never picky.

     Once, he also talked about a famous stand-up comedy by Mr. Fang Qingping on the He Provincial Satellite TV.

     This period of cross talk is called Happy Childhood, and is a work in the fifth CCTV cross talk contest in 2010.

     This work helped Teacher Fang Qingping win the second prize in the professional group of the cross talk contest.

     Although it is only the second prize, stand-up comedy and cross talk pk, by themselves, do not have the advantage.

     It's definitely an ability for a person to talk, learn, sing, and sing alone on the stage and make the audience happy.

     Teacher Fang Qingping did it with a stand-up comedy, so this happy childhood has left a deep impression on Luo Yiming.He has been in love with this cross talk since then. If he is really talented, Luo Yiming would like to talk about this cross talk this time.

     Staying in the hotel dormitory, the fat guy Du Haitao had already gone out to play.

     Some of the other players are listening to training courses, and some are practicing hosting outside.

     Really boring, Luo Yiming wanted to see what Wu Xin was doing. He changed into a white shirt, tucked the shirt into the black trousers, buckled the belt, and Luo Yiming walked out of the room.

     Luo Yiming is really handsome.

     Although his hair was not combed very much, he slept naturally last night.

     A pink mouth without lipstick and big black eyes add to his charm.

     Walking to the door of Wu Xin's room, gentleman Luo Yiming gently buttoned the door.

      boom sound.

     No one in the house responded.

     But the hidden door creaked but opened.

     Following the trend, Luo Yiming opened the door.

     The small slit slowly expanded.

     In the inner room, Wu Xin fetched water. She rolled her trousers and put her feet on the edge of the footbasin to get in. When she suddenly saw a man, she moved her feet away in a panic.

     Saying Wu Xin stupid is really hopeless.

     This foot was removed and hit the edge of the foot basin, and the foot basin turned over. The water inside was thrown high in the air with the help of the momentum, and the water line outlined a perfect arc, and swished into Wu Xin's thin white clothes.


     Luo Yiming was dumbfounded.

     He really does nothing at all.

     Wu Xin's clothes were wet.

     The water slid down the clothes, cooling her fair skin slightly.Covering her cool chest, Wu Xin was extremely ashamed, and large marks of water soaked appeared on her chest.

     The pattern of the traces is round, bulging, and meow-like.

     Wu Xin's face turned red all of a sudden.

     She covered it with her hand, but her bare legs and feet couldn't be placed. Luo Yiming, the perpetrator of the incident, looked aggrieved, and his face was full of expressions asking for an explanation.


     "How hot are you so cute."

     Luo Yiming couldn't bear, originally he didn't hold it there. Luo Yiming felt that it was nothing. It was 300 silver taels not hidden here anymore.

     "Don't laugh. Luo Yiming, why didn't you knock on the door when you entered. You got me wet!"

     Wu Xin felt her chest getting wet.

     It turned out that her hand this was originally so wet, and this covering made the clothes that were not so wet even colder.

     "I didn't get you wet, don't talk nonsense." Luo Yiming said sternly.

     "I didn't mean that, Luo Yiming, you, you bullied me." Wu Xin was even more wronged.

     "Wu Xin, I didn't bully you. I knocked on the door. You didn't close the door properly. This is none of my business. Also, I didn't see anything."

     Where does Wu Xin believe.

     You don't see anything, you see everything in 80%.

     Pouting his mouth, Wu Xin wanted to let Luo Yiming out, but Luo Yiming was his benefactor and his own teacher. He must be rude to come in and drive him out.

     But the clothes are wet."Wu Xin, I came to you just to go for a walk with you. You can change your clothes and come out. Let's go around the city. It's a food city."

     Luo Yi knew that he would be embarrassed to stay here, so he spoke freely and turned around.

     This accidental collision with Wu Xin caused Luo Yiming, who was leaning on the wall outside, to surge.

     In his previous life, he was in his 30s, and Luo Yiming didn't find a suitable partner for him.

     The reason is that oneself can't reach the high or accept the low.

     Those female stars in the entertainment industry, Luo Yiming is naturally fancy, but people look down on him.

     For ordinary people who are often nothing special, girls like Luo Yiming, but Luo Yiming feels that they have no common language with him.

     Having been in the entertainment industry for a long time, it is difficult to fall in love with girls outside the circle.

     In the circle, fish and dragons mixed in together again, where is so easy to have someone who can accompany the elderly.

     If there is no one who will accompany you for a lifetime, there will be one who accompanies you for a journey.

     Someone who accompanies you for one journey will also accompany you for one night.

     It is said that people will really be lonely after working here for a long time, so in order to fill the emptiness, men and women will help each other.

     As for why there is a chaos in the entertainment industry, this may be the reason.

     Luo Yiming wasn't thinking about walking with Wu Xin, or just walking overnight, but from Wu Xin dressing in the direction of the goddess in the past few days, she was indeed much more beautiful than in her previous life.

     The temperament of the whole person is also very different.

     Wu Xin also isn't bad at the bottom. After a few minutes, Wu Xin walked out of the room in a blue halter and umbilical skirt.Looking at Wu Xin at this moment, Luo Yiming was a little unbelievable with his own eyes.

     How could Wu Xin's waist be so thin.

     There is a brownish-blue belt around the waist of the blue skirt. This belt is thinly looped around, which has a good waist reduction effect.

     With fair skin, wine-red lips, and this blue skirt with a waistline, Wu Xin has achieved a new level of beauty.

     Also, the halter wear method.

     This was the case in previous lives, even other stars only a few years later.

     The big girl Liu Yan, who is known as the sexy route, has not been passed on to the arena.

     Wu Xin is already ahead of these people.

     But Luo Yiming looked at Wu Xin's back, showing nothing but graceful beauty, which made him enjoy it.

     "Luo Yiming, you said go out to eat delicious food, can I dress like this?"

     Wu Xin is a big foodie, but she wants to be a beautiful foodie.

     Luo Yiming smiled, it was his blessing to be able to walk with this kind of beautiful woman.

     "Of course. Let's go then."

     Speaking of the source of long snacks, Pozi Street unwilling to pass on one's responsibilities to others.

     Located in Pozi Street, the Millennium Old Street, which is about 1500 meters long in the Changwuyi core business district, the T-shaped area formed with Sanwang Street gathers all the old brands of what's frequently heard can be repeated in detail.

     Here, the biggest feature is that it is the official mainstream one-stop shop with Fire Palace as its leader.

     Such as Xiang Qun, Qiangmin, Shuangyan Tower, Yang Yuxing and so on.

     Luo Yiming didn't go to these big shops with Wu Xin. What he liked was the barbecue stalls and a famous stinky tofu shop near the pedestrian street.Stinky tofu is a long featured cuisine. When people from other places arrive, no one does not eat tofu.

     Luo Yiming also eats tofu.

     With Wu Xin, this big beauty, she walked through the crowded pedestrian streets, happy laughter and cheerful voices, and sometimes helped her down the stairs, and the relationship between the two quietly became closer.
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