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16 Chapter XVII, Luo Yiming's "strategy" Wang Han
    Chinese Name: 巨星从综艺主持人开始  Author: 村中野夫(Cun Zhong Ye Fu, Wild Villager)
    Original: | Translator:

"Luo Yiming, do you dictate by yourself or learn from the Mailong group and Wu Xin, and partner with our host?" He Jiong asked Luo Yiming, who had just arrived.

     Luo Yiming chuckled: "Teacher He, what do you think I should do better?"

     He Jiong tilted his face and raised his head. A contrasting voice appeared: "Then of course (dang, lan) I think it's fun for you to work with the host. Will you listen to me?"

     He Jiong's unique host routine is still so charming.

     Luo Yiming smiled more youthfully: "I will listen to you, Teacher He, then I prefer you and Teacher Wang Han behind you. I can't find you. Can I play with him?"

     "If you say you like me, you can add him, but don't blame me for not reminding you. Cooperating with him is a bit risky." He Jiong said strangely.

     He Jiong would say so.

     Luo Yiming knew why.

     In other words, before 2008, Wang Ceshen was really well-known as Ceshen. The more Ce he presided over, the happier he was, and he became the winner of success and recognition on Hubei Satellite TV. Provincial Satellite TV has another trump card.

     In those years, Wang Ceshen was only missing a variety show with He Jiong two armies have equivalent banners and drums. Until Upward Ho was broadcast in 2008, Wang Ceshen's name changed and became Wang Banxian.

      erudite and multi-talented, he knew almost everything, he began to be called as a half immortal affectionately.

     When Wang Ceshen heard Luo Yiming looking for himself, he was also a little surprised.

     His name is very loud outside, basically, like this new host of venturing from one's thatched hut for the first time, he can't fight him for two rounds at all.

     Going up by myself, this little guy has to be bullied.Therefore, Wang Han was surprised.

     But apart from the accident, Wang Han also admired Luo Yiming's courage.

      "All right, Luo Yiming, you have decided, then you can't go back. Play with Wang Han. Ask him to take classes with you."

     "Well, thank you, Teacher He, for your completion."

     Luo Yiming watched Teacher He go down, but he knew Wang Han's strength better than anyone else.

     That's right, Wang Han is the best host among the challengeable hosts.

     He is also a elder brother of Hubei Satellite TV.

     But I found Brother Yixiu.

     What I was looking for was the handle of the Hubei Satellite TV.

     Luo Yiming was ready to tease Ce Shen.

     Luo Yiming felt enjoyable only when he was able to fight against Ce Shen.

     "The god of strategy" Wang Han can be described as "a person of virtue and prestige" in the variety show host community in Lake Province. Before he hosted Upward Ho, the audience friends from other provinces did not know him well.

     In fact, since that time, Wang Han has been very fond of teasing others.

     Usually in the show, he is also trying to "policy" others, just like the posture of the big brother.

     Like Marco, Qiu Xiao, and Peng Yu, which one has not been "relentlessly" initiated by him.

      Straight and impressive looking, Wang Han was not too sharp towards Luo Yiming. Instead, he regarded him as his own fan and said enthusiastically: "Luo Yiming, what are we playing?"

     Luo Yiming smiled ghostly. As for Wang Han's understanding, Luo Yiming knew that Wang Han was very outstanding in all the abilities of hosting.

     He has acted like a textbook to save the field many times.Back then, on the singer, a big coffee named Sun retired before the final, which was a big event.

     For the live broadcast finals, this kind of retiring from the game is called a ruthless play.

     A slightly unprofessional host may collapse and become silly.

     But Wang Han was actually a god who saved the final.

     It also completed his textbook-like rescue.

     Wang Han is a superb host.

     But nobody is perfect. Speaking of Wang Ceshen, he also has shortcomings. His shortcoming is dance.

     Luo Yiming thought for a while, pretending to be ignorant: "Then Mr. Wang Han, let's do an elderly disco. Your legs and feet are not good. In order to take care of you, I specially chose the dance style for you."


     Several audience members were amused.

     "Live, can the music teacher give me some music, let's have an elderly disco."

     "The teacher Wang Han, follow my rhythm."

     Luo Yiming twisted, the dance steps were more exaggerated than the square dance aunt's movements, just like the old man's twisted Yangko.


     The audience laughed a few more.

     And Wang Hanqian blankly stood in place, face full of black lines awkwardly.

     He thought that Luo Yiming really liked him a second ago, and he might discuss with himself and learn the art of hosting.

     I didn't expect this kid to dance by himself.

     The wise he felt the big conspiracy behind this in the next second.

     It seems that Luo Yiming is young and harmless to human and animals, but this guy wants to embarrass himself.Dancing, Wang Han really can't come, but with experience comes wisdom, Wang Han said after seeing through: "Music...stop! Unfortunately, Luo Yiming, I twisted my waist recently, I'm afraid it's really impossible to dance."

     "Oh? Was your waist twisted? Then I have to talk about you. Pay attention to your body and take care of your body."

     Wang Han unprotected authentically: "Thank you."

     "Also, it's just to play a little less mahjong. Playing mahjong really shuffles the cards, which is very costly. You said that you play mahjong all night, can your waist hurt?"


     Only the voice of the audience's belly laughter sounded again.

     Wu Xin is always following Luo Yiming.

     She had to admire him.

     He Jiong was so happy to join him in the outfield: "Our Wang Han is tired from work, Luo Yiming, don't talk nonsense."

     Luo Yiming immediately said with a serious face: "Well, that's what I mean. Don't work hard. Take care of your body. Your body is the capital of the revolution."

     Wang Han still behaved very generously: "Thank you. I will take care of my body."

     "But Teacher Wang Han, you work so hard and have great abilities, but I always think you are a little bit worse."

     Everyone squeezed a sweat for Luo Yiming.

     He dare to speak.

     Wang Han seemed to feel that Luo Yiming had a foreshadowing, and still smiled: "But I heard the details."

     "First of all, you are a little less handsome than Li Yuchun;"

     "On singing, you are a little closer than Zhang Liangying;"

     "When it comes to dancing, you are a bit worse than He Jie."

     "Teacher Wang Han, I sometimes have an urge to call you "Wang Almost"?"Huh!

     Luo Yiming's voice is full of wind, provocative?

     Is he taking Wang Han to start the policy?

     In the front, Wang Han faintly felt Luo Yiming's routine. When he reached this point, Wang Han understood thoroughly that this kid was digging holes with himself step by step, waiting to make himself jump down.

     just now.

     Wang Han has been unconsciously "policy" by Luo Yiming, to say that breeze is still, waves are quiet in front, and now the stage has faintly felt a strong pk atmosphere.

      Newborn era's Luo Yi clearly stated that he was "Bad Premonition". He was the ace host Wang Han who wanted to fight against the Hubei Satellite TV.

     Regardless of success or failure, he can expose himself, and the first stop is highly regarded.

     Not only Wang Han felt, but Mark, Vega, Li Hao, Yoyo, and Zuo Yan all felt that "the wolf is coming."

     When Zuo Yan met Luo Yiming for the first time, she despised him, but Luo Yiming time and time again refreshed Zuo Yan's impression of him.

     This northern wolf from He Province looks gentle and kind, but in fact, it is extremely ferocious.

     He said that he compares Wang Han with others.

     But comparing him, Wang Han, with Li Yuchun and Zhang Liangying in the recent trump card drafts of the Hunan Satellite TV, Wang Han seems to be a dumb loser.

     This brat.

     Unconsciously, there was an inexplicable pressure in the hearts of the hosts of the Lake Province TV station.

     If Wang Ceshen was “tricked” by Luo Yiming in this way, where did the Lake Provincial Satellite TV put the face of such an old man, all the old people would look at Wang Han.

     You can't lose this battle anyway!
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