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17 Chapter 18, Zuo Yan Wants To Hold Luo Yiming
    Chinese Name: 巨星从综艺主持人开始  Author: 村中野夫(Cun Zhong Ye Fu, Wild Villager)
    Original: | Translator:

Wang Han smiled, Luo Yiming is very good.

     But he, Wang Banbi of the Lake Provincial TV, how can it be, was so presided over by a newbie and unable to fight back.

     Flicking his eyebrows, Wang Han calmly said: "Luo Yiming, what you said is wrong! Compared to the top four of the Super Voice Girls of our Hubei Satellite TV, I am not only a bit worse, but a lot worse."

     "Chunchun, Liangying, He Jie, they have become the hottest and most influential young people this year."

     "Chunchun, nominated for dozens of awards, and won ten consecutive awards."

     "Pretty shadows, there are beautiful girls who look like this, and there are girls who sing such beautiful songs, but they are so beautiful and sing so beautifully. I only know one, Zhang Liangying."

     "You said I'm a little worse than her, I'm honored."

     "But you are wrong about He Jie's dance. She is more than a little better than me. I can only dance an elderly disco. I can't dance when this waist is bad."

     "And when she jumped up, the whole stage was filled with her aura, she was the most dazzling star on the stage."

     When Wang Han was speaking, all the juniors in charge were watching him.

     Teacher Wang's trick to push the boat along with the current is really amazing.

     "I'm not Wang nearly, compared with them, I am much worse. You should call me Wang worse."

     After Wang Han finished speaking, he smiled again.

     Bang bang bang.

     There was thunderous applause from the audience.

      Ginger gets spicier as it gets older, Wang Han's remarks not only show his humility and restraint, but also made another advertisement for the super girls of Mango Channel.This kind of traceless interruption, easy access, is like an old driver driving, not wading in mud and water at all.

     "Teacher Wang Han, admire it." Looking up at the latter, Luo Yiming showed sincerity. In fact, he also thought that Wang Han could drive easily.

     "Teacher Wang Han, I was actually fighting with you to bring some fun to the audience. You are my idol. In the host, I have too much to learn from you."

     "At the same time, thank you for your cooperation, including a lot of my burden. If you don't cooperate, I really can't shake it out."

     Wang Han said: "I know that your kid is buried from the very beginning. That's right. You have a talent for talking about cross talk. I think the audience should be happy."

     As Wang Han said, He Jiong will come to the stage now. He got the director's hint that this place should be more ignited.

     "I think the audience is still upset, yes or no?" He Jiong stepped onto the stage, inciting the audience below.

     An excellent host is not just a string of words, but when it comes to sex, it is fatal to keep it for a longer time.

     This requires not only the cooperation of the people above, but the audience below.


     "Luo Yiming, I can see that you, a newcomer, are trying to find us old guys to fight in the ring. Just now you have shaken so much baggage. Teacher Wang Han also said that you have a talent for talk talk. Can you give it to me? Everyone talk about cross talk?"

     He Jiong is not trying to stir up the shiny new anchor. In the performance of the previous players, there's nothing about it.

     Mailong, Wu Xin, it's considered to have started the show.

     Then Luo Yiming reached this goal.If the ** just faded like this, the ratings will definitely be far behind when the super girl is on the air.

     You can use Luo Yiming, a newcomer, to fight against the old man. This is first of all a big explosion.

     Luo Yiming's cross talk is finished, it can bring Luo Yiming's popularity first, and at the same time join the pk of the senior hosts, the ratings will definitely explode.

     The role of the host lies in this. How could He Jiong facilitate this, even if the recording was interrupted again.

     Also give Luo Yiming a cross talk.

     It's not a live game that's it. Although this may cause unfairness, the TV station doesn't care so much for the audience rating.

     Sometimes, their favorite players make big mistakes, and the director will stop re-recording.

     In this way, the performance that appears in front of the audience will be so perfect and flawless.

     In fact, the performances of many variety shows are not completed all at once.

     Like An Actor Emerges of Zhejiang Satellite TV, when Xie Dajiao's actor Yu Yuexian competed with Teacher Song Dandan, she told the truth.

     I like the game without interruption when the camera is turned on, everyone can play high all at once.

     That game, Yu Yuexian lost to Song Dandan.

     But the behind-the-scenes shooting was interrupted several times, and Song Dandan retakes how many shots, is unable to find out.

     This kind of competition lacks fairness and justice.

     It is very difficult for a small coffee to want to win.

     In his previous life, Luo Yiming was also the host host of He Sheng TV. How could he not know He Jiong's intentions, but Mr. He was right this time.Luo Yiming just prepared teacher Fang Qingping's happy childhood.

     Luo Yiming was very happy to give pillows when he fell asleep, but he was haggle over price.

     "Teacher He, I said that cross talk is also fine. But you said that I am challenging your senior host, and I always have a representative to greet me when I talk about cross talk."

     He Jiong's eyes lit up: "Yeah, this is really going to be compared with us, of course (dang, lan) is fine. Who do you want to choose?"

     Teacher Wang Han, Luo Yiming must have been put back to rest.

     Among the other hosts, Li Weijia and Li Hao have participated.

     Luo Yiming uninterested the other hosts.


     By the way, this girl.

     Zuo Yan was her own judge in the previous game.

     Once, she was her partner, and later, she became her idol.

     The appreciation of idols made Luo Yiming decide to challenge her at this moment.

     "Can I find Zoyeon?"

     Luo Yiming showed inquiring eyes.

     After all, whether Zuo Yan is the host of Mango Channel, Luo Yiming is not clear at this moment.

     Unexpectedly, He Jiong smiled immediately: "Of course, you can challenge all the host seniors who came today except me. You and Zuo Yan are both young people, and she is also very strong. Then the stage will be Here you are."

     He Jiong gave Zuo Yan a look.

     Zuo Yan immediately walked out of the seat.

     So the big family that will appear at Mango Terrace at this moment, Zuo Yan is also invited by the producer Luo Xin.Luo Xin dare not boast for the talents of the new host. If the final top three are not reliable, Luo Xin will also start a new plan.

     Zuo Yan's host on Xiaoxiang Film Channel is not bad, she still challenges the host to come out of the rookie.

     Luo Xin intends to cultivate her, and Zuo Yan is currently the intern host of Mango Channel.

     She has a half-year internship period. During this half year, Zuo Yan is free. After the internship passes, Zuo Yan can choose to stay or leave.

     But how to say, Zuo Yan is still on the mango stand now.

     This time, Naturally possible was challenged.

     Walking slowly up the stage, Zuo Yan is wearing a small black suit with shoulder sleeves and a black skirt underneath, which is charming and sexy.

     In her previous life, Zuo Yan hosted a lot of hosts in Zhejiang Province. "Zhe Provincial Online" commented on this girl. Zuo Yan's image in the show is lively and fashionable, and sometimes she is charming and charming.

     In character, Zuo Yan, who was born in the "Leo Tail", has the sensitivity and perfection of a Virgo, as well as the confidence and desire for expression of a Leo.

     Zuo Yan has to say in the female host circle, she has an outstanding appearance, otherwise she would not be able to participate in many TV series in her previous life.

     Even on CCTV, there are so many big-name hosts supporting him.

     After being in place, Zuo Yan lightly smiled towards Luo Yiming. At this moment, she is no longer the Zuo Yan who set up on high on the judges' bench.

     Facing Luo Yiming who very possibly might become her colleague, Zuo Yan politely stretched out her hand to hold Luo Yiming!
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