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19 Words Exceede 5100
    Chinese Name: 巨星从综艺主持人开始  Author: 村中野夫(Cun Zhong Ye Fu, Wild Villager)
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This stand-up comedy has just begun. Luo Yiming has no time to enjoy the praise and applause. For the progress of the show, he has to accelerates.

     "The worst thing I learned when I was a child was Chinese, and my composition was even worse. In the second grade of elementary school, the teacher asked to write "My xxx. I flattered and wrote "My Teacher."

     "The first sentence: "My teacher is a face with melon seeds." I write a little less on this melon. The teacher looked at: "My teacher is a face with paws."

     "What is the virtue of the paw face?"

     Luo Yiming covered his face as he said, embarrassed.

     "You are so funny."


     The audience said that they still controlled a little before.

     Everyone laughs, but they still know how to control.

     After all, this is the stage of Quickbook.

     But it came and went, Luo Yiming's burden was endless, who was parrying it.

     The audience all smiled like a girl.

     The enthusiastic applause once made Luo Yiming unable to speak further.

     He covered his face, and after putting down his hand, he simply stood in place, squeezing his eyes in a wicked way, and that damn look made everyone love and hate.

     "it is good."

     "well said."


     "Luo Yiming, you want fire."

     Luo Yiming didn't think this was great.

     Although she defeated Zuo Yan 100%.

     Luo Yiming's goal is not her.

     This is the first show of the new shining anchor, Luo Yiming must amaze the world with a single brilliant feat and take the lead.

     Let's go on."At 12:00 in the morning, I came to the door of the teacher's house." Why did the kid go to the teacher's house midnight? I don't know what to smoke.

     "I saw that the window of the teacher's house was still shining with candlelight." Our teacher is a pacesetter in power saving.

     "The teacher corrects our homework overnight." The homework of the elementary school was actually changed for half an hour. Our teacher was slow and had to change it at night.

     "Looking at the gray hair in the teacher's temple, my eyes are moist." Our teacher was only twenty-one that year.

     "The teacher endured the sickness and finished the last homework for us. He closed his eyes with relief and left us forever. The silkworms died when the silkworms were dead, and the wax torch turned into ashes and the tears began to dry.

     We must inherit the teacher’s will and become People's Teacher when we grow up. "When we grow up, we will be teachers. I don’t know where to find such students.

     When Luo Yiming said this, he twisted his body and made an expression of wiping sweat. This was his burden for the audience to digest himself.

     Offstage, the audience's enthusiasm echoed again.

     Several viewers couldn't help but want to stand up, but fortunately, they were held down in time by the audience behind.

     "Why does Luo Yiming want to be a host? Instead of talking about cross talk, it's absolutely hot."

     "Well, the games are full."

     "Where is there a so attractive crosstalker. He went to talk about crosstalk, and he was blinded by this face." A girl said slyly.

     "Look at your owe-day expression?" A boy next to the girl said, yes, this is her little boyfriend.

     He Jiong, Wang Han, the two big men of the Mango Channel have to admire Luo Yiming.

     The producer Luo Xin, who watched the first game backstage, was even more excited.She punched her fist and shouted that she had it.

     The first episode of this program will definitely explode when it is broadcast.

     Not only imitation, tongue twisters, songs, and Luo Yiming's cross talk, it is definitely the perfect match.

     "When we were young, we even asked to keep diaries. So little kids, what can we remember every day? Nonsense."

     Today moderate wind, beautiful sun, the teacher led us to climb Mount Everest.

     The students started a mountaineering competition, and the sports committee member Wang Xiaoming climbed to the top of the mountain in less than five minutes.

     On the top of the mountain is an orchard with watermelon trees, winter melon trees, and Christmas trees.

     The farmer's uncle climbed up the watermelon tree ‘cengceng’, dexterously like a tabby cat.

     Uncle farmer picked the biggest watermelon and threw it to me. I caught it firmly with my left hand.

     Passing through the orchard, is the Palace Museum.

     The students lit a bonfire in the Palace Museum and listened to the teacher telling stories about his war.

     The teacher said that as long as we get good grades in the exam, he will take us to climb Mount Everest, which is higher than Mount Everest.

     The teacher said he would take us to Xiangshan to pick sausages.


     Luo Yiming is now the burden concentration area in the cross talk. Every sentence has a slogan and a joke. When he talks, the smile hangs on the faces of the audience. No one dare to relax, he is afraid of missing the excitement. Of jokes.

     Luo Yiming is to buy time for the show.

     As a host and performer, Luo Yiming's time is long, and then he will compress other players' time.

     So he can't take up too much.I spoke very quickly and laughed a lot, until the end heard that Luo Yiming was going to the Xiangshan Mountain in the capital to pick sausages, and the audience burst out, really couldn't bear.

     Xiangshan, pick sausages.

     It is Shi Lezhi.

     Is there any sausage picking in that place?

     Luo Yiming didn't let the audience who were smiling like flowers breathe. He continued: "The school often organizes spring outings for us, and every time we have to write about spring outings, the whole class has a set of words."

     "We came to the park with a happy and excited mood. First of all, greet the eye is a rockery. The flowers on the mountain are red like fire, pink like clouds, and white like snow.

     Some students hide and seek, some eat snacks. Everyone had a nice day and left reluctant to part. The students said that they will come to the park next spring. "All these words.

     One year during the spring outing, the school organized a grave sweeping and let us write articles. We still use this set of phrases.

     We came to the graveyard with a happy and excited mood.

     The first to greet the eye is the head of the grave.

     The flowers on the wreath are red like fire, pink like clouds, and white like snow.

     Some of the classmates "hide-and-seek" are bold enough to go to the graveyard to hide and seek, and they are not afraid to run into an imp.

     "Some snacks" ate the offerings.

     "Everyone had a nice day and left reluctant to part.

     The students said that they will come here next spring. "This is enough to support you.


     Luo Yiming's cross talk is over here.

     He bowed to the audience, and the audience yelled to him.

     "Okay. It's so nice, this cross talk is full of laughter.""Luo Yiming, a good person, used to praise sb's moral integrity or courage."

     "To be honest, this cross talk can go to the national competition, and it will definitely catch on."

     "Unexpectedly, Luo Yiming would still write cross talk. If I post this cross talk on the Internet, I think this cross talk will become popular tomorrow, do you believe?

     "I believe."

     The entire Kuaiben studio was unusually bustling with noise and excitement, all because of Luo Yiming’s happy childhood cross talk.

     This cross talk laughs throughout the whole process, and also evokes everyone's childhood memories.

      has to say, this is a good work.

     Luo Yiming as if relieved from a burden.

     His interpretation should convey the essence of this work.

     In this way, he doesn't feel ashamed of anyone anymore.

     Talking and learning to sing.

     Cross talk art.

     As long as the work is fully communicated and expressed, and can be appreciated, circulated and recognized by the public, this is success.

     Luo Yiming straightened up. At this moment, He Jiong had already walked up from the stage.

     With the look of appreciation and admiration, He Jiong must be looked at with new eyes a bit towards Luo Yiming.

     "Luo Yiming, the cross talk is really good."

     "Thank you Teacher He."

     "Our team's Zuo Yan lost, let alone her, your cross talk is not bad compared to professional."

     Luo Yiming is still low-key thanks.

      "All right, Luo Yiming's performance on No. 10 is over. Below, please let the judges rate Luo Yiming's performance."
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