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21 Chapter 22, Music Media Person Rou Luo Yiming
    Chinese Name: 巨星从综艺主持人开始  Author: 村中野夫(Cun Zhong Ye Fu, Wild Villager)
    Original: | Translator:

The tail of November is the signal that winter is coming. Without the frosty Jiangnan in the North, there is more beautiful rivers and mountains.

     After this pk, Shining New anchor producer Luo Xin will continue the "Super Girl" approach. Starting next week, every Saturday night, Shining New anchor’s final selection will be broadcast live.

     Players leave this stage every week.

     If at the beginning, she was drumming up the ratings of this show, it can be seen that in the first game, Luo Xin is very confident in the ratings of the shiny new anchor.

     She believes that this is likely to be a "weekend pk day" recreated by Mango Channel for the audience after the "Super Voice Girls competition."

     Packing up his backpack and luggage, Luo Yiming did not choose to stay in Changsha like other players.

     For the next three weeks, there will be three games of 14 to 10, 10 to 6, and 6 to 4 to be arranged every Saturday. The finals will be 4 to 3 on January 7, 2006.

     As Hubei Satellite TV intends to introduce the popular host group concept in Hong Kong and Taiwan, according to the original plan, the top 3 players will partner with He Jiong to become the new host of "Happy Camp."

     Xie Na and Li Weijia will complete their transition tasks and formally take over with the new anchor.

     In his previous life, Luo Yiming knew that Zhang Peng, who was third in the top three, did not get the final quota.

     This is also because the strength of the top three anchors is not outstanding.

     The enthusiasm of the new shiny new anchor has not risen, and it cannot match the fame of super girls.

     But in this life, Luo Yiming is bound to save this decadence.

      From the very beginning to help Wu Xin and make her a beauty anchor. Since then, Luo Yiming wanted to make the top three famous.The first game is over.

     In addition to his stable performance, Wu Xin, Mailong combination, Du Haitao performed well.

     On the side, Chen Bojun, Wang Qiao, these players who were not very popular in their previous lives also played supernormally and blossomed more.

     Everything is moving in a better direction. What Luo Yiming has to do is enjoy.

     Arriving at Huanghua Airport, Luo Yiming's plane took off at one o'clock in the afternoon.

     There are now more than two hours before boarding.

     Coming early, Luo Yiming simply rested in the VIP area.

     "It sounds good."

     "This song as empty as anything is really good."

     "This person who sings this song is hot!"

     Sitting next to Luo Yiming is a fat man. He just found a new song from

     Click to listen to it, and I like this song as empty as anything instantly.

     For a while, he recommended the song he found to his friend, dj Liu Yang who works at Feiyang Broadcasting 971.

     Liu Yang is the dj who is broadcasting on Feiyang.

     When his friend pushed the song to himself, Liu Yang didn't care, he couldn't agree with the fat man's eyes.

     But after clicking to listen, Liu Yang also liked this song as empty as anything.

     I especially like the sentence here. I have been ignorant for a year, and it seems that it has not changed this year.

     This almost writes out his state.

     Liu Yang has no other authority, but he still has this authority to send nice songs to drivers and office workers who listen to the radio.

     Soon, he aired this song on the music show "I Sing My Song."Looking at the data from the rapidly soaring SMS platform and the flickering hotline, Liu Yang was shocked.

     He immediately felt that "as empty as anything is going to be popular this year."

     Because at this time, the SMS support for this song has far exceeded the 13,000 and more than 500 pieces of Lilac Flower created and maintained by Tang Lei that year.

     Lilac is a sentimental campus song. Once it was released, it was loved by thousands of people.

     Unexpectedly, the record set by Lilac Flower was broken by this song as empty as anything in a short period of time.

     Because the audio file sent by Fatty has no author.

     Liu Yang quickly called the fat man back.

     On the hotline, many listeners asked who the original song was and who was the man singing the song.

     Where does the fat man know.

     He also found it from Soge.

     This song was uploaded by a tourist.

     The identity of the tourist is not clear, so the fat man is also embarrassed.

     I don't know whose song it is, and the fat man doesn't know. The man Luo Yiming who is resting next to him is the author of this song.

     With Liu Yang's broadcast and recommendation on the platform, more people downloaded this song as empty as anything.

     When Luo Yiming took a break and was awakened by the alarm clock, he found that there were already two missed calls on the phone.

     It's all calls from Teacher Dong Hao.

     Thinking of not contacting Teacher Dong Hao some days, Luo Yiming dialed Dong Hao's number.

     "Ms. Dong. You called me. I was sleepy just now and fell asleep accidentally."

     "You can still sleep? You know or not, now there are human flesh on the Internet."Teacher Dong Hao’s roar sounded harshly, and Luo Yiming hurriedly moved the phone away: "Teacher Dong Hao, human flesh, who flesh me, why human flesh me. What did I do?

     Luo Yiming just woke up and was still a little confused.

     His voice was not loud, but he still attracted the attention of the little fat man next to him.

     Human flesh?

     This word caused the sensitive little fat man to get close to Luo Yiming.

     Luo Yiming continued to ask Dong Hao: "What's going on, Teacher Dong Hao?"

     "It's your song, it's on the Internet now."

     "That song, are you talking about the one I sang as empty as anything?"

     The little fat man was by Luo Yiming's side, he leaned over and just heard this sentence.

     He was completely confused.

     Your song as empty as anything?

     Could it be that he sang as empty as anything?

     The little fat man feels evil.

     One minute ago, I was still looking for the author of this song, and the next minute, the buddy sleeping next to me said he was.

     Far in the sky and close in front of you.

     This is really evil.

     "Yeah, Yiming. A few days ago, I just passed your as empty as anything demo to a friend in my music circle. I also emphasized to him, don't post it."

     "It seems that he didn't listen to me and released your song. Because I registered the copyright for you, your Luo Yiming information will be found soon. At that time, it is estimated that many music media will You are human."

     Luo Yiming once said that this song should not be published and should not cause a musical tsunami.But his meow, nice song is like a nice drink, he is not afraid of hiding deep in the alley.

     Since it has spread out.

     Sooner or later, I have to be crude.

     Luo Yiming thinks, then tell everyone frank and open.

      as empty as anything, is what I sang.

      as empty as anything is written by Lao Tzu.

     You don't have to look for it too much, I am here.

     "Teacher Dong Hao, since you have to be found out sooner or later, you simply told your friends in your music circle that I sang this song. Let them also send news to the media that idle pain in the balls."

     "When I enter this business, I also know that I can't be peaceful, and I can't hide, so let the storm come harder!"

     Luo Yiming vowed to talk to Dong Hao, and the fat man beside Luo Yiming was like a roller coaster ride.

     It's really him.

     It’s really to wear out one's iron shoes.

     "I caught it."

     The next second the fat man hugged Luo Yiming directly.

     "I caught a singer singing as empty as anything."

     He shouted excitedly.

     Luo Yiming was hugged by a fat man who suddenly went crazy, and that second was really speechless.

     In the VIP area of the airport, many passengers looked at Fatty and Luo Yiming with strange eyes.

     The fat man was not ashamed or impatient, and raised his admiring gaze. Luo Yiming was his idol.
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