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23 Chapter 24, Luo Yiming Has Become Different
    Chinese Name: 巨星从综艺主持人开始  Author: 村中野夫(Cun Zhong Ye Fu, Wild Villager)
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The previous show is rather boring. If this is not the case, the master He Jiong drove. Several times, the audience wanted to change channels.

     Fortunately, I survived a few boring players in front, and when it came to the Mailong group, the show became happy.

     Yu Mai and Zhao Long talked about the previous life is also not at all. After being eliminated from the Shining New Anchor, Yu Mai also went to Hesheng TV, TV, and Tianjing TV to host several small programs. .

     Without Yu Mai as distinctive, Zhao Long was not so lucky. He changed his career after shining the new anchor.

     The performance of the two partners challenged Teacher Li Hao's imitation very well, and the funny jokes attracted the audience's interest.

     Immediately afterwards, the appearance of Wu Xin's little beauty once again quenched the audience's thirst.

      has to say, with Luo Yiming's help, Wu Xin, who is more determined and bold in dressing, has changed into a different person.

     This cute white skirt is worn with a bow tie on the neckline, which is really girly.

     There is a word called love at first sight.

     At this moment, Wu Xin was seen by those nerds, and it was a dream at first sight.


     What is it like for a good girl to wear a cook outfit.

     Cute adorable turned over.

     Coupled with Wu Xin's continuous increase in self-confidence in the past few days, she still has an elegant temperament, which is rarely seen even in her previous life.

     The one in her previous life was too inferior.

     She was overwhelmed by the big guys of Kuaben.

     In this life, Luo Yiming changed her.

     From an ideological point of view, Wu Xin grew tall.The confidence reflected in her eyes can be felt by the audience.

     When Wu Xin clever and eloquent finished the tongue twister between the dumb and the lama, she abused Li Weijia's performance and made the audience in front of the TV expand my horizon and screamed.

     It is also the teaching version of Wu Xin, the most difficult tongue twister, and also attracted a group of hosts, including the big names in the cross talk world.

     Tongue twister, that is what CCTV hosts and cross talk actors must learn.

     Dumb and lama.

     It is the hardest level in tongue twisters.

     Guo Degang recently began to pay attention to these local channels. On Anhui TV, he also started to host the drama action. This show was broadcast at 7:30 on Saturday night.

     As the host, Guo Degang naturally pays attention to the ratings of his programs.

     Compare with other satellite TVs.

     The news that Mango Channel is going to be on a new variety show is very busy recently, and Guo Degang knows it himself.

     He turned the channel to the Mango Channel in front of him, wanting to see what the show was like.

     Coincidentally, Guo Degang discovered this Wu Xin.

     Cross talk emphasizes talking, learning, and singing.

     Wu Xin was born as a host, and she should not be a system problem. With this tongue twister, she has the solid basic skills of a cross talk performer.

     Funny and singing, Guo Degang hasn't noticed yet.

     But he faintly believes that the voice of the host is good, singing is not a big problem.

     This Wu Xin still has real skills.

     Guo Degang recently saw actors who have a foundation in cross talk, and they would be glaring.

     No way, his Deyun Club emerged as a new force to be reckoned with in 2005.Because of Deyun Club and Guo Degang, the public has renewed attention to the art category of cross talk, and has realized the second revival of cross talk.

     Guo Degang joined the art world at the age of 6, and has studied storytelling, cross talk, Peking opera, Pingju, Hebei Bangzi. He moved to Liyuan for many years to revive cross talk.

     The revival of cross talk requires talents, and Guo Degang has only accepted many talented apprentices. Therefore, seeing Wu Xin at this moment makes me feel emotional.

     "This show, let alone, really have real skills."

     Guo Degang has watched the duel between Wu Xin and Li Weijia, and he himself has to acknowledge, which is better than the drama action he presided over.

     Sitting on the sofa obediently, Guo Degang continued to watch.

     Same as Guo Degang.

     All parts of the country.

     The audience base accumulated by Mango Channel, not because the broadcast of Shining New Anchor has declined.

     The super girl is over, and the shiny new anchor picks up.

     This is the top 24, some players are not strong enough, everyone can understand.

     Every time a powerful role jumps out, the audience is Full HP resurrection, watching with keen interest.

     When the soy sauce party performance on the 9th ended, Luo Yi knew it.

      This time, many viewers flooded into the Mango Channel.

     Luo Yiming’s "as empty as anything" is a sermon. In the highlights of the audition, there are also scenes of Luo Yiming singing.

     The audience wants to hear Luo Yiming's vocal version.

     Look at what he looks like when he sings on the guitar.

     See if you can turn yourself handsome.

     Luo Yiming is handsome.

     Small suit, white shirt, long legs.

     He is the standard for tall, rich and handsome.There was a singular clarity in his eyes, and the tall bridge of his nose should have a stubbornness.

     This arrogance made him come out to challenge Wang Han, one of the handles of Mango Terrace.

     This challenge immediately made the audience complain.

     "This Luo Yiming starts with Wang Han. This is going to be a shopping cart."

     "It's impossible to go shopping, I guess it's easy to explode by the other party."

     "Xianyu must have a dream, I think how Luo Yiming will win."

     The audience's emotions were different, and the expectation was the highest because of the gap between the two.

     The audience looked forward to the tricks of the old and tender newcomers.

     Even if it was a kill, they admired Luo Yiming's courage.

     Instead of singing as empty as anything?

     When the duel began, the audience discovered that Luo Yiming was not singing, but similar to a talk show.

     The essential.

     The big brother Wang Han was abducted by Luo Yiming.

     When Luo Yiming said that Wang Han's waist was not good because of playing mahjong, the audience stunned.

     For a moment, they had an illusion.

     Luo Yiming is the elder brother, and Wang Han has become a younger brother.

     Although Wang Han later showed his ability to host big coffee with his wisdom the mountain road twists around each new peak, Ke Luo Yiming's overall performance did not fall apart, and the game with Wang Han may not be successful.

     "This kid has a sharp tongue. I haven't watched the players behind, but now I feel that the new anchor is shining and he is very likely to win the championship."

     This is a judgment from a variety show fan.

     Luo Yiming's performance made him make this judgment."Dare to pick Wang Han, there is courage. There is logic to fight with Wang Han, step by step. After the fight, there is polite and respect, humility and politeness, and attitude. The overall performance, smiles, full of slots, humor, There is something funny. It seems that this kid is likely to break the siege and enter the fast book."

     This is a comment from an experienced Kuaiben audience.

     With Luo Yiming's performance just now, in the style of fastbook, he can control it.

     He thinks Luo Yiming has it.

     If the audience thinks this is over, it is really wrong.

     While everyone was discussing the talent of Luo Yiming, He Jiong, the big man of the Mango Channel, gave Luo Yiming another opportunity to perform.

     Say cross talk.

     p Zuo Yan.

     A beautiful, charming and sexy girl was punished by Luo Yiming.

     What a pity she sang was not that you were torn apart by a cross talk called Happy Childhood.

     Zuo Yan took it.

     She can't refuse.

     And an insignificant soldier in the cross talk world, the little hairy boy named not found in the classics, is full of laughter, and he continues to talk about a happy childhood. The key is that this cross talk is the first, the first show, and is fully qualified to win prizes.

     The host program of this shiny new anchor suddenly became different.

     Luo Yiming suddenly became different.
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