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24 Chapter 25. Signing A Contract? No. 1 In Ratings
    Chinese Name: 巨星从综艺主持人开始  Author: 村中野夫(Cun Zhong Ye Fu, Wild Villager)
    Original: | Translator:

Luo Yiming became a comedian.

     Can speak and write.

     Guo Degang was still praising Wu Xin's foundation as a cross talk actor, but after watching Luo Yiming, he discovered how ignorant and inexperienced he was.

     Be taught every minute.

     Compared with Luo Yiming's cross talk, a tongue twister is really minor magician in the presence of a great one.

     Guo Degang also opened his eyes when watching the show.

      have grown old.

     Talented people have come out from generation to generation, and each has led the way for hundreds of years.

     Guo Degang sighed while shaking his head.

     Although Guo Degang would suspect that the author of this comic dialogue is not Luo Yiming.

     But people wrote such a good song as empty as anything, why can't they write a classic cross talk?

     Guo Degang still believed.

     Now let him accept Luo Yiming, please, how can it be.

     He has this heart, not this boldness.

     Just like this little fresh meat, you can enter the entertainment circle, and you will be able to walk the world.

      how can it be go and say cross talk with yourself.

     Also, this guy's cross talk is full of cheers, and it doesn't necessarily need the master's instructions.

     In 2005, Guo Degang was not a bigwig who swept the cross talk world in his previous life.

     He is just a little black fat man who has just made his mark.

     In September 2005, Yuan Hong brought screenwriter Shi Hang, drama critic Crystal and more than 10 media reporters to Tianqiao Music Theatre. Guo De just received media attention.

     In November 2005, Guo Degang took all the people from Deyun Society to the courtyard to hold a cross talk performance.It was also after that time that more than a dozen media interviewed him with Guo Degang.

     Then in December, the article "Interview with Guo Degang, a grassroots hero in the crosstalk world" published by Sanlian Life Weekly, this can be regarded as Guo Degang's official rise in reputation.

     Guo Degang at this time is not the Guo Degang at that time. Just talk about cross talk, Guo Degang will definitely be able to beat Luo Yiming, without a doubt.

     With good looks, Guo Degang's stage approval rate may not be higher than Luo Yiming.

     He looked at Luo Yiming who was red now, and he could only be envious.

     Wanting to keep people under the door, Guo Degang knew that it was an international joke.

     Luo Yiming's performance is the best of the shiny new anchor.

     Then, the program entered a relatively quiet stage.

     On the side, Zhang Weiwei and Wang Qiao, their performances are not amazing, but they are also wonderful.

     When Du Haitao came to Du Haitao, the strong voices from the "fans" below created a false impression.

     Du Haitao's talk show started in this atmosphere. The audience didn't think it was so powerful, but they couldn't tell what was bad.

     After watching the show with his mother, Luo Yiming also didn't know what the first shining new anchor was like.

     After all, the ratings of the program that night will not be known until tomorrow at the earliest.

     In the previous life, there was real-time Sophie data to check, but this is also in the hands of the data center in Taili.

     Luo Yiming couldn't touch it.

     "Yi Ming, I have finished watching your host, and Mom thinks you are right this way."Wang Haiyue is very pleased that in this draft, Wang Haiyue is very confident in her son.

     "Mom thinks you can win this championship."

     Mother's words are naturally affirming her own son.

     Which mother is better than looking at her own son.

     Luo Yiming is also confident that he can choose shows, and there are many external factors. He knows in his heart that the former champion is Du Haitao. Luo Yiming couldn't help being a little nervous.

     "Mom, I will definitely strive for this championship, but mom, if I don't win the championship, don't be sad."

     Luo Yiming smiled and looked at Wang Haiyue. The latter would get up, brought a glass of water from the dining table in the small living room and handed it to Luo Yiming with a smile.

     "If you don't win the championship, you're also Mom's best son. Come, drink a glass of water. You come off a show and host and talk about cross talk. You must protect your throat. Drink the water soon."

     "En." Luo Yiming's heart warmed after taking the cup.

     If you have a mother who loves yourself like this, you should fight for a championship for her and come back.

     Not only to fight for the championship.

     Also enter Happy Camp.

     Luo Yiming believes that after this first game, he will be well-known.

     However, whether Wu Xin, Du Haitao, and others can support the new anchors and create popularity is the key.

     If it is the same as the previous life.

     Shining new anchor only one tasteless show.

      to be hardly worth eating, but it would still be a pity to discard it.

     So, even if he won the championship, he might just team up with Li Weijia and Xie Na to host Kuaiben.

     Therefore, I will have to endure n years more.At the age of 20, Luo Yiming is the best time.

     He hopes to gain a foothold in the hosting industry at the age of 20.

     The thorns in front of him naturally have to be cut away.

     What is the ratings of the first shiny new anchors? Whether the new anchors can continue the myth of Supergirls is everything.

     Luo Yiming can only wait for the data to come out tomorrow and see the results.

     Lying on the bed, Luo Yiming tossed and couldn't sleep. The star light dimmed outside the window looked like charming eyes. They blinked, as if inviting themselves to swim in the deep blue sea.

     Luo Yiming's memory is strong for the first official journey of the shiny new anchor. In addition to proving myself, the transformation of Wu Xin and the reunion with Zuo Yan are all too wonderful for words.

     Suddenly, thinking of these two girls, Luo Yiming's mouth curled slightly.

     Wu Xin is like a little sister, Zuo Yan is like a little sister?

      Rolled over, holding his head, it seems that Luo Yiming can't sleep anymore.

     The battle last night affected many people.

     In fact, it is not just Luo Yiming who can't sleep at night, but the production team of Shining New Anchor and the leadership of Mango Channel are all paying attention to the ratings.

     The next day, the data center of Mango Channel immediately checked the ratings.

     the first!

     Yiqi Juechen, no one can compare!

     The ratings of Shining New Anchor killed all opponents at the same time.

     Moreover, the ratings are not only the first, the ratings for the highest period even exceeded 2, which is when Luo Yiming said cross talk.words exceede 5100
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