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26 Chapter Twenty Seven, Signing A Contract, We Must Add Conditions
    Chinese Name: 巨星从综艺主持人开始  Author: 村中野夫(Cun Zhong Ye Fu, Wild Villager)
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Signing a host, in addition to the benefits mentioned above, at the same time, it is also a bargaining agreement.

     In the previous life, Wu Xin was the host of the signing ceremony of Mango Channel, but after signing the contract, she by no means gets any resources except as a wall covering in Kuaiben.

     In 2017, the contract with Mango Terrace was cancelled, but it blossomed everywhere.

     But as a result, she completely lost her position on Mango TV. Even the newcomer Li Haofi could snatch words with her, and even suffered the embarrassment of being turned off.

     "I can sign, but I want to know what specific resources I can get from the station after signing."

     This is what Luo Yiming cares most about, but also the most important thing, this is not his blind arrogance.

     As a rebirth, from the conditions that the other party can give, he can also indirectly infer how much the other party attaches importance to him.

     "You can enter Happy Camp to host?" Luo Xin was taken aback by Luo Yiming's answer, somewhat puzzled.

     She said at the beginning that she can enter the fast book.

     Although Luo Yiming hasn't made the top three yet, it's just a matter of time that he wants him to get in, with his strength.

     "Luo Producer, I know, I mean, besides Kuai Ben, I still have without other resources? I know, you are also the deputy director of the Center of the Program Innovation Office in the station. If there are new programs, will you give me Take the lead."

     Luo Yiming is not a pink and tender newcomer, and when he saw the signing, he thought he was well promoted.

     Many new recruits signed contracts rashly because they didn't understand the contract restrictions, and then they were hidden in the company and suppressed for n years.To sign, Luo Yiming will have his own column.

     In this way, he can quickly improve his position in the mango table.

     When Luo Yiming said this, Luo Xin was silent.

     The station is currently a new show on the ground of dig for thoughts.

     Today, Anhui Satellite TV and Zhejiang Satellite TV are making efforts to innovate.

     Anhui TV launched a new drama action.

     Zhejiang Satellite TV also introduced seven TV producers and presenters, formed seven TV production teams, and created seven evening programs or events.

     Moreover, in addition to expanding their advantages in the news field, their focus next year is also to launch entertainment main programs.

     In this competitive situation, Mango Channel will naturally defend its dominance of first-line satellite TV.

     The program must emerge to meet a historic destiny in 2006.

     Just want Luo Yiming to host it?

     Luo Xin naturally thinks that Luo Yiming is still behind Li Hao, Peng Yu, Li Xiang, and even Zuo Yan in order of seniority.

     Luo Xin hadn't thought about Luo Yiming's ambition before, but the other party could understand this request.

     When entering the Mango Channel, everyone wants to get the hosting resources in the channel.

     "Luo Yiming, in principle, the newly signed host can participate in our station’s trump card show Happy Camp, which has already made many people envious. In addition, we will pack you up and perform some large-scale programs, and even Concert's host, I believe you will improve very quickly."

     "As for the new programs on the station, I may not be able to answer you for the time being."

     The look on Luo Yiming's face changed slightly."However." Luo Xin, as a producer, is very good at weighing up sb's words and observe their facial expression. Seeing that Luo Yiming was a little lost, he threw out bait, "Mango TV has our own wholly-owned media company Tianyu Media. Can you see Chunchun’s fame?"

     "Tianyu will give her a lot of resources in the future."

     "You have outstanding qualities in all aspects. We can sign an artist appointment for you. In addition to exposure on the host, we can also build you in all aspects."

     "This includes not only basic treatment, packaging, operation and hype, but you can also get a lot of opportunities to appear on the screen. In the future, there are any good self-made films and TV dramas on the stage, and you can make a cameo.

     "Signed artist?" Luo Yiming didn't understand.

     Like the high-quality boys from the fast boy wave, they are all artists who have signed Tianyu.

     In 2017, Mango Channel created an anchor program, Summer Sweetheart.

     There, Li Haofi and Zhang Kaili's daughter Zhang Keying performed outstandingly, and she was also an artist who signed the Mango Channel.

     Then Li Haofi usurped the palace and seized power while Xie Na had a son.

     Zhang Keying was on the same level as Du Haitao and the others.

     "This is indeed, there are many more choices." Luo Yiming's heart trembled. The artist asked not only to host, but also more performance resources, although now, Luo Yiming only wants to play host. But signing a contract is good for your future development.

     "We can give you the opportunity to host and perform at the Mango New Year's Eve concert this year!"

     Luo Xin speak forcefully and with justice throws a big cake, as long as Luo Yiming is successfully signed.

     Luo Xin felt that her future shows would have one more thing to watch."Luo Yiming, Mango Channel’s New Year’s Eve concerts in previous years may not have been very popular, but this year, you have also seen the influence of Supergirl. The New Year’s Eve concerts in the station will definitely be very exciting. The new year’s concerts may not necessarily be upswing. The opportunity to host a concert in 2016, but as long as you sign a contract, we can not only let you host, but I will also fight for you to sing."

     Luo Xin really likes this guy.

     I feel that Luo Yiming's future is limitless.

     The most important thing is that with Luo Yiming’s current conditions, there is no what’s the problem in the New Year’s Eve concert on Hunan Satellite TV. If he can win the championship of the shiny new anchor, it can even be said to be rational and clearly. structured.

     She doesn't need to do much.

     At that time, someone will naturally give him a chance.

     It's November, and the New Year's Eve concert on Mango Channel is only one month away.

     This temptation is really not small.

     Luo Yiming was a little moved.

     ""Luo Yiming did not speak.

     He knows that this kind of good opportunity is not available to everyone.

     If it weren't for his amazing performance in the first game, Luo Xin wouldn't be able to tell him so much.

     "Luo Yiming, what do you think?"

     "I. Luo Producer, you admire me so much. To be honest, I am very grateful. If you sign a contract, it's okay."

     Mango and sky fish can provide many things for themselves.

     All kinds of announcements, publicity, packaging, and activities, as long as Luo Yiming believes that they will have them.

     He may appear in the host family more frequently.

     Appeared in the public eye.To put it bluntly, the big mango will be hyped.

     "But!" Luo Yiming suddenly changed his words: "I still want to think about it again. Now, maybe I set one's heart on sth in the game. After all, I am only the top 14 and you have not seen my full strength. "

     "Think about it?" Luo Xin was stunned.

     "Yes, think about it, because I like it very much to host. It's okay to sign artists. I also want to be on stage at Mango Channel's New Year's Eve concert. However, compared to these, I still hope that I can take the lead in capturing one. "

     Luo Yiming glanced sideways at the window.

     In the previous life, he was the host.

     Tell him to act now? filming. Luo Yiming knew that he was still too immature.

     On the contrary, the host is his paradise.

      follow the prescribed order, neither too fast nor too slow, for a man who fucks his 30s soul, Luo Yiming doesn't want everything to come too fast.

     Because, come quickly, you may lose faster.

     After two more games, Luo Xin has seen more of his strength. Perhaps, he will be able to get the guarantee of the show while signing the contract.

     This is even more critical for him.
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