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29 Chapter 30, Indirect Duel With Fatty Du
    Chinese Name: 巨星从综艺主持人开始  Author: 村中野夫(Cun Zhong Ye Fu, Wild Villager)
    Original: | Translator:

The next performers are Du Haitao and Zhang Weiwei.

     Du Haitao stood on the stage, and his partner with Zhang Weiwei was Taipei beauty host Hou Peiqin.

     Du Haitao learned from hearsay that Hou Peiqin will be coming to the show, so he did enough homework early.

     Knowing that Hou Peiqin's rumored boyfriend is Zou Jielun, Du Haitao thought he could play a game.

     When Du Haitao faced Hou Peiqin, he was silent.

     Seemingly stupid, there was no following, so Hou Peiqin took the initiative to lean on it.

     "Du Haitao, what kind of interaction are we playing?"

     Du Haitao smiled like a mystery, and said dumbly: "Is this? Ask my gourd baby brother."

     Hou Peiqin fell into the fog and said, "Ah, brother Calabash, who is it?"

     Du Haitao "Teng Teng Teng" rushed to the edge of the stage and grabbed He Jiong's arm.

     Even Teacher He Jiong was blinded by this action.

     "This is my Calabash Baby Brother Jiongjiong Calabash Baby."

     "Or, Jiongjiong Gourd Baby, will you accompany us to play a game of guessing the star?"

     He Jiong was stunned by Du Haitao, who didn't follow his routine. He Jiong only remembered the stalk of this gourd baby. He was proud of himself during the last talk show.

     While jokingly saying who your Huluwa brother is, He Jiong also followed Du Haitao on stage.

     Standing on the stage, He Jiong said to Hou Peiqin: "This guy is bashing sideways and colliding straight on, you don't know at all what the hell he wants in the next second."

     "Haitao, what did you just say, want to play the star guessing game?"Du Haitao nodded and said: "Yes, guess the star. We each write a star's name on the question board, but we can't let the guessing person see it."

     "We let our teammates guess by describing the characteristics of the stars."

     "Sister Hou, let's be a team of two. I will write a star, you can guess."

     Hou Peiqin is quite fond of playing games, and readily agrees: "Okay."

     Zhang Weiwei immediately said: "Then I will go with Teacher He, I will write, Teacher He, you can guess."

     He Jiong agrees: "Yes."

     Du Haitao would stand in the middle of the two teams, looking at the two teams like a referee, "Whoever guesses first will win the group. The players who lose must do push-ups on the spot."

     "Good." He Jiong agreed with a smile.

      has to say, Du Haitao's entertaining spirit has played well.

     Li Weijia saw that Du Haitao was fully engaged in the game, and this time ticked his notebook.

     Both groups started to write stars.

     In order to make guesses faster for friends, everyone will choose a better guess.

     After writing, the game officially begins.

     First is the group of Zhang Weiwei and Teacher He Jiong. What Zhang Weiwei writes on the board is Wu Xin’s rumored boyfriend Pan Shuai.

     The rules stipulate that you cannot directly say what the other party has played or sang, but can only describe it in some less obvious language.

     Zhang Weiwei used the words that he was handsome, was born in the United States, and was not tall enough to bomb He Jiong.

      has to say, Mr. He has a high EQ. Although there are many friends in the circle, there are not many with overseas backgrounds.It took him a minute and a half to guess that Pan Shuai was on the question board.

     After the result, He Jiong and Zhang Weiwei high-five to celebrate. He felt that he would definitely win.

     Due to the restrictions of the rules, it is not possible to directly tell the TV movies and songs sung by the stars.

     Naturally, it has to be more life-like, or know the star very well.

     He Jiong is very popular in the circle, so it is not difficult to guess.

     But Hou Peiqin and Du Haitao, everyone felt that the tacit understanding between the two should not be so high, so they would definitely lose.

     Du Haitao took a few steps forward, with a smile on his face that didn't want fame or fame.

     The small eyes are almost a thread, very sexy.

     But inwardly, Du Haitao was proud of something.

     In the last game, Luo Yiming's edge was cut off by Luo Yiming. In this game, Du Haitao had a lot of news about the game, and it can be said that he had prepared ahead of the other players.

     With the bamboo in his chest, Du Haitao secretly told himself that Luo Yiming must be crushed in this scene.

     Putting away his inner cunning, Du Haitao wrote Zou Jielun on his board.

     Hou Peiqin turned his back to the inscription board, only seeing Du Haitao's big round face.

     After writing, Du Haitao raised his head: "ready ma, Sister Hou?"

     Hou Peiqin happily said with a smile: "Ready, it's not hard to guess what you wrote."

     "It's not hard to guess, we can solve the battle in 30 seconds."

     "You have too much confidence in me, why do I feel so stressed." Hou Peiqin pressed her chest, she was really confused by this Du Haitao not knowing what to do.Du Haitao's face showed a profound look, and he said: "Don't worry, we must win. Now you listen carefully. I'm going to talk."

     "En." Although Hou Peiqin is not a gaming expert, in 2005, she was already well-known in the hosting industry, she still played very well.

     "Who is your yearn for sth day and night?"


     Du Haitao this single sentence made He Jiong, who was standing by his side, laughed out loud.

     Hou Peiqin is a confused face.

     Her relationship with Dong Zou has been raging recently.

     Although the two were secretive, they were still photographed going to the love nest together several times.

     Because both of them were in the upswing of their careers, they didn't announce their relationship, but the entertainment media reported on them enjoy sth and never tire of it.

      This problem is so easy to guess.

     Guess is right.

     Ke Te Meow got it right, and was pitted.

     I thought that I had escaped those media, but Hou Peiqin did not expect to come to shine the new anchor. Du Haitao, the anchor, dug a hole for herself.

     Hou Peiqin smiled dryly without answering.

     Du Haitao's small eyes stared desperately into the road: "Hurry up, sister Hou, we have to win, or we will be punished. You can dream of him at night, but you can't sleep well if you don't dream of him. Who is that person? ?"

     This sentence, not only He Jiong cannot help but laugh, but the teachers in the judges seat were also amused by Du Haitao's stalk.

     who is it.

     who is it.

     It's not Zou Jielun, but Hou Peiqin can't say it.

     Saying it is admitting it.

     It turned out that this kid made such a show.

     Hou Peiqin just smiled and said nothing.Du Haitao still stubbornly looked at Hou Peiqin, and repeated: "Quickly tell me who you are thinking about. There is no time."

     Du Haitao stomped his feet, his first fat body and amused breath made him feel happy for a while.

     If Hou Peiqin was still suppressed for a few seconds, as the atmosphere of the scene changed, the audience shouted the name of Zou Jielun. Hou Peiqin had already been placed on the grill rack.

     "You are not talking about Zou Jielun, are you?" Hou Peiqin was helpless, she blurted out.

     The show? I was forced by everyone to serve this purpose. If I didn't say anything, Hou Peiqin felt that he would be twisted.

     Hou Peiqin has always been a cheerful and generous girl. She likes Zou Jielun and doesn't mind being exposed.

     In fact, this is not a secret.

     When she said Zou Jielun, the audience burst into applause.

     Du Haitao glanced at the time and immediately said: "The time is one minute and twenty-seven seconds, just right, Mr. He, we won."

     It was indeed won.

     Du Haitao's time card is also particularly accurate.

     I won, and I won within a few seconds.

     Du Haitao's victory has shown his potential to be the leader in hosting.

     Moreover, this hosting style is particularly suitable for entertainment and variety shows.

     He Jiong couldn't help showing a satisfied smile. Before the game yesterday, a leader in the station asked about Du Haitao's performance. He said it was still reluctant.

     However, today, he seemed to suddenly shed one's mortal body and exchange one's bones."Weiwei, we lost, you are a girl, then I will do push-ups on behalf of our team." He Jiong rolled up his sleeves, he was still a gentleman.

     But as soon as he was about to sit push-ups, he was dragged by Du Haitao who stepped forward.

     "Teacher He, you are a guest. My game stipulates that guests cannot be punished. It is the players who are punished. You must follow this rule."

     "But Zhang Weiwei is a girl, I am a boy, then I will come."

     With that said, Du Haitao's body had already been explored.

     Du Haitao completed a few push-ups with difficulty.

     When he got up, there was another round of applause from the audience, and his fans screamed.

     Du Haitao's performance was undoubtedly praised by the judges.

     Together with Zhang Weiwei, the two entered the next game together.

     Four places, two people entered directly, and the top ten places went to two seats, leaving only four empty seats.

      this time, which is when the last set comes on stage.

     When I got to me, Luo Yiming looked at the stage, and he told himself, below is my performance time!
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