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30 Chapter 31, Resolve Live Broadcast Accidents
    Chinese Name: 巨星从综艺主持人开始  Author: 村中野夫(Cun Zhong Ye Fu, Wild Villager)
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When Luo Yiming and Yang Yi stood on the stage that was warmed up by Du Hai, the audience quickly returned to silence.

     As the one of the contestants most anticipated by the audience, Luo Yiming's appearance should have contracted the expectations of many people.

     But today’s stage.

     But more or less a bit is weird.

     In the front row, a group of young girls are holding a star led sign with Du Haitao in their hands.

     Only a few girls in the corner looked at Luo Yiming quietly.

     They should be cheering for themselves by clenching their hands.

     But this more or less a bit is too thin.


     It's fun!

     Among the fourteen shining new anchors, Luo Yiming's appearance is the highest.

     In the entertainment industry where appearance is especially important, Luo Yiming may accidentally harvest large female fans.

     In the previous game, Luo Yiming's performance was the best.

     Of course, there are more live fans supporting him.

     However, in the current studio, I am not how many fans, but the whole hall is surrounded by Du Haitao's fans.

     What does this show, it goes without saying already.

     It seems that Du Haitao's previous life force is the same. He rose in the second game. Then, he was signed by the host in the production of Big Mango, and then he was promoted by the resources of the station to hype his popularity.


     Although Du Haitao became the champion of the shiny new anchor as he wished, the star anchor who was picked up by Mango Channel was not so dazzling.

     Not far away, Li Hao walked up wearing a black suit.

     Luo Yiming smiled at him and greeted his own shoe.With the microphone in his hand, Li Hao walked up to the stage gracefully.

     However, within the second that Luo Yiming's eyes remained on his face, Luo Yiming realized that something was wrong.


     When Li Hao entered the camera position, Wang Shasha discovered that it was broken.

     The time of the live broadcast tonight has been changed to 7:30. The staff member of Mango Station has just eaten, and Li Hao guessed it was a bowl of rice in the station.

     At this moment, there is still a grain of rice in the corner of his mouth.

     The white rice grains are reluctant to part hanging on the corner of Li Hao's mouth. In the lens, what is being photographed is very clear about sth.

     If it is recorded and broadcast as on the field, then there is no problem.

     Just stop it and let Li Hao get it down.

     But now it is live broadcast, and tens of millions of viewers are watching it in front of the TV.

     This picture is very unbelievable.

     Xiao Zhang is a loyal viewer of the Mango Channel. The first issue of the shiny new anchor is hot and the second issue, Xiao Zhang is waiting in front of the TV on time.

     Today's shining new anchor did not disappoint him, and the performance of several anchors getting better and better is also called him expand my horizon.

     Luo Yiming is one of the contestants he likes very much. At first, he saw that Luo Yiming was the talented Li Hao from the Mango Terrace. Xiao Zhang was looking forward to the match.

     But in his impression, the handsome, refreshing and clean Teacher Li Hao, at this moment, a grain of rice came out from the corner of his mouth, which made him surprised.

     "Is this the Li Hao I know?"

     "With rice grains on my mouth, can it be made thick like this?"

     "This is not well connected with the makeup process. This kind of low level mistake can also be committed by big mangoes."It is said that the audience complained that's the end of it.

     But in the first issue, the shiny new anchor emerged in the variety show.

     Many media, including TV stations, are on the sidelines.

     Watching the new Shining anchor with a learning attitude, but in the end, Li Hao's appearance is also letting the enemy station provoke him.

     For a good variety show, the details are everything.

     It seems that this problem is small, but it is likely to cause big problems.

     As a live director, Wang Shasha must be responsible for the quality of the show. She can't stop it directly, she can only run to the stage and hint at Li Hao with her eyes.

     Li Haoping is a person who pays great attention to personal image.

     Wang Shasha pointed to her mouth to speak, and Li Hao hadn't thought that there were rice grains on his mouth.

     It is live broadcast right now, and Li Hao has a grain of rice at the corner of his mouth, which somewhat undermines the refreshing image he built with great difficulty.

     Without the incident of Wang Shasha, Luo Yiming already saw it the grain of rice from Teacher Li Hao.

     Without knowing Li Hao, Luo Yiming saved him.

     After Li Hao approached, He Jiong also saw Li Hao leaving a grain of rice in the corner of his mouth.

     But he couldn't speak, He Jiong was thinking about how to resolve this embarrassment, but he heard Luo Yiming's voice.

     "Hello everyone, and welcome you to enter today's column "Fashion, I am the host Luo Yiming. I am very glad that we also invited the fashion anchor teacher Li Hao as our guest today."

     "Mr. Li Hao, hello!"

     Luo Yiming quickly entered the state. He stretched out his hand and shook hands to Li Hao. Although the latter did not know what medicine Luo Yiming sold in the gourd, he gladly cooperated: "Hello, Luo Yiming.""The audience knows that handsome teacher Li Hao, you are definitely a person in the fashion industry. You have been at the forefront of fashion, and many styles are also very cool."

     "Piercing ears, nose rings, and tongue rings are popular nowadays. Teacher Li Hao also specially made a shines like starlight decoration on the corner of his mouth today. Let's take a look at what is this?"

     Luo Yiming's dexterity made the judges' eyes suddenly shine.

     It turned out that Luo Yiming reminded Li Hao in this way.

     If Li Hao was not stupid, he would definitely know Luo Yiming's intentions.

     Moreover, he will find that grain of rice.

     And a talented host can follow Luo Yiming's thoughts and move towards this fashionable column called Luo Yiming's own creation.

     Luo Yiming's move is absolutely wonderful.

     Many predecessors have not yet figured out how to solve the siege not only does not embarrass Li Hao, but also shows their wisdom, and can also resolve the live broadcast crisis.

     Ke Luo Yiming actually accomplished it.

     The best of three worlds.

     With Luo Yiming's words, Li Hao's gaze shifted down accordingly, and he vaguely caught a glimpse of a white rice bean lying on the corner of his mouth.



     Luo Yiming leaned over and realisation said: "Oh, it turned out to be a crystal of rice. May I ask Mr. Li Hao, is this the trend of this year?"If the brain circuit was not enough just now, but Luo Yiming pointed it out, Li Hao's eyes flashed, and he hurriedly smiled: "Luo Yiming, you are right, this is the fashion trend of this year. However, I made a special mouthpiece today. A grain of rice not only reveals myself. I want to let the audience on the scene and in front of the TV know that we must be frugal and not waste food.

     "This small grain of rice is decorated like a small pearl on my mouth. And if it wasn't hanging on my mouth, it might have been washed into the sewer."

     Li Hao deserves to be the boss of Jiang TV.

     The mind turns very fast.

     "Teacher Li Hao, I think you are using the spirit of another grain of rice to appeal to everyone to save food."

     "In the past five years, I remember a report saying that global rice production is declining."

     "I have a data. In 2000, the global rice production was 400 million tons, but last year the rice production has become 3.8 billion tons."

     "my country is the country with the highest total rice output in the world, accounting for almost 35% of the world's total output."

     "If our country's rice is wasted, in the long run, the world's rice supply will be affected."

     Li Hao expressed relief: "So, cherish food, start with me, start with today, start with a grain of rice."

     "Just like the second poem by Li Shen in the Tang Dynasty, one millet is planted in spring, and ten thousand seeds are harvested in autumn. There is no idle field in the world, and the farmer still starves to death. Farmers weeding at noon, sweat down the field soon. Who knows food on a tray, thanks to their toiling day!" Luo Yiming will be accompanied by ancient poetry.

     Suddenly let the whole stage go tall.

     "it is good.""well said."

     "Compared to those games that only heehee haha, this host has connotations. I think Luo Yiming's host once again made me shine."

     The audience never felt that Li Hao hadn't eaten well and left a grain of rice on his lips.

     The audience really believed it. Luo Yiming said that Li Hao used this grain of rice to convince everyone to cherish food.

     Otherwise, his cooperation with Luo Yiming is so tacit and so natural.

     No one believes it.
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