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31 Chapter 32, Please Give Me A Chance (collection)
    Chinese Name: 巨星从综艺主持人开始  Author: 村中野夫(Cun Zhong Ye Fu, Wild Villager)
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A good host can not be keen on the current popular art packaging, and focus all their energy on how to improve the intrinsic value of their host.

     Although Luo Yiming has the amusing temperament of drift with the waves and go with the flow, he has been working hard to establish his own connotation and heritage.

     In this regard, without comparison, Luo Yiming dumped Du Hai for a few streets.

     In the last show, if Luo Yiming made the audience laugh alone, this time, there was more thinking about life.

     In his previous life, Luo Yiming hosted Chinese Good Poems, and Li Hao later hosted a profound one-stop show on Jiang TV.

     He and Li Hao’s previous partner were very close. They talked about global food, as far as ancient poets, and galloped freely in the fields of literature and economy. The audience had already burst into applause.

     Compared with Yang Yimu, standing aside like a man, unable to lofty mountains and flowing water with Teacher Li Hao on this problem, Luo Yiming’s performance is excel the common.

     He Jiong stood there and couldn't help admiring him for that second.

     Luo Yiming's rescue this time can be written into the textbook.

     He knew that Li Hao didn't intentionally leave a grain of rice to his mouth.

     However, even if he was a veteran, he almost believed it. This is the question designed by Li Hao.

     "My exam questions are over, I'm very happy, I am very satisfied with Luo Yiming's performance!" Li Hao would twist the rice grains around his mouth with his fingers, then open his mouth and chew beautifully in his mouth.

     Mango's cameraman quickly gave Li Hao a close-up.

     Close up to partial mouth.

     Close up to that rice grain.

     Pretty.Although it has not seen the audience's response in front of the TV, from the applause on the scene, the producer Luo Xin knew that there was another one.

     This time, the live broadcast accident can be turned into a classic test question full of positive energy, which can be said to be the general existence of the textbook in the host.

     It can be said to be to upend heaven and earth, turning embarrassment into a live broadcast of Yubo.

     In this live broadcast event, Luo Yiming's performance couldn't help but beat Li Hao, even the host He Jiong beside him was more than one can attend to.

     Luo Xin's head began to turn.

     Luo Yiming with such a quality may really assume personal responsibility, and he can really host his show in Mango.

     Back on stage, Luo Yiming humbly scratched his head: "Thank you, Mr. Li Hao."

     Originally, Li Hao's performance was not this.

     The test questions he designed were arranged by Mango Desk to let Luo Yiming sing.

     With the help of Luo Yiming on the Internet, many netizens like his as empty as anything, this time show it.

     However, Li Hao made a mistake. Due to this mistake, the temporary exam questions changed.

     In the end, the dead horse became a living horse.

     Today, Du Haitao can be considered a big move.

     He worked hard and thought that this game would definitely demonstrate extraordinary talent, and Yiqi Juechen was ahead.

     Very meow.

     Luo Yiming's final appearance made Du Haitao bewildered.

     Do your homework in advance.

     Know the game so well.

     In the game session, he played well and successfully amused the audience.

     But this Luo Yiming unexpectedly changed his style. He suddenly revealed the national grain output, cherished grain, and memorized ancient poetry.You can't guard against it.

     If Luo Yiming really sang a song today, he might not necessarily win.

     This is not a stage for music competitions. Many viewers and judges will not buy it.

     However, Luo Yiming and Li Hao’s hosting, his temporary adaptability, the connotation of the host, and the ability to mobilize the audience have all performed to the extreme.

     Such Luo Yiming is definitely the best performer in this field.

     After a brief discussion by the judges and teachers, Luo Yiming passed the round smoothly.

     Yang Yi was directly eliminated by the judges because of no performance.

     Shi Ye fate, Yang Yi was eliminated, and there was a deviation from his previous life.

     But without any means, just like those super experts in Wuxia novels, when he is strong enough to be in the extreme, he will play against his opponents. Once you have a palm, you may also slaughter the innocent.

     Yang Yi was killed by his sword aura, Luo Yiming was deeply sorry, but he couldn't change it.

     After 14 entered 10, Luo Yiming successfully advanced, the top ten places have occupied seven seats.

     They are the first Mailong combination, Song Jiaxin. Wang Qiao, Chen Bojun, Du Haitao, Zhang Weiwei and Luo Yiming.

     Among the remaining four anchors Zhang Peng, Bianbian, Wu Xin, and Land Rover, another anchor is facing elimination.

     After discussion by the judges, although Bianbian and Zhang Peng performed poorly, they were generally passable and passed and entered the top ten.

     Land Rover and Wu Xin made a fatal mistake in interviewing Huang Yali, and one of them will face elimination.

     Land Rover is an anchor of Mango Channel.In the first scene, Land Rover's singing video was pushed to the front position.

     Many viewers also expect Land Rover to sing on stage.

     Because of the interview with Wu Xin, Land Rover lost an opportunity to show off.

     At the moment, the second round and Wu Xin pk.

     Land Rover decided to sing a song.

     In the second round of the duel, the judges no longer give votes. It is similar to the Supergirl draft. The choice of the two will be decided by the nine anchors who have entered the top ten in advance.

     The one with more votes wins.

     Eliminate those with fewer votes.

     Both sides have a five-minute preparation time.

      This time, the nine anchors who entered the next round ahead of time returned to the main stage.

     Accept the comments of the judges.

     Zuo Yan, Xie Na, the three super girls, and Hou Peiqin all expressed their opinions.

     In addition to complimenting the anchors who partnered with them, their concentrated support also occurred between the brothers Luo Yiming, Du Haitao and Mailong.

     Standing there, the judges praised Luo Yiming, but the latter was calm.

     It is a happy thing to be able to enter the top ten.

     Can't remember what happened in the previous life. Wu Xin faced the ultimate pk in this round. It is very likely that because of poor performance, he lost to Land Rover and was eliminated.

     This made Luo Yiming still uninterested.

     To save Wu Xin.

     She must not be eliminated.

     Luo Yiming said strongly in his heart.

     What he can do and what he can do may be canvassing votes.

     Among the top ten anchors now promoted, Zhang Weiwei and Song Jiaxin are girls. It stands to reason that the votes should go to Wu Xin.They live under the same roof, they meet every day, and the chances of not giving a ticket are very small.

     Du Haitao and Wang Qiao are both from Shenyang. They support the fellow villagers and vote for Wu Xin. This is also very possible.

     Together with herself, Wu Xin's winning rate is very high.

     After a brief analysis, in order to ensure Wu Xin's promotion, Luo Yiming decided to move another person so that Wu Xin could advance to the next round.

     After the judges' comments, Land Rover and Wu Xin returned to the stage.

     The first performance was Land Rover. He chose a song by Liu Jialiang "Who Do You Love?"

     This song was very popular in 2005. She actually sang it for lovers, but at the moment she sang it to nine promoted anchors.

     Especially one of the lyrics, please give me a chance, it is a psychological portrayal of Land Rover.
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