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32 Chapter 33, New Program Host
    Chinese Name: 巨星从综艺主持人开始  Author: 村中野夫(Cun Zhong Ye Fu, Wild Villager)
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After Land Rover sang, Wu Xin came on stage to perform.

     Putting on the black and white sweater that I used to meet Luo Yiming yesterday, with a gray bubble skirt, Wu Xin seems to have regained confidence.

     Relying on her little dance foundation when she was a child, Wu Xin did a dance. While she was dancing, Luo Yiming, who was standing under the stage, stabbed Zhang Peng next to him.

     "Brother, who do you plan to vote for in a while?" Even if it was to canvass for Wu Xin, Luo Yiming was still very discrete.

     He and Zhang Peng are not very familiar.

     To open the door and see the mountain, say give the ticket to Wu Xin.

     Luo Yiming couldn't guarantee that this friend would not talk nonsense in private.

     "I haven't thought about it yet, how about you?"

     Luo Yiming smiled, lower the voice and said: "There are only two female anchors left in the top ten. I must vote for women. Do opposites attract each other!"


     Zhang Peng really didn't think about it before.

     Luo Yiming's words made him suddenly bright.

     This Luo Yiming chose women, and the opposite sex might be the reason.

     But Zhang Peng is more willing to believe that because there are too many male anchors, it is almost impossible to keep all the boys.

     Then, if pk loses a boy, there is no direct rival.

     "Then give me this ticket to Wu Xin."

     "Okay. I'm just like you."

     A look between the two of them made an alliance.

     On the stage, Wu Xin finished her simple dance.

     After 30 seconds of their true love confession, they directly entered the voting time of the top nine anchors.Zhang Peng said: "I voted for... Wu Xin. She is the face of the female anchor, and her dance just now showed me her charm."

     Always find a good reason for his vote, Zhang Peng was the first to finish, and continued to stand there deadpan.

     Du Haitao is the second.

     Wu Xin is from Shen Yang just like him. He has no reason not to choose Wu Xin.

     "I choose Sister Xin."

     Two to zero.

     It was Luo Yi's turn to understand, he felt that there would be results soon.

     "I also chose Wu Xin. The same reason as Zhang Peng, she is the face of the new female anchor of Shining."

     "Although she made some mistakes in her performance today. It is possible that her performance is very good, plus she was a host before and has a certain experience, I vote for her.

     While talking, Luo Yiming looked at Wu Xin firmly.

     Only he knew that Wu Xin's journey was not easy.

     From the initial disapproval of her mother, to From now on to encourage her, I hope she can go further.

     Every child is the mother's angel. Wu Xin wants to prove to her mother that she can do it.

     Of course she can't just admit defeat so easily.

     Luo Yiming looked at Wu Xin.

     Her changes and her advancement are a hundred times better than her previous life.

     Such Wu Xin is worth entering the fast book.

     The latter stood on the stage, his heart was plucked, tears slid down.

     Yurong's lonely tears are gone, and a spring pear blossoms with rain.

     Wu Xin knew that in that second, Luo Yiming understood her.

     Three to zero.After Luo Yiming finished speaking, Wang Qiao sighed slightly: "I also choose Wu Xin. I remember that I met Wu Xin during the Shen Yanghai election. At that time, Wu Xin was already a somewhat famous host in our place. Up."

     "But at that time, I didn't think Wu Xin was much better than me, and I even thought I could be stronger than her presided over."

     "But when I came to the new Shining anchor, I found that her progress was very fast. Her beauty and self-confidence have infected me."

     Four to zero.

      Heaven rewards the diligent..

     Sure enough, Wu Xin's change was recognized by everyone.

     With the four boys in front unanimously voting for Wu Xin.

     Song Jiaxin and Zhang Weiwei behind immediately knew what to do.

     Even if they did not vote, the Mailong brothers and the side, Chen Bojun voted Wu Xin even if she was promoted.

     Living under the same roof makes two girls inevitably embarrassed.

     Zhang Weiwei said: "I choose Wu Xin, my good sister."

     Song Jiaxin said: "I also choose Wu Xin. I believe she is capable."


     When Zhang Weiwei's ticket said time of departure, the result was clearly and easy to see.

     He Jiong congratulated Wu Xin for entering the top ten, and Wu Xin's tears couldn't help falling.

     When He Jiong announced that the top ten was taking a group photo on stage, Luo Yi stepped up and stood in front of Wu Xin, gently patted her shoulder.

     This picture is like a very wonderful romance sketch movie.

     It gives the audience a feeling like a short essay in Ming Dynasty Zhang Dai's "Watching Snow at the Huxin Pavilion."

     "The sky and the clouds and the mountains and the water, the upper and the lower are white," a few strokes were sparse and natural.Wu Xin received Luo Yiming's support and encouragement.

     She also secretly told herself that for Luo Yiming's support, she would also go on.

     The 14-to-ten game is over, followed by the 10-to-six, and the six-to-four games.

     After this round of the game, the Shining New anchor went down and it was the night of the championship for the Final Four.

     It is now December, and after the two games, the New Year's Eve concert at Mango Terrace will soon be ushered in.

     Compared to other gala, the New Year's Eve concert on Mango Channel is definitely the most important gala in the stage.

     The host who can stand at the Mango Stars New Year's Eve concert is also a popular host of carefully selected Mango Channel.

     At the New Year's Eve concert, it is extremely important for anyone to host as the shiny new anchor, gain a bunch of fans, and sprint to the final championship for him.

     Every next game will be a difficult journey.

     The remaining players are strongmen. In the live game mode, every time a mistake is made, they may fall into a cliff.

     When the other players were thinking about how to advance to the next round.

     In the early morning of the next day, Luo Yiming, who was stationed in the guest room at Malanshan, received a call from the producer of Luo Xin.

     "You want to meet me?"

     Early in the morning, Luo Xin disturbed dreams.

     If it's someone else, Qi Luo Yiming will break out.

     But Luo Yiming guessed what Luo Xin called."Producer Luo, if you still want to ask me to sign the host of your Mango Channel, please show your sincerity. My request is very small. If you can't meet it, I may not have to go."

     Luo Yiming had no room for concession in this matter.

     Kuaben, whether he can become a vice coffee, is still suspicious.

     If there is no column of his own, Luo Yiming signed a contract at Big Mango, and he might become a wild host like Li Hao and others, emerge and perish on its own.

     "Luo Yiming. Of course you have to come."

     "Didn't you say that if I watch you two more games, maybe I will change my mind. You did it! Your last performance won the trust of my leader, and she agreed to your terms."

     Luo Xin didn't have that much authority. This time it was also the program innovation director who spoke.

     After the 14-in-10 game was broadcast last night, the ratings of Shining New anchors have steadily increased, and the highest viewing period is still on Luo Yiming.

     The talent of this kid was finally confirmed by the program creation center, and the launch of the new column gave Luo Yiming the opportunity to host.

     Of course, the premise is that Luo Yiming wants to sign Big Mango and win the championship of the new shiny anchor.

     Luo Xin changed her previous attitude and agreed to her terms.

     Luo Yiming is somewhat overwhelmed by favor from superior.


     Mango Desk agreed to open a separate section for itself.

     Let yourself take the lead.

     "Producer Luo, what is your show for me."

     In Luo Yiming's impression, from 2005 to 2006, in addition to Happy Camp, Big Mango also had a variety show that's nothing about it.Another trump card of the previous life was only released in 2008.

     Luo Xin agreed to his terms at the moment, and it is certain that in 2006, they will come up with a new column, so that they can realize their previous agreement.

     Luo Yiming is very curious.

     "Let's talk about it when you come." Luo Xin sold Guanzi.
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