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33 Chapter Thirty Four
    Chinese Name: 巨星从综艺主持人开始  Author: 村中野夫(Cun Zhong Ye Fu, Wild Villager)
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When Luo Yiming came to the stage, Luo Xin happened to come out of the office. He saw Luo Yiming from a distance and greeted him. Luo Yiming walked side by side quickly to follow.

     "Luo Yiming, what we want to see in a while is Mr. Song Wendian, the director of our program's innovation and development group, and Mr. Luo Qiang, the producer of the new column. You mainly talk to them."

     Hearing these two names, Luo Yiming is relatively unfamiliar behind.

     But teacher Song Wendian in front, isn't this the boss of Mango Terrace's past life?

     As a leading figure in the innovation and production of China's television program, Song Wendian is good at organizing program innovation and production. Like Luo Xin, he is also the main founder of the ace program "Happy Camp."

     He organized the launch and production of a large number of phenomenal programs such as "I Am a Singer, "Where Are We Going, Dad?", "Bianbian Big Coffee Show," Zhiyong Da Chongguan, etc., which are enjoyed in China's television program circle and Hunan TV Reputation.

     In 17 years, he was promoted to the deputy director of the channel of Lake Provincial Satellite TV and officially became the boss.

     Responsible for the innovative production of Hubei Satellite TV programs and foreign program cooperation.

     Before that, he was also the first deputy director of the Taiwan Advertising Management Center and the director of the satellite TV advertising department.

      it turned out to be him!

     Luo Yiming did not expect that Luo Xin's immediate superior was Song Wendian.

     Moreover, Song Wendian also caught himself.

     "Producer Luo, you can tell me about it now, what is the column that I choose to preside over?"

     A worker must first sharpen his tools if he wants to do his job well.

     Luo Yiming's meeting at a later time, if not prepared, it is not the style of a mature host.He asked Luo Xin, and the latter said lightly: "I just heard something in the station, as if it was to host the hero on behalf of the soldier. Next year, who is the hero will be recorded on Sunday's prime time for 75 minutes. Cooperation. The unit has also become Baojie Company."

     "This can be said to be a new beginning, a new column."

     "This year Dabing hosted a period of time. Next year, he will shoot the indoor sitcom "Happy Tea Bar" on the stage, so I will give you the task of hosting."

     "However, everything hasn't been set up yet. Once you meet the leader, you have to perform well."

     Luo Xin also wanted Luo Yiming to stay.

     As her producer, Luo Yiming's entry into Happy Camp is good for her programs.

     As the deputy director of the R&D Office, the TV ratings are good, and she is happy no matter what the program is.

     Who is the hero.

     Baojie Company.

     Luo Yiming got all right.


     In 2005 and 2006, in addition to Happy Camp, Mango Terrace seemed to be there's nothing about it other trump card variety shows.

     But Luo Yiming has forgotten. In fact, during the golden time of Sundays of those years, there was a variety show called Who is the Hero.

     Who is the hero is a popular entertainment ring show.

     It gathers the unique skills and unique skills of Chinese strangers, recruits civilian heroes, and creates China's "Cirque du Soleil".

     Before 2006, the "Who is a Hero" show was still relatively young.

     In 2006, I was stationed in Sunday’s prime segment and expanded to 75 minutes of "Who is a Hero, Only Demonstrate extraordinary talent."It is worth mentioning that Baojie Company, the sponsor of this show, has also cooperated with Dragon TV in 10 years to bring the show of world-famous brands to the Chinese stage.

     Talent show, dream show, who is the hero.

     In fact, it is the similarity of recruiting folk heroes and masters Reality TV Show.

     Gather all Qiren's stunt resources to establish a national civilian hero platform.

     Folk arts, sketches, acrobatics, street dance, graffiti cosplay, burlesque, imitation show, endangered folk custom stunts, etc. will all gather at this stage.

     After the selection of observers and the voting of the audience, the best hero was finally selected.

     It's this show.

      has to say, who is the hero is a trump card draft show relaunched by Mango Channel.

     The starting point is different from fast boys, super girls, and shiny new anchors. The heroes created by Mango Channel are more civilians, and there is no threshold. As long as you have stunts, you can show on the stage.

     In the previous life, Mango Terrace was confident about who was the hero.

     But in fact, from the very beginning, the form of the hero's game is relatively outdated and lacks innovation.

     Choose a soldier to preside and take the lead alone.

     The lack of sharp dream observers like Gao Xiaosong and Zhou Xiaobo in previous lives makes the form of the show monotonous.

     Therefore, in 10 or 12 years, with the rise of the talent show and the dream show, who is the hero completely stopped broadcasting.

     The 7-year long-distance running operation of Mango Station finally declared bankruptcy.

     In the previous life, who was the hero died eventually.

     In this life, the task of hosting may fall on one's shoulders.

     wonderful.Luo Yiming couldn't help showing a bright smile on his face.

     In terms of resources, Mango Channel sits on the status of the big brother of satellite TV and can recruit folk artists. Qiren is no less than other satellite TVs.

     From the sponsor’s point of view, Mango Channel and Baojie’s this World wealth list of the top 50 bosses have no problem with funding.

     Lost in the previous life can only be said to be the format of the program, and the details are rough.

     The cooperation of the dream observer and the host is missing.

     However, in this life, if he can host, Luo Yiming believes that he will let who is a hero be a trump card.

     Not far away, when thinking, Luo Yiming and Luo Xin already arrived in front of Song Wendian's office.

     Luo Xin knocked on the door, and there was a voice calling in.

     Into the head.

     Luo Yiming saw two middle-aged men gesturing at the table. They speak frankly with assurance and full of smiles. They should be very optimistic about the future of the new show.

     "Luo Xin, you are here. Just so, Luo Qiang and I were talking about who is the hero."

     "Oh, this is Xiao Luo."

     Song Wendian sat on the chair, Luo Yiming turned slightly nodded towards the boss, and said with a smile: "Hello Teacher Song, I am Luo Yiming."

     "Hello. This is Teacher Luo Qiang, who is the producer of the hero."

     "Hello, Teacher Luo." Luo Yiming continued to smile and greet him.

     "Luo Yiming, sit down. Come today, we just want to chat with you about my new show "Who is a hero."

     "it is good."

     In response, Luo Yiming sat down beside her after seeing Luo Xin sitting down.Being able to talk to the big guys about the new variety show that the stage is focusing on, Luo Yiming always feels that this happiness is coming too fast, even though he just listened to the master during the whole process.

     But this kind of beauty, not every newcomer has the opportunity to enjoy it.

     Song Wendian and Luo Qiang both liked Luo Yiming.

     The young man is not only handsome, but also very talented.

     Although who is a hero may require the host's comprehensive qualities to be super strong, but from now on, Luo Yiming's calmness, grandeur, and that kind of self-confidence have not disappointed him.

     "Luo Xin, let's talk about this. Luo Yiming, you have to work hard to win the championship of the shiny new anchor. Luo Xin, you also have to give Luo Yiming more opportunities to perform."

     "His popularity is not only about the future of Taili ace Kuaben, but also the fate of who is a hero."

     "The New Year's Eve concert in the Taili, I think it can make Luo Yiming go up and live with He Jiong and the others."

     "En." Luo Xin nodded, promoting Luo Yiming, it would be no harm to him.

     On the contrary, Luo Xin also wanted Luo Yiming to become the champion and enter the presidency of Kuaiben.

     With the words of Mr. Song, Luo Xin dared to move away.
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