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35 Chapter 36. Choice Is More Important Than Effort
    Chinese Name: 巨星从综艺主持人开始  Author: 村中野夫(Cun Zhong Ye Fu, Wild Villager)
    Original: | Translator:

Once you were childish, you secretly made a firm wish not to be separated from your lover.

     After a long wait and the baptism of time, true love will come unexpectedly.

     It will erase the dust in the heart and let people have a new direction in life.

     The most beautiful expectation, although not particularly stunning.

     But, "I have a dream, like a rainbow after the rain, with all the tears in exchange for a smile, and a kind of love, crossing the sea of people, picking up the lost dust."

     The lyrics have the warmth and strength of the sun, yearning for love but not blindly. Such an inspirational love song still makes Gao Xiaosong feel that Luo Yiming is talented.

     Perhaps precisely because of the inspiration and romance of this song, it quickly occupied the top charts of major music platforms once it was released.

     This song, no matter who it is sung, is a good piece of music.

     The reason why Luo Yiming chose this song was also in his previous life. In Douyin, once there is a romantic plot, this song will always ring in his ears.

     That familiar melody.


     It made him feel inexplicably deep for this song.

     I hug love when I wake up from a dream

     You waited persistently but never left

     Reluctant to separate every time I wake up

     No need to wander you are me the most beautiful expectation

     Now, he is also waiting for the most beautiful expectation. Luo Yiming told himself that he wants to be the most shining star on the Mango Terrace.

     He wants to catch up and, like He Jiong and Wang Han, become the ace host of the Hubei Satellite TV."How about it, Teacher Komatsu, this song is my accidental result." Luo Yiming said lightly. His accidental income actually refers to the vibrato that he heard in his previous life.

     Rarely, Gao Xiaosong gave a newbie a thumbs up.

     "Yes, yes, Luo Yiming, a good song is the inspiration of in a flash. When I wrote My Old Classmate, I was also in love with my deskmate."

     "Your most beautiful expectation, I can hear your desire for love. At an age like you, the desire for love is normal. The main song is tender and romantic, but it suddenly becomes abundant in the chorus. This is a very mature piece of music."

     In Gao Xiaosong's opinion, this song surpassed Luo Yiming's saliva song as empty as anything.

     But he didn't say it.

     Luo Yiming has a longing for love.

     If the emotions with Wu Xin are more of a comrade-in-arms alliance, soulmate.

     Luo Yiming's love he still does not know where.


     Luo Yiming may admit that the kind of admiration for Zuo Yan is a bit close to love, but with his rise, Zuo Yan’s position is staggered with him. After she is not so set up on high, Luo Yiming’s emotions are also Subtle changes have taken place.

     Zuo Yan, he is willing to walk with her, but he is not the one who can walk for a lifetime.

     In the words of the entertainment industry, the two can play together a few times, and they don't have so much energy throughout their lives.

     "Teacher Komatsu, if you think my song will still be available, can I tell you why I called you?"Gao Xiaosong believed, and his face returned to calm, "Go ahead, it seems that you really didn't call me because of music."

     Luo Yiming felt that he couldn’t say that, so he smiled and said, “Teacher Komatsu. Next year, there will be a variety show on Hubei Satellite TV. This show is called “Who is a hero.” I want to say hello to you in advance , I want you to come and participate?"

     "Oh? Let me be a hero?" Teacher Gao Xiaosong turned on his funny attributes again. Everyone in the circle knows that he likes to joke.

     "No, you are a hero by yourself. I want you to sit at ease in a fishing boat despite storms. Cooking wine is a hero."

     Gao Xiaosong stared at Luo Yiming blankly.

     "To put it bluntly, I want you to act as an observer for my column. You host this show with me. I'm standing on the stage, and you are sitting under the stage. We choose heroes together."

     Understood, Gao Xiaosong understood now.

     Although this kind of variety show has not yet.

     But in Stick Country, he had already seen this kind of variety show host and offstage help.

     Who is the hero.

     It sounds like this variety show is still very domineering.

     In 2005, Gao Xiaosong also paid attention to this variety show without too many.

     After all, who is a hero in 2005 is just hotter in Lake Province. Because of the limited duration of the program, it is a small program.

     Friends from other places have rarely seen it, and Gao Xiaosong, a busy man, has no time to watch.

     "I generally don't participate in this kind of variety show, but I am a little interested in the name of your show. Can you tell me about this show?"Luo Yiming said: "Who is the hero will recruit wonderful programs from across the strait, three places, and the world Chinese circle. Outstanding talents will gather all the amazing skills and special programs."

     "It's not just mainstream music and dance; traditional art and folklore skills will also appear here. Finally, a platform for civilian heroes will be created for in-depth development of artists.

     Luo Yiming speak frankly with assurance, he mixed the Chinese Go Talent Show with the two games of who is the hero.

     But this way, Luo Yiming felt more attractive.

     Of course, this change is how he moved Gao Xiaosong.

     "You found me, do you think I can be this observer?"

     Although Gao Xiaosong is arrogant, he doesn't know how to swell one's face up by slapping it to look imposing. In pop music, the path of mainstream artist training, Gao Xiaosong is experienced and seasoned and rich.

     But traditional art, folk custom skills, you forgive me, Gao Xiaosong is really not good.

     Luo Yi heard what Gao Xiaosonglu meant in the morning, and said: "Mr. Xiaomatsu, you will also have a partner observer by then, and he will cooperate with you in the field of traditional art."

      "Oh." Gao Xiaosong felt at ease.

     As soon as Luo Yiming introduced the show, Gao Xiaosong was full of interest. He just thought that he might not have strong skills, but there was a partner who sang and yelled. He felt that the show would survive.

     "If you have this intention, I will let Mango Station find you. I hope you can help me."

     Luo Yiming, the three of you, spoke very sincerely.

     In this World, there are many roles that can act as observers, but Luo Yiming thinks that Gao Xiaosong's match is the highest.He is at ease.

      a crane in a flock of chicken.

     The main thing is, it looks so beautiful and beautiful, just sitting there and shook a fan, that is a slot.

     The gimmick is the selling point of a variety show.

     No one can easily surpass Teacher Gao Xiaosong on this road.

     "I'm very happy to help you young people. Luo Yiming, I will make an exception for you and respond to your request first. But regarding the station, you, the new host, may not be the master?"

     Gao Xiaosong meant to let Luo Yiming find Luo Xin.

     "Don't worry, I will promote cooperation." Luo Yiming said relaxedly.

     He doesn't need to host this variety show, but Luo Yiming will never do it as he will host it.

     It's like the four little fresh meats from exo.

     They also terminated their contract with Bangziguo, but came back to develop differently.

     One got into the running man, one got into the chicken strips, but the other two, real men and Challenge League, had no sense of variety at all.

     Compared with the differences in personal standards, in fact, platform and timing are the most important.

     This is what people often say, sometimes, choice is more important than effort.

     Luo Yiming chooses who is the hero, or more accurately, chooses who is the combination of the hero and China's Go Talent.

     One of these two shows simply wants to watch stunts, Qiren. One is that no matter what kind of excellence, you can bring it to the screen.

     The more vitality is definitely the latter.

     Luo Yiming's choice is also the latter.
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