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37 Chapter 38, The Third Male Host (book Request List)
    Chinese Name: 巨星从综艺主持人开始  Author: 村中野夫(Cun Zhong Ye Fu, Wild Villager)
    Original: | Translator:

The long weather was not beautiful for two consecutive rainy days.

     Xu was holding Zuoyan too tightly during the day. In order to alleviate the conflict, Luo Yiming invited her to a newly opened Hunan Cuisine Restaurant on the riverside for dinner.

     Close to the Xiangjiang River, you can see Juzizhoutou on the bank.

     The other side of the bank is the destination, a square complex.

     The wind on the river blew through the moisture on both sides of the bank. She wanted to disturb the waves of the Yangtze River, but she was mercilessly rejected.

     The long rain is very disturbing.

     The firepower is not fierce, but the front is long.

     The two of them ate in the shop window, watching the rain dripping on the stone slab, and the daytime battle of wits and bravery faded away.

     The rain gradually stopped until half past eight.

     After eating, the two took a walk along the river.

     Some people say it is a city touted by the Hubei Satellite TV.

     Several famous mouths are always describing the beauty of long.

     Can stay here for a period of time.

     Luo Yiming felt that the length was not as full as they said.

     It is not enough to say that it has enough material desires, and that it is not enough for the market.

     People here don't know where they are during the day. They are used to traveling at night when the needle turned to 21 o'clock.

     People popped up like they had discussed with the lanterns red and wine green on the street.

     At this time, there are many people walking along the river, and there are no shortage of couples.

     In the moonlight, they held hands, and when they were in love, they hugged each other and kissed deeply.

     Spicy eyes!

     Luo Yiming and Zuo Yan walked peacefully under this moonlight, and the bright white moonlight fell on Zuo Yan's cheek, and the scene evoked Zuo Yan's memory.

     Some sadness was on her face, she should have thought of her ex.Looking at her and looking at her expression, Luo Yi read her heartache tomorrow morning.

     But Luo Yiming didn't bother her.

     The quiet white moonlight, the faint wind and clouds at first, after walking a while, Jiang Feng suddenly picked up, Luo Yiming felt a bit cold.

     He took off his jacket and gave it to Zuo Yan.

     "Put this on, the wind is blowing."

     "You, you're not cold, give it to me?" Zuo Yan looked at Luo Yiming.

     "I'm not cold, even if it is to make up for the mistakes I made during the day. You wear them quickly." Luo Yiming directly put on Zuo Yan's clothes. Needless to say, Zuo Yan understands the mistake during the day.

     "Thank you." The wind was not small at night, Zuo Yan was nodded, wrapped in Luo Yiming's coat.

     "Thank you, in the future, our partner will host, we will inevitably have to help each other." Stretching his arms, Luo Yiming was fighting Jiang Feng.

     "No matter how noisy the city is, the night is always quiet." After putting on Zuo Yan's coat, Luo Yiming said something while looking at the sky.

     Zuo Yan put away her sad gaze, tilted her head to look at Luo Yiming. During the day, Luo Yiming had no longer pursued the matter of committing crimes.

     He was able to walk with him along the river, and Zuo Yan's mood was much better.

     "Yes. A essayist said that nights can heal people."

     "Night will not heal your wounds, but the best way for your injury is tears and time."

     "But depending on your personality, if you want you to cry, you may not be able to do it. That can only be time."

     Luo Yiming is also an easily emotional person.It should be said that those who study art are all in a state of impermanence.

     When I’m good, I feel big enough to hold the entire world.

     When I'm in a bad mood, I feel that my heart is so small that I can't even blow in the wind.

     Luo Yiming and Zuo Yan are the same kind of person, this kind of person is easy to step aside and separate.

     "You are right. I may need time to heal slowly." Zuo Yan smiled dryly.

     "However, Zuoyan, the book also said that the best way to forget a relationship is to invest in a new relationship."

     "With you?" Zuo Yan grinned, she didn't expect to go back immediately, of course, she was joking.

     Did not wait for Luo Yiming to speak.

     She said again: "I'm just kidding. Don't worry about me. Who hasn't been in love in college. Now, seeing those young people being so sweet together, I just sighed that they might face parting in the end. "

     Whose university has never been in love.

     Whose youth hasn't been "sex" several times.

     Although Luo Yiming wanted to say, I didn't.

     But he finally did not say.

     "Luo Yiming, tomorrow is your shining new anchor 6-to-4 game. The last battle game a year ago, are you confident?"

     Zuo Yan asked herself, but she thought it was unnecessary, "Oh, you must be fine."

     "You have so much confidence in me. Well, since you have said so, I must lose."

     "Bah. Producer Luo, Producer Luo, and Director Song all said they want you to win. I'm afraid you can't lose even if you want to lose."Zuoyan pouting, cute and cute, with a tomboy appearance reminds Luo Yiming of the role Jia Wenjing played in her impeccable blue dream in her previous life.

     Too personal.

     "Then I can only win, and I really think it's enough."

     "Fortunately, I there is still one opponent, I am myself."

     Luo Yiming also became shameless.

     At this point, Zuo Yan and Luo Yiming really matched their faces.

     "Seriously, you have to perform well tomorrow. Director Song told me that the New Year's Eve concert will arrange me to host. The male host, except for He Jiong and Wang Han, there is still one place."

     "Your game tomorrow, Director Song will also go to watch. If you perform well, maybe you are the third male host."

     Luo Yi clearly understood.

     At Mango Taiwan, every game is not easy.

     Perhaps you can easily defeat your opponent on stage.

     But in the audience, you have more and stronger opponents.

     If you don't perform well, even if you win the championship, you may still be like Zhang Peng in the previous life, and you will not be able to enter the fast book.

     Luo Yiming’s difficulty is not the fast book, but the loss of a lot of qualifications to compete with other excellent host.

     Therefore, he has to fight and fight every time as an important battle.

     "Thank you. Zoyeon."

     "Thank you what am I doing, don't say anything, we will help each other more in the future. Okay, it's getting late, let's go back."

     "Tomorrow, I wish you a game to win a victory on raising the flag."

     One night, Luo Yiming tossed and couldn't sleep.The stopped drizzle began to patter again. Tomorrow's 6-in-4 concert will be another important life assessment for him.

     The match of Shining New Anchor starts on time at 8:20.

     The director requested that all personnel be present at seven o'clock.

     The location is in Helong Stadium.

     At five o'clock, Zhong Luo Yiming had dinner. After eating, he took a taxi and set off to Helong Stadium.

     After a few days of rain, the rain scattered and the clouds closed at night, and Yu Xia became Qi.

     The creative team of Shining New Anchor has already set up the venue at Helong Stadium.

     The sky is beautiful, and the rain in the past few days has not affected the open-air concert's.

     The top 6 anchors will host a concert led by the top three supergirls at the He Long Stadium, which accommodates 10,000 people.

     This concert will be broadcast live to TV audiences.

     For new anchors, this is definitely a huge challenge.

     Although six new anchors are hosting tonight's concert, in order to make sure that they are not surprisingly, He Jiong also came early.

     He will still be the controller of the concert's in the audience today.

     Once there is a problem, he must save the field in time.
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