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38 Chapter 39, On, Concert Host
    Chinese Name: 巨星从综艺主持人开始  Author: 村中野夫(Cun Zhong Ye Fu, Wild Villager)
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In front of the gymnasium, there are empty alleys.

      With great fanfare's supporters of the top three supergirls pulled banners and desperately cheered for their idols.

     Although the top three ranked in the dust has settled in August, they can be divided into each other's fans, they are still immersed in the battle of Super Girls.

     In 2005, not so much competition among the players on the stage, but the choking of the fans below the stage was not inferior.

     They all think their idols are the best.

     Because of the battle of rankings, fans also have a lot of chatter and chatter.

     These all illustrate the success of the 2005 Supergirl Draft.

     This point, despite the addition of Luo Yiming, is still not so prominent on the new Shining anchor.

     When Luo Yiming got out of the car, it was already seven and five.

     Fans of Super Girl are also tired this time, and have begun to enter the venue one after another.

     There are still a few middle-aged scalpers faintly at the door. They hold the tickets for the scene in their hands, but most of them are newly-added channel locations by the organizers in the back row.

     When Luo Yiming appeared, his fans were also waiting at the door.

     Seeing Luo Yiming's arrival, the leading girls immediately stood up like chicken blood, waving the star cards in their hands, and shouting, Luo Yiming, I love you, if you want to win the championship.

     Luo Yiming smiled lightly, although it was the first time that Luo Yiming hosted a concert.

     However, it is relatively easy for him, an experienced and seasoned host, to host a concert with the rest of the top six players."Thank you, but it's a bit cold outside. Let's enter the venue."

     Unlike those big-name celebrities, Luo Yiming knew that the fans were his parents, and greeted everyone enthusiastically. With the fans' company, Luo Yiming turned around and entered the venue.

     Throughout the process, the security guards are also controlling the safe distance between the two parties.

     But Luo Yiming of this time reminded the security guard not to be too "violent to fans."

     The Helong Gymnasium covers an area of 1.15 million square meters, with a construction area of 20,000 square meters, and has more than 7,000 seats available.

     In 2006, He Long Gymnasium officially retired. Without changing the structural frame, it was leased to Qindao Company and officially turned into a cultural and artistic performance hall.

     Think about it, this place withdrew from the stage of history a year later, and Luo Yiming felt that it would be a kind of commemoration to be able to host a concert of 10,000 people here.

     At 7:30, the audiences in Helong Stadium have all been seated in order, and the 10,000-person concert will sing in another hour, and the top six hosts will also be online.

     Many artists under Tianyu Media are still at the backstage rehearsal this time.

     Although tonight’s concert is the first of the top three, the rest of the singers are friendly to assist in the performance, and an active atmosphere is essential.

     This year's super girls, such as He Jie, Huang Yali, and Ye Yiqian are all listed.

     In all, this is Luo Yiming's first preparations before watching an idol artist's concert up close.

     Very fresh.

     Very lively.Most of this wave of super girls in 2005 are young and young, and one's every movement exudes youthful breath.

     Luo Yiming and them are of the same age, and they are signed at Big Mango, one is Tianyu, the other is Taili, in fact, they are still a family.

     As the embryo was good, Luo Yiming's makeup was quickly finished.

     Before Luo Yiming came, the makeup artists of the other contestants were also done.

     The presiding team is well divided.

     Six people, two in a group.

     Luo Yiming is a group with Wu Xin.

     Du Haitao and Bianbian.

     Zhang Peng and Zhang Weiwei.

     After the program list was arranged, the tasks were issued according to the program list. The first person to play was Zhang Liangying, the top three supergirls. Her host session was hosted by Shuang Zhang.

     The second one was Zhou Bichang. Her host session was hosted by Du Haitao and Bian.

     The chair of Chunchun was given to Luo Yiming and Wu Xin.

     It is indeed entrusted with important tasks.

     Chunchun sang four songs today, one sweet I love you, one in my heart, only you without him.

     The other two are the two new songs from her first ep released early next year.

     Happy winter and givefive.

     Silently remembering the program Li Yuchun was going to perform, Luo Yiming turned his attention to the super girl who was coming off the stage after the rehearsal.

     For the super girl Luo Yiming from 2005 onwards, she didn't catch a cold. Most of the stars were just like meteors, and then they fell.

     This is the only top three in 2005, and each of them has developed quite good.

     Luo Yiming inevitably has to deal with the three of them after deep ploughing and sprouting at the Mango Terrace.Before Luo Yiming hosted, he also wanted to get to know them.

     Thinking about it, Li Yuchun, the champion of Super Girl, walked out of the dressing room over there with a tomboy-like pace.

     "Hello Chunchun." Luo Yiming waved his hand to Li Yuchun rashly.

     Unexpectedly, Li Yuchun's eyes also flashed an occasional surprise: "Hello, Luo Yiming."

     Li Yuchun also knew Luo Yiming.

     Also on Mango TV, Li Yuchun sometimes pays attention to the shiny new anchor.

     Her performance to Luo Yiming is vivid in one's mind.

     Chunchun does not have the face of many young people overbearing once they become famous, including clothing, the overall feeling is still very cordial.

     "I happened to be hosting your singing session." Luo Yiming said with a smile: "Why, is your state okay?"

      "Really? I'm all right. Ahem."

     Li Yuchun has frequently attended events to sing recently. In fact, Luo Yiming could hear that her voice is not very good.

     "Come on then. Take care to protect your throat." I wanted to tell Li Yuchun not to fight like that, but think about it. Li Yuchun worked very hard at that time. I am afraid that this sentence will make her feel separated, so Luo Yiming swallowed the words again. .

     From past life's memory, the singing career Half Step Green Cloud after Chunchun Super Girl is the finale star of Mango Taiwan's New Year's Eve concert's every year.

     Later, she entered the variety show and performing arts world, if used properly, it is also a long-term network of contacts.

     After entering this circle and making good relationships, Luo Yiming knew the importance to himself.

     At this point, Luo Yiming envied Wang Han.I remember that in a filming where an idol came, a female star lost her wallet. It was Wang Han who contacted the United Nations Embassy to help that idol lose sth and then regain it.

     Li Yuchun said thank you, because the director over there was urging. After she finished speaking, she hurried away.

     Seeing Li Yuchun leaving behind, Luo Yiming talked to oneself.

     Well, see you on stage!

     The clock is ticking and time flows quickly.

     He Long Stadium, everything is ready.

     With the appearance of Mr. He Jiong on the stage, the audience and fans screamed.

     The open-air venue that accommodates 10,000 people is unusually bustling with noise and excitement for a while.

     The names of the super girls and the anchors' names are mixed together, like a feast.

     He Jiong raised the microphone in his hand and said enthusiastically: "Welcome everyone to the concert of 10,000 people led by the top three supergirls, and I am the host He Jiong.

     "Hello, Teacher He Jiong." The audience greeted him under the stage.

     "Thank you." He Jiong smiled, "Today's concert there is still one of special significance, that is, our Hubei TV station's yet another show. The top six shining new anchors will also meet you here. You like Luo Yiming, Du Haitao, Zhang Peng, Wu Xin, Bian Bi and Zhang Weiwei. And tonight’s concert will be hosted by six of them."

     A venue for nearly 10,000 people.

     There is no shortage of fans of the anchors.

     Can be compared to Du Haitao's mercenary at the beginning of the game.

     Luo Yiming's official army had already overwhelmed the hundred-member group.

     The voice calling Luo Yiming rose, and the waves were higher than the waves.Among them, many are fans of Chunchun, Bibi and Liangying.

     They also like Luo Yiming.

      "All right, your enthusiasm is sensed by me. Next, let us quiet down and wait for the anchors to appear on stage."

     After He Jiong finished speaking, he took the microphone and walked off the stage handsomely.

     The camera, the lens switched to the edge of the stage, and the six anchors were already ready on the edge of the stage.


     With a gesture from the live director, Luo Yiming, who ranked first, raised his foot and walked towards the infield.

     Fans of various families are sitting in an area under the stage, the sky has dimmed, and the light sticks in their hands are particularly dazzling.
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