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39 Chapter 40, Luo Yiming's Host Crisis
    Chinese Name: 巨星从综艺主持人开始  Author: 村中野夫(Cun Zhong Ye Fu, Wild Villager)
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The headlights of the main stage light up.


     The splendid stage lights illuminate the faces of the six anchors instantly.

     "Luo Yiming."

     "Du Haitao."




     The voices in the audience rose, and the cheers of the fans overwhelmed everything.

     Lin Wen is in charge of this concert's.

     In 1997, Lin Wen graduated from China Media College. In 1998, Lin Wen successfully entered the Mango Channel to act as a filming director.

     In 2000, Lin Wen became the filming director of Hubei Satellite TV Entertainment Unlimited.

     It was also that year, through Lin Wen's introduction, that his junior brother Li Hao entered the Hubei Satellite TV and signed on the entertainment channel.

     After Li Hao arrived in Taili, and Lin Wen was an alumnus and a fellow, the two often walked together. Together with Lin Wen's assistant Zhao Guangming, the three became an iron triangle.

     After Li Hao entered the entertainment without limits, the relationship with Director Lin Wen became even closer.

     At Mango Terrace, concerts, singer clubs, and other large outdoor activities, Lin Wen is the conductor.

     Last night, Li Hao asked Lin Wen and Zhao Guangming to come out for a drink. After three rounds of drinking, Li Hao spit out the bitterness in his heart.

     In his previous life, Li Hao ran away from Jiang TV in 10 years. In fact, in 2005, at the beginning of Mango Channel’s shining new anchor, Li Hao had the idea of leaving.

     Very meow.

     Li Hao said that his own professionalism and ability can already assume personal responsibility.

     But in the station, he has never given him a trump card variety show.Although, in entertainment unlimited hosting, ratings have increased to the second place in the same period.

     The leaders of the Mango Terrace still only saw He Jiong and Wang Han in their eyes.

     Regardless of Li Hao's mentality, people are seniors with deep qualifications, and it is right for them to give them resources.

     But to host Shining New Anchor, and now to promote a newbie, the station is unwilling to let him host, Li Hao's mentality completely collapsed.

     The wine is drunk and filled, and finally drunk.

     Lin Wen looked at his good brother like this, decidedly unhappy in the heart.

     The key point is that for this Supergirl concert, he heard that Luo Yiming had hosted it, and he might be on the New Year's Eve concert of Lake Provincial TV.

     And this opportunity, Li Hao has been working in Lake Province for almost six years, and he has never received it.

     Lin Wen is worthless for his brother.

     Feel wronged for my brother.

     However, even though he was in charge and asked him to chase Luo Yiming off, his arms still couldn't reach his thighs.

     However, Lin Wen remembered this matter, and whenever there was a chance, Luo Yiming would make any mistakes, he would destroy Luo Yiming.

     Looking at Luo Yiming standing in the center of the stage, Lin Wen saw a real person for the first time.

     Not to mention, compared to Li Haolai, his length is more manly aura in his delicate appearance.

     Without the cover of glasses, Luo Yiming's eyes are more clear and energetic, and his masculine features and firm edges and corners will indeed give strangers a good impression.

     "Director Lin, is this the kid Hao brother said yesterday?"Zhao Guangming’s quagmire aura, he worked under Mango Tai Lin Wen's hand, and he was doing a role of field affairs. After finishing his work, he came to Lin Wen chatting.

     "Yes, his name is Luo Yiming."

     "Luo Yiming? Ma Dan, if it weren't for him, my Hao brother would not drink like that." Zhao Guangming tweeted.

     "Xiao Zhao, I can make a point with you. You can't make any crooked ideas. Today's concert is a live broadcast. If something goes wrong, my big brother can't protect you."

     Hehe, putting away the evil smile, Zhao Guangming immediately pretended to be a kind-hearted little cat: "Director Lin, look at what you said, what else can I do. If you disrupt the live broadcast, then I don't want to be confused. Don't worry. ,Will not."

     "That's good."

     The fight and scheme against each other in the TV station, the fight for superiority, are all trivial things that are a common occurrence in front of Lin Wen.

     Although Li Hao is his brother, Lin Wen can't do anything stupid to mess up the live broadcast.

     To survive in this industry, there are still professional ethics.

     Lin Wen reminded Zhao Guangming that it was because he had been with him for these years, and the quagmire of this kid had not disappeared.

     He was afraid that Zhao Guangming would come.

     On stage.

     Luo Yiming scanned everything in the audience. Today is a concert of the top three players for 10,000 people.

     On his left hand position, basically all the yellow light sticks in the corn hand are waving and waving, and on his right hand, besides the corns, the pink light sticks of the pen fans also form a beautiful rainbow.

     Only, Zhang Liangying has very few fans.

      The light of Twinkle Star flickered in the audience, and the darkness was gradually swallowed by the light.In his previous life, Luo Yiming was not exposed to the environment where the three powers competed for hegemony.

     But in this life, the champion night fight a few months ago, there is indeed still remaining hostility.

     Several fans desperately shook the light stick in their hands, calling out their idols, still defending something.

     Standing on the stage, Luo Yi observed carefully. As the host of a large concert's, he must first be familiar with the entire stage.

     Follow a sequence.

     Zhang Peng took the lead and said: "Welcome to the Helong Stadium, the supergirl three-strong ten thousand concert scene. I am the new anchor Zhang Peng."

     "I am the side." Side side said immediately: "Tonight is star-studded, not only the top three super women, but there will be other top ten super women sing for everyone."

     Du Haitao said: "Stars are shining, we are also destined to sleepless tonight, the supergirl three-strong ten thousand concert will begin soon, are you excited?"

     Du Haitao's variety show is now available, but the station control is slightly less popular, but the fans below are still enthusiastic.

     Zhang Weiwei said: "I'm the host Zhang Weiwei, Welcome to everyone at the concert. Next, the Super Girls Corps led by the top three Super Girls will dance for us."

     "They will sing this summer, and the theme song of Super Girl will sing as long as they want. Wu Xin will witness this wonderful with everyone."

     It's time for Luo Yiming, because the lines in front were discussed by other anchors, and behind the scenes in advance, there is really no need to say more now.

     Too many introductions will slow down the rhythm, Luo Yiming only quietly said: "You invite the super girls to make their debut."He didn't introduce himself, just let the super girl come on stage, his voice was simple and concise, conforming with the norms of society.

     His exit did not make everyone feel stand out from the masses.

     Du Haitao, who was standing by his side, couldn't help but raised his mouth slightly.

     Yes, this line is dry and nutritious, it is nothing.

     It should be that Luo Yiming has not yet adapted to the rhythm of the concert's hosting.

     Du Haitao felt that he was the best among the six.

      spare no one God, didn't pay attention, the other anchors have already left the stage.

     Wait for me. I hurriedly followed up stupidly, and when he was running in front of the audience, his stomach trembled and several audience members laughed.

     The super girls took the stage after the introduction of the six hosts.

     Li Yuchun walked in the forefront in a loose black windbreaker.

     Zhou Bi sang, Zhang Liangying was at his side, followed by Supergirl's top seven players.

     A sing-as-you-go music sounded immediately.

     The singing brought back memories that have not gone away this summer.

     The new choreographers of the teachers were added, and the super girls sang hard and twisted, and it really ignited the scene instantly.
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