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41 Chapter 42, Luo Yiming Is Handsome
    Chinese Name: 巨星从综艺主持人开始  Author: 村中野夫(Cun Zhong Ye Fu, Wild Villager)
    Original: | Translator:


     In the darkness, Luo Yiming and Wu Xin looked at each other and smiled. They were able to co-host, and Wu Xin was also very confident to make it to the finals.

     But just as their heads exposed more than ten centimeters of the stage plane, their eyes could see the shimmering light in the distance, which must be the glow sticks in the hands of fans.

     Suddenly, the elevator seemed to be stuck, with a bang sound.


     After shaking, the elevator stopped.

      At this time, Wu Xin and Luo Yiming's heads and half of their bodies were exposed on the stage, but their lower bodies and feet were still in the hollow of the equipment room.

     what's the situation.

     Luo Yiming suddenly stopped for a second when the elevator suddenly stopped, and realized that it might be caused by a line failure and loss of control due to heavy rain.

     This situation, Xiaozhu has also encountered in the concert in his previous life.

     The elevator malfunctioned and got stuck accidentally. At that time, he couldn't rise or fall.

     But by such a coincidence, did you meet it in your first concert!

     When the elevator got stuck in the air, Zhao Guangming smiled evilly.

     If the weather is normal, Zhao Guangming may not be able to press the stop button, and it is easy to leak.

     But now it's raining outside, there was thunder and lightning before, and the line was out of order. This is the explanation.

     The on-site director, general in charge, Lin Wen, is still deploying rain protection work. With this oversight, the lifting platform is stuck in the air, unable to go up or down. When the lights are turned on as originally scheduled, a light color is poured on the stage. , I saw Luo Yiming and Wu Xin's heads and half of their bodies exposed on the table, but the lower body hadn't come out... embarrassing.

     The audience was in an uproar."What the hell."

     "Why did Mango Channel put Luo Yiming and Wu Xin there?"

     "I think there should be something wrong with the elevator. Otherwise, it's impossible to stop there."

     Therefore, the staff member of the party at Mango Terrace was also stupid.

     They no time to deal with it.

     The light from the lighting engineer was given to the elevator position, but the current situation of the two of them is very bad.

     Turn down the lights and admit the live broadcast accident.

     This is terrible.

     Before the concert, the leaders of Mango TV specifically urged that a high-level concert should be held for this concert.

     To safeguard (sth) for the new anchors, to create a new trump card for variety shows, and to produce quality.

     But he said, the elevator was malfunctioning, which hadn't thought.

     There are always problems of this kind in the live broadcast. In the previous life, when Sodagreen sang at a concert, he also encountered a situation where the sound suddenly failed halfway through the concert.

     At that time, the lead singer sang hard with the microphone, but the voice could not be conveyed because even the microphone failed.

     The whole band stood there for more than ten seconds, and was later invited to the backstage. It took about 10 minutes to reappear.

     Even the Queen of Heaven, Amei and Zhang Xueyou, also encountered this kind of concert accident.

     At the concert at the Little Arena at that time, when A-mei sang the first song, the sound was not good. When she finished singing and changed Zhang Xueyou to the stage, the stage lights suddenly went out.

     The scene was in chaos. Zhang Xueyou was taken off the stage by a staff member. Equipment inspection and emergency rescue were carried out on the spot. The handover process took 40 minutes.Lin Wen immediately called Zhao Guangming. He was in charge of this work, but Zhao Guangming's cell phone couldn't get through.

     He guessed what basket he had, and immediately went to the equipment room.

     "What's going on?"

     "Damn it. There seems to be a real problem with this elevator."

     Song Wendian is also watching Super Girl's concert today.

     As a talent show created by the two stations in the station.

     Song Wendian is looking forward to the concert jointly created by the Supergirl and the shiny new anchor.

     Not only him, but the big leaders in the platform were also invited to observe in the front row.

     The atmosphere of the concert's front has always been good. Although the hosts of the hosts were slightly inferior, the roleplaying of the hosts of the concert was not so prominent, so it did not affect everyone's interest.

     In the end, Li Yuchun appeared, and the host was Luo Yiming, the best in Shining New Anchor. Song Wendian felt that this concert would be there.

     But when he relaxed and was sleeping peacefully, the elevator killed him.

     Song Wendian couldn't help raising his butt from the stool, and leaned out half of his body to look at the elevator. If the elevator is really stuck there for more than two minutes, the concert's live broadcast accident will definitely be settled.

     This concert had to be messed up because of this accident.

     Ten seconds quickly passed, and twenty seconds quickly passed.

     There was an uproar in the audience, the broken house was even worse with night rain, and it started to rain outside this meeting, the rain floated, and the audience blamed the gods and accuse others.

     He Jiong would rush to the stage in a hurry. At this time, he was saved.Just when it was very embarrassing, Luo Yiming, who was holding a microphone and showing his head on the elevator side, said funnyly: "Everyone is quiet. This is Luo Yiming."

     "What does it mean if the stage doesn't lift me up?"

     Luo Yiming, who showed his head and half of his body, opened his mouth, and the bottom of him really fell silent.

     Luo Yiming still had a smile on his face: "I think this is a test given to me by God, should I just show my head and host you?"

     "Well, since it's a destined arrangement, then I will host it like this. Because Chunchun is still preparing in the backcourt, I will tell you a little joke first, and make up for everyone's grievances that I can't see my long legs. "

     "I have a friend with a good surname. It's good for him to take a name for his son. After school, the teacher in the first physical education class asked everyone to give his name. When it was his turn, he yelled "good." PE Teacher said It's cool to tell your name. He said I'm so cool. PE Teacher kicks me over and makes you cool."


     Luo Yiming once said a joke, the audience laughed from below.

     "Later, PE Teacher apologized to him after knows the truth, but since then, the teacher has never called his name again."

     "Have you heard this joke, have you been a little better? By the way, it is normal for a little situation to appear in the concert. From a certain point of view, if there is a little situation, you can still see that the concert There's nothing about it."

     "I remember one time when I went to a concert somewhere to watch a concert, a young player sang halfway and the sound suddenly stopped.""The singer dazed for a moment, put the microphone in his hand to his chest, and within a few seconds, the speaker suddenly sounded and played music with the original vocal, but at this time his microphone has not yet been picked up, This is awkward, obviously False singing."

     "The audience applauded."

     "If this is not the case concert's this little accident, maybe the audience was kept inside a drum at the end. Therefore, the audience was very grateful for the accident because they knew that the young player sang."

     "When it comes to small incidents like concert's, they are actually nothing."

     "But here, Luo Yiming is very solemn and tells everyone seriously. When you are watching concert's, you must make sure that your seat is stable in advance. The king of Zhang Xue has encountered a seat in a concert. The collapse of the chair caused the audience to be injured."

     "Other audio systems and elevator accidents are minor issues. Life safety is the first priority. Therefore, when you watch the concert, you must ensure your own safety. Although I am stuck here and my eyesight is limited, I have to Remind the spectators who are seated on the scaffolding in the distance, you guys must pay attention to safety."

     Warm heart.

     The station control is bursting.

     If you say the first thirty seconds, the stage is still chaotic.

     When Luo Yiming's voice came up, he immediately controlled the entire stage.

     Luo Yiming, who only showed his head and upper body, held the microphone in his hand, and had to slightly raise his elbow over the table, although this manner was not so handsome.

     But Luo Yiming's host was the most attractive, coolest, and most awesome.His thoughtful act of letting the audience pay attention to safety, also doesn't care that he is in an awkward position now, which moved the audience even more.

     Wu Xin looked at Luo Yiming in front of him, and admiration rose in his heart.

     Song Wendian and the big guys in the station fixed their eyes on this young man.

     "What is his name, Wendian."

     Director Ouyang asked about Song Wendian.

     "His name is Luo Yiming and he has already signed a contract with us."

     "Okay, very good, this kid is very talented in hosting. Is there any show he is hosting on the station?"

     Song Wendian nodded hurriedly and said: "Yes, immediately show him who is a hero, and he will also go to Happy Camp. By the way, I will also let him host this year's New Year's Eve concert."

     "Yes, very good. Give young people more opportunities."
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