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43 Chapter 44, 6 In 4, No Singing
    Chinese Name: 巨星从综艺主持人开始  Author: 村中野夫(Cun Zhong Ye Fu, Wild Villager)
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The audience burst into applause.

     Part of it is given to a dedicated artist like Li Yuchun.

     Part of it was given to a professional host like Luo Yiming.

     The show was wonderful, Song Wendian and Director Ouyang nodded frequently.

     This Luo Yiming...has yours.

     The concert is over here, but the shiny new anchor 6 to 4 game is not over.

     Luo Xin is the producer of Kuaiben, and she also carries the banner of this shiny new anchor.

     Needless to say, Luo Yiming, 6 in 4 is definitely the best.

     And, with his strength, other anchors are to see only the other rider's dust and have no hope of catching up.

     Two days ago, Gao Xiaosong called her and mentioned the events of that day.

     Gao Xiaosong thought Luo Yiming was asking him to write songs for himself.

     But later, Luo Yiming played and sang and sang a very mature work. Gao Xiaosong was amazed by that work.

     Luo Xin felt that today coincided with the Supergirl's concert, and Chunchun's singing was also flawed because of a minor situation.

     Luo Xin wanted Luo Yiming to give the audience some benefits and sing his newly composed song to everyone.

     Luo Xin asked Lin Wen for his opinion. This is a 6-to-4 match for the shiny new anchor. Luo Xin is the producer.

     Lin Wen couldn't stop it, so he could only agree.

     Luo Xin called He Jiong to his side, whispered a few words in his ear, and He Jiong stepped onto the stage again.

     "The concert led by the top three Supergirls is come to the end of a phase. But dear fans, audience friends. The shiny new anchor 6 to 4 is still going on.""The top three places of 6 in 4 will be decided by the judges. The fourth place requires the audience to use your voice to tell us who can stay."

     "Now, the judges and teachers have to rate the performance of several anchors who have just hosted the concert's. Please be patient."

     "While waiting, we once again put the six anchors please go on stage."

     At the concert tonight, Du Haitao and the others still felt that Luo Yiming was not in good shape.

     It is possible that they have a chance to comeback.

     But he was meowing, even if Luo Yiming was not in good shape, he still maintained a high standard of hosting.

     If one of them gets stuck on the elevator, it is probably all pills.

     Wu Xin, who was still standing next to Luo Yiming, was also very disturbed in her heart.

     There is no harm without comparison.

     Just now, on the elevator, she obviously didn't know how to face this situation. She pretended to be calm on the surface, but she was terrified in her heart.

     When Luo Yiming told a joke in the back, Wu Xin gradually found the state and was able to face the audience with a better posture.

     But even so, compared with Luo Yiming, she is still too inferior.

     "Six new anchors, how does it feel to host a concert for the first time?...Luo Yiming, you say first."

     Du Haitao, who was standing at the far end, was about to speak, and He Jiong asked Luo Yiming to speak first, causing the former to hold back the words abruptly.

     Luo Yiming said: "Still very nervous. After all, it takes a process of adaptation to a host field that has not been involved before.""But you found the state very quickly, especially when you got stuck on the elevator, you performed very well. Not only did you successfully resolve the embarrassment, you also controlled the audience."

     Luo Yiming wanted to say that if he didn't have previous life experience, he would find it difficult to face that situation.

     "At that time, I probably just thought that I was the host. Since you chose to host, you must maintain your posture and host quality no matter what happens." Luo Yiming said lightly.

     "Wu Xin, I paid attention to your expression at the time, and there was no panic on your face. Although you are silent, you can stand there, facing this kind of emergency, your performance is still possible."

     Sometimes, a sentence of the host may affect the final judgment of the judges.

     He Jiong paid attention to Wu Xin at the time, and Wu Xin was indeed smiling.

     In that case, it is not easy to be able to keep smiling and hold the posture upright.

     Wu Xin actually believed in Luo Yiming. Every time I was with him, Wu Xin would feel at ease in his heart.

     He can be counted on like Yizuo Great Mountains.

     Wu Xin felt that he could hold the audience, so his mentality would be relatively relaxed.

     "Thank you, Teacher He, for your compliment, but compared with Luo Yiming, I still have too many places to learn from him." Wu Xin glanced at Luo Yiming in admiration. There is clearly admiration there.

     "Of course (danglan), Luo Yiming's performance is indeed excellent."

     Other anchors, He Jiong did not let him express his views.

     He Jiong, who has always taken care of Du Haitao, felt disappointed today."Luo Yiming, today is Supergirl's concert. I know you are good at singing too. Would you like to give the audience a little benefit and sing a song for everyone?"

     He Jiong's painting style suddenly changed, and this was what Luo Xin gently reminded him.


     Luo Yiming was stunned.

     He never thought that he would sing at today's concert.

     "No no. I'm not good at singing."

     He Jiong smiled and put on a disdainful face: "Luo Yiming, if you didn't sing as empty as anything, I might believe you. But your song as empty as anything is so popular on the Internet, you lied to me. , You can't sing."

     "Do you think I should believe it?"

     "The audience friends under the stage, do you believe it?"

     He Jiong has his strong support team and wants Luo Yiming to sing. He Jiong has a thousand ways.

     Luo Yiming saw it.

     He Jiong seems to be carrying a mission today.

     At this moment, sing that song as empty as anything again, Luo Yiming didn't want to sing it anymore.

     I sang it myself during the draft of the shiny new anchor.

     Always sing that song, it is inevitable that it is monotonous.

     Sing it out, I don't even feel it anymore.

     But singing the second song, the most beautiful expectation?

     Please, the most beautiful expectation, I just played and sang myself.

     Composer and lyrics, there is no complete accompaniment.

     Without accompaniment, relying on sound and guitar alone, the effect will have a great decline.

     After He Jiong's yelling, the audience under the stage naturally expected Luo Yiming to sing.

     In addition, Heaven is cooperating, the sound of rain is much lower at this time.The audience also hope to get a benefit.

     "Teacher He, I happen to have created a new song, ready to bring it to everyone. However, this song has just been created, and the music accompaniment has not been established. If it is just a cappella, I think the effect will be much worse. "

     "Today is Supergirl's concert. I am just the host."

     "I don't think it's the best time to sing today. I think if I can stand at the New Year's Eve concert on Mango Channel and have time for a song, I will bring this newly created song to everyone.

     "Teacher He, is this all right?"

     Luo Yiming is smart.

     The reason he found was unassailable.

     Today is the Super Girl concert. If Luo Yiming's performance is eye-catching, naturally the voice of the guest overwhelms that of the host.

     Chunchun is uncomfortable. Today's voice is uncomfortable. She is not good at singing.

     If Luo Yiming detonates the audience, after this is broadcast, there may be some bad comments on the entertainment wind.

      judge the hour and size up the situation.

     He Jiong quickly came to a conclusion.

     With a smile, He Jiong said, "You just say you are not ready. However, at the New Year's Eve concert of Lake Provincial Satellite TV, I dare not say that you can go up and sing. All the big music players we invite are. ."

     He Jiong took just a joke.

     "So, Teacher He Jiong has to help me." Luo Yiming immediately became a little sheep-like, making Teacher He Jiong cannot help laughing.

     "Come on, let's listen to the judges' final 6-in-4 results."
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