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44 Chapter 45, Who Is The Hero Of The First Episode?
    Chinese Name: 巨星从综艺主持人开始  Author: 村中野夫(Cun Zhong Ye Fu, Wild Villager)
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Luo Yiming, Zhang Peng, and Du Haitao were the first to enter the Top 4. Amidst the shouts of the audience, Wu Xin, a pretty young lady, pulled strongly against a crazy tide and became the last to enter the Top 4.

     Top 4 the dust has settled.

     That night, some were happy and some were sad.

     The 6-to-4 game is over.

     Luo Yiming's super high level performance, after the folk fermentation, also accelerated the birth of his new program on Mango Channel.

      things are very different now, if there were people who suspected that Luo Yiming's qualifications were too low before, he could not host the new column of Mango Channel.

     But at the concert, Luo Yiming's rescue caused everyone to shut their mouths.

     The "Who is a Hero" program was originally planned to be broadcast in early 2006. The program has been delayed because of the host.

     Now, the big leaders in the station have expressed their optimism about Luo Yiming, and Luo Qiang can get rid of his arms and do a big job.

     On the second day of Supergirl concert's, Luo Qiang launched a new show Who is the Hero.

     Before recording the main series, Luo Qiang plans to prepare a few prequels for preheating.

     The “Who is a Hero” variety show was launched in 2005, but at that time the only one small show was hosted by Dabing. Every issue invited some strange and capable people to perform.

     But now, the show is hosted by the newlyweds Luo Yiming and Zuo Yan.

     The duration of the show was expanded to 75 minutes. Naturally, the show has changed to a certain extent and has become a new variety show.

     Luo Qiang wanted to collect some feedback and suggestions from the audience, and then he could make corrections when recording the official program.

     After the 6-in-4 competition, the focus of Mango Terrace has shifted to the preparations for the New Year's Eve concert's.Not only the Hubei Satellite TV, but also the Hubei Economic Video Channel under the Hubei Radio and Television will also help the New Year's Eve concert.

      At this time, the leaders of large and small in the station are busy pulling stars. The scene of Shining New Anchor on December 24 is naturally gone.

     The final game also moved to the year later.

     There are still a few days left in the concert. Others are busy. The little host Luo Yiming has time.

     Don't worry about the game for now.

     His energy is betting on his first column "Who is a hero" on Lake Provincial TV.

     Luo Qiang had started the audition work of strange and capable people nationwide long before.

     In Shenyang, Si Chuan, and Wuhan many places, whoever is a hero has carried out large-scale recruitment work. Luo Qiang also wants to create an ace variety show comparable to Happy Camp.

     Including who was an outstanding civil expert last year, Luo Qiang also wants to invite him to the stage again.

     After Luo Yiming and Zuo Yan received the notice from the program group, they waited early in the 600 studio of the Hubei Satellite TV.

     Hunan Satellite TV has four studios, and Kuaiben’s studio is the largest with 1,200 square meters.

     Then there is a 600 studio, a 400 and a 200 square small studio.

     "Who is the hero? Because there are various stunt performances to be performed on the stage, so the 600 studio will be released from the stage for the hero to use.

     This also shows that the station has attached great importance to this section.

     While waiting, Luo Yiming was not idle.

     In his previous life, he didn't know very much about the show who is the hero. However, Luo Yiming is no stranger to the China Got Talent Show and Dream Show similar to this column.In the previous life, these two variety shows were the trump card variety shows in Taiwan. The talent show made Zhou Xiaobo famous, and also let Cheng Lei of Dragon TV understood by everyone.

     The dream show, Hua Shao was also in the beginning of this show.

     The two programs are on fire, and only the hero of the Hubei Satellite TV is neither hot nor cold.

     The reason is the outdated program format.

     Secondly, on the stage, the host's sensational ability is not enough. This is the key to who the hero does not rise.

     Like Zhou Xiaobo of Dragon TV, he is the representative of Shanghai School.

     One mouth can to invert black and white, and there is a very popular talk show called Weekly Wave Show.

     The China Got Talent show on his platform is a landscape compared to Got Talent.

     It's just perfect, imitate to perfection, every sharp words and complaints, combined with reality.

     Pointing at the current disadvantages, the period can create gimmicks, and naturally keep the ratings high.

     Compared to Zhou Xiaobo, Hua Shao of Zhejiang Satellite TV was young, but he was also an expert at the host.

     Chinese good tongue, not to have an undeserved reputation.

     Compared with these two people, whoever is the hero who hosts the Hubei Satellite TV will receive restrictions.

     Dabing is a comedian, and his ability to be funny in the show is naturally good, but after the players' wonderful performances, where sensation is needed, Dabing's shortcomings are undoubtedly exposed.

     Hosts all have their own style. It's not funny who is a hero, so Dabing's host will naturally fall into place.

     Who is a hero has no worse resources than the East and Zhejiang Province. Even if the form is outdated, it will not be far behind.Therefore, the host this time is very essential.

     Since the host is in his hands in this life, Luo Yiming told himself that he must change it.

     Looking at the 600 studios right now, Luo Yiming is used to entering an unfamiliar environment.

     In this way, he can control the entire stage.

     Zuo Yan would be standing on the background wall of the stage, and she should be very boring, just standing there and playing with her mobile phone.

     Today she is wearing a slim beige skirt with a pinched waist. The skirt covers her hips, her knees are wrapped in flesh-colored stockings, and she is stepping on a pair of coffee-colored high heels. She looks even more slender.

     Beside Zuo Yan, there are three chairs in the corner of the studio. It seems that this show also has observers.

      so it seems, the format of the show who is the hero is actually not as old-fashioned as I thought.

     Maybe, the details are a bit worse.

     But overall, who is such a hero, Luo Yiming is quite satisfied.

     Thoughts were floating, and several people walked in the studio.

     Luo forced the film to be at the forefront, followed by two male one female.

     One of them, Luo Yiming knows, he is the fat brother Nawei who has been a guest in major TV stations in his previous life, and acted as an entertainment show host and comedian.

     The other is a black African friend, there is still one middle-aged woman.

     When I first saw these people, Luo Yiming's prediction became more accurate.

     Luo forced the film's mistakes may be here.

     That is, he misplaced the hero in the show.Dabing is a cross talk actor, now with a comedian and a black African, it seems to have turned the stage of who is the hero into a fun theater.

     In this way, the style of the show suddenly became happy, and it is difficult to want to be affectionate.

     No wonder who the heroes stopped when the talent show was on the rise.

     Again, there is no harm without comparison.

     Just as serious inquiries only defeated our dating, Dad’s return is no better than Where Are We Going, Dad?

     Who is such a hero can only look forward to China's talent show.

     Luo Yiming is only a host of the show, he naturally has no right to change observers.

     At this time, Luo Qiang also came directly to Luo Yiming and introduced the three teachers to Luo Yiming.

     Na Wei, my African friend, and the middle-aged woman, had worked well with Dabing before.

     They originally thought that the new show would still be hosted by Dabing.

     But Luo Qiang suddenly said that after the new host, the three were a bit whale-eater.

     At this meeting, when I saw that the new host was two young age hosts, I couldn't help wondering, can such a little boy host a hero?

     I thought about it in my heart, but he was very polite.

     After a few greetings and greetings, the director responsible for shooting the heroes was also in place.

     The audience will also enter the studio.

     After the live director communicated with the players in the background, he was sure to start recording.

     "The players are ready, how many are ok?"The director Wang Li said that he is a director, but his qualifications are relatively low. In the environment where many rookie directors are launched on Mango Channel, Luo Yiming is not surprised at all.

     Looking at the young female director, Luo Yiming gently nodded.

     The main coffee is no problem, Zuo Yan also responded immediately and can start.

     The three observers sitting in the chairs twisted a few times, and after a minute, all preparations were completed.

     First boot.
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