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45 Chapter 46, Bicycle Hugs People, Old Driver Drives (collect It)
    Chinese Name: 巨星从综艺主持人开始  Author: 村中野夫(Cun Zhong Ye Fu, Wild Villager)
    Original: | Translator:

Who is the hero plans to shoot for three days, a total of five episodes, and the first episode will start on January 4, and it will continue until the main episode airs on January 8.

     The program group reserves 30 talented men and talents, and each period has five contestants to participate in the confrontation of who is the hero, resulting in the current championship.

     Before the start, the producer Luo Qiang communicated with Luo Yiming and Zuo Yan on the specific content of the program and the specific format of the competition.

     Although Luo Yiming knew that this kind of variety show that imitated CCTV Great Path of Starlight was not strong, he did not say much.

      everything in its place and ready, the host comes on stage.

     Who is a hero has neither the opening theme song, nor the opening dance or the program animation promotion, and the host walks out from the backstage, embarrassingly.

     Fortunately, Luo Yiming and Zuo Yan were very confident. The bare stage was stupefied by the colors of their black and rice clothes.

     Good-looking man and beautiful girl.

      has to acknowledge, first of all, such a host lineup has won the previous life.

     Smiling and stopping, Zuo Yan and Luo Yiming still have a tacit understanding.

     After standing still, Luo Yiming did not speak immediately, and Zuo Yan also laughed without saying a word.

     Under the stage, there will be applause.

     Luo Yiming said: "Welcome to the audience friends at the scene and in front of the TV. Welcome to the three observers, teachers Na Wei, Sur Amir, and Li Xuejin. Here is the scene of who is the hero of the show, and this is the country's first class of curious people. The stage of the dream show, where we can find heroes, discover folk art, and gasp in amazement performances are what we expect.""Fortunately, I hosted this program with me, and the beautiful young lady Zuo Yan. The desk was afraid that I was too tired, so she arranged for Zuo Yan to massage me next to him, when a man and a woman pair up together, all labour isn't tiring, is or isn't, Zuo Yan?"

     Luo Yiming's opening talk show immediately made the audience bloody.

     There were a lot of old variety show fans who were heroes before. At that time, Dabing didn't say anything in the opening scene, it was a direct introduction to the show.

     But Luo Yiming's opening performance of the talk show, let alone, can really arouse everyone's emotions.

     Zuo Yan was given a no time to deal with it by Luo Yiming, and the kid didn't communicate much with him beforehand.

     For a moment, Zuo Yan remembered what she had said in the stage, you are a deputy coffee, you have to cooperate with the main coffee, blurted out: "Yes, Luo Yiming, I am responsible for giving you a massage and serving tea. You think , You are looking for heroes for the audience. How tired, I will take care of you."

     Zuo Yan is not only nothing serious, but her small hand snakes like a snake and climbs to Luo Yiming's shoulder, pressing it softly twice, and Luo Yiming screams twice with enjoyment.

     "Comfortable, comfortable. Okay, okay, at the beginning of the show, I haven't done anything yet, just press, you are trying to wipe me oil."


     The audience under the stage sprayed.

     Zuo Yan stood there innocently, with her hands raised behind Luo Yiming's back, she made an expression that she was about to go down and choke Luo Yiming to death. This smile got full marks.

     Just the beginning.

     Luo Yiming's good performance made Luo Qiang think that this kid is OK.

     The three observers who originally worked with Dabing and them also have to say, and this kid speaks neatly."Cut to the chase is scrapped, and I will enter the show right away. I invite you tonight's number one player."

     As soon as Luo Yiming gave up his body and raised his hand, a player riding a bicycle came up backstage.

     "Oh, who is this, came up in the car?"

     Zuo Yan said: "At a glance, he is a master of cycling."

     The first player to appear is Zhou Changchun, from Shenyang. He has been riding a bicycle for 30 years, and riding a bicycle is also his unique skill.

     After getting off the car, Luo Yiming said lightly: "What are you going to perform? Riding a bike? Did you know that this stage is looking for the world’s top heroes. If you don’t ride something, it’s hard to impress me. With three strict observers and teachers."

     The contestant said: "In 1999, I rode backwards from the capital to Omen and participated in the Qing Omen return event."

     Luo Yiming said: "I was in 99 years, but Donkey Rider went from my house to my grandmother's house and attended my grandmother's birthday."


     Zuo Yan couldn't help but laugh, and after covering her mouth, she said, "Luo Yiming, people are riding backwards, counting down, and arriving at Awumen on time."

     Luo Yiming said: "I am also riding a donkey backwards, counting down, and arriving at my grandmother's house on time."

     Contestant number one, I don’t think this is so powerful. There are many people who can ride bicycles backwards. The country has 1.2 billion people. To be worthy of these four words, who is a hero. "

     Luo Yiming can be funny and more serious.

     Yi Zhuang is also harmonious, seriously get up, to make the contestants convinced and in awe, this is a must for this chief examiner.

     The number one player was really stimulated by Luo Yiming.His ridicule greatly increased the combat effectiveness of the number one player.

     Riding on the bicycle, he immediately performed.

     The whole person, in the next second, dragged the handlebar with one hand, his foot was on the ground with the help of force, and then, he spun around on the car.

     "Thomas spins."

     "Turn around in the air for a week."

     "Go inside, unbelievable."

     Luo Yiming immediately became a super commentator when he saw the players' performance.

     His sentence, let me go, unbelievable so that the audience not only enjoys the excitement of appreciating the cool skills, but also makes their stomach hurt by Luo Yiming's laughter.

     Then, the player's feet were placed on the handlebars, and the whole person sat in the car.

     "Driving without hands, take it off and ride."

     The player stood up, and the staff member beside him handed him dumbbells.

     "Ride a bike and lift dumbbells."

     After lifting the dumbbells, the staff member brought another bicycle.

     "Stand on the bike and lift the bike."

     Seeing the vivid and colorful commented by Luo Yiming, the audience was very enjoyable, and Zuo Yan was also brought up to host the enthusiasm: "I think it's great. I have never seen anyone play a bicycle like this."

     "Driving very steadily, old driver."

     "Zuoyan, do you want to take her car?"

     When Zuo Yan spoke, she was pitted by Luo Yiming.

     "Ah, by car?"

     "Old driver, Zuo Yan, let me give you a try to hug her. How about you, can you pick her up while riding the bike?"

     It's a pit, it's definitely a pit.

     Zuo Yan did nothing, and was betrayed by Luo Yiming.The old driver is chuckled and nodded.

     Luo Yiming came next to Zuo Yan in the next second, hugged Zuo Yan's waist, soft arms as a last resort, and wrapped it around Luo Yiming's shoulder the next second.

     As a variety show host, if you want to eat a female artist’s tofu, it is really not too convenient, but Luo Yiming swears (si) that he would just weigh the weight of Zuo Yan.

     When she was pale and turned her back to the camera, Zuo Yan made an expression that I would eat you.

     Luo Yiming responded with an expression, come on, let me eat it for you!

     "Zo Yan weighs 100, is that okay?"

     Putting down Zuo Yan, Luo Yiming provoked the cyclist.

     "Speed pick up people, safety first, can you do it? If you can do it, you will be close to the hero."

     On the flat ground, it is difficult for some scholars who lack the strength even to truss a chicken to pick up a 100-jin girl with one hand.

     While riding the bike, he had to pick up Zuo Yan with one hand.

     This is definitely a daunting challenge.

     The old driver said: "Try it."

     The audience's sense of anticipation was suddenly lifted. Producer Luo Qiang actually watched with keen interest, and felt that this show did not seem to be the original hero, but changed into a variety show.

     Undoubtedly, this show is more exciting.

     Speaking of the format of the show, the contestants, the audience, and the studio have not changed. Only one host has changed.

     Luo Qiang smiled. It seems that for Luo Yiming to host the show was the wisest decision he made in 2005.
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