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46 Chapter 47, Pidgeon Rolling Lamp
    Chinese Name: 巨星从综艺主持人开始  Author: 村中野夫(Cun Zhong Ye Fu, Wild Villager)
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The old driver started riding again, saying that the most important thing about cycling is balance.

     Picking up Zuo Yan, the car will be out of balance at that moment, so you must quickly pick up and let the center of gravity return.

     Try it.

     Holding the handlebar with one hand, the front half of the body went out sideways. When the other hand approached Zuo Yan, Zhou Changchun tried to support Zuo Yan.

     However, this time, it was clearly unsuccessful.

      turn one round, Zhou Changchun will try for the second time.

     "I saw someone performing on a flying car. It was already very difficult. Now, it's undoubtedly more difficult to pick up people on a flying car. The audience friends gave Zhou Changchun a little applause.

     "Come on."

     The audience was mobilized by Luo Yiming, and everyone was cheering for Zhou Changchun.

     Xu was moved by the passion of the audience, and Zhou Changchun challenged again.

     He leans out more so that his arms can be fully extended, and his left hand has to firmly grasp the balance of the car.

     When Zhou Changchun hugged Zuo Yan with one hand, he was about to pick up Zuo Yan, but the whole bike was out of control.

     The center of gravity was seriously unbalanced, and with a bang, Zhou Changchun fell out with inertia.


     Fortunately, there are not many problems with the car.

     Zhou Changchun's performance of falling and bumping was also normal, but he immediately got up, smiled and told everyone that he was fine.

     "Brother Zhou, the challenge was unsuccessful. For your personal safety, I have to suspend your third challenge."

     Zhou Changchun showed regret on his face.

     He knows this challenge is difficult, but he still wants to try."Brother Zhou, even though you failed in the challenge, I still want to applaud and cheer you."

     "In life, there are some heroes just like you. They may not have completed the difficult challenges, but they are brave enough to challenge and never admit defeat. This is the hero in our hearts."

     "So, from your overall performance today, you are our hero, and you are worthy of these four words, who is a hero."

     When Luo Yiming said that Zhou Changchun was the hero in his heart, the eyes of Brother Zhou, who rarely shed tears, were wet.

     Luo Yiming's sensational ability is indeed excellent.

     When Zhou Changchun was riding a bicycle, the past that was not understood by others was finally touched by Luo Yiming's words.

     "A wonderful performance, at least this performance touched me, Zuo Yan, what do you think?"

     Zuo Yan said: "When he hugged me just now, I sensed his desire for success in his eyes, but it was too difficult. So, it's a pity."

     "Let's listen to the opinions of the three observers."

      In this stage, the status of the observer is also very important.

     Luo Yiming still knew about Teacher Na Wei.

     But for the other two, a black African and a middle-aged woman, Luo Yiming wanted to see their abilities.

      a boneheaded teammate can do you more harm than the most formidable opponent.

     Luo Yiming wants to build who is the hero into the trump card program under his presidency, and every link must be perfect sth that is already outstanding.

     Na Wei said, "I think Zhou Changchun must have many years of cycling experience."

     "China is a big bicycle country.""Nowadays, very few people ride bicycles, and they have changed to driving. It is great to have such a unique skill.

     Teacher Na Wei's comments are more like rounding up.

     But compared to Teacher Na Wei, the African and middle-aged woman gave them even more for the phone bill.

     In the previous life, the three observers and soldiers have not felt this gap in comments.

     But when Luo came, the producer Luo Qiang felt a little embarrassed when he looked at these three people.


     It's like coming to the vegetable market from the palace.

     It feels terrible.

     Luo Yiming didn't let them waste any time, and smiled and withdrew the authority: "Brother Zhou, if we can give you a bigger space, a big enough space, can he perform any unique skills?"

     "Yes." Zhou Changchun said loudly.

     "Okay. I can't replace the opinions of others, but you passed my observations. Go down and take a break first, and we will see you later."

     After the old driver stepped down, the second player took the stage.

     He comes from Sichuan.

     The performance is traditional folk art rolling lanterns.

     Rolling lights is a sport that integrates dance, acrobatics and sports.

     The dancers are mostly men, with single and double performances.

     But now the rolling lights have evolved into multi-person group dance lights.

     There were also girls participating.

     Rolling lights are composed of playing ball, loining, and jumping lights.

     The names include white pigeons laying eggs, spiders putting silk, golden monkeys playing ball, the sun sets over western hills and so on.The simple rolling lights performed in the Shikushi Theater now turn into a clown, put a bowl on the head, light candles in the bowl, and perform a series of dance performances.

     West proverb says: "A clown is better than a dozen doctors in a city."

     This is the rolling light.

     To say that Luo Yiming hosted the wonderful before, but the second folk artist to appear, it is time to test him.

     Who is the hero show all-inclusive and all-embracing, just like the China Got Talent show, as long as you have stunts, any talents, and unique skills, you can perform at this stage.

     Traditional arts, folk skills that are on the verge of being lost, if there is no host background, they will definitely pull on the lapels exposes the elbows.

     Zuo Yan has a notebook in her hand, and Luo Yiming also has it.

     It's just that the introduction to the rolling lights in the table is too wordy.

     From the beginning of the rolling lamp, a 12-meter-diameter headlamp made of folded bamboo, to the small lamp now, the new rolling lamp after the modern stage was finally introduced.

     It is estimated that after that long paragraph, the audience forgot what they said at the beginning.

     Luo Yiming had been exposed to the art of rolling lanterns when he was hosting the He Provincial Satellite TV.

     At the moment, he saw the appearance of the visitor, painted a pink nose, lit cherry red lips, and wore a woman's red bellyband and lotus root pink satin pants. Luo Yiming knew that his rolling lantern was a classic Sichuan opera clown. play.

     What is a clown show is to pretend to be a clown, and perform through some stage props, such as a stool drill, above and below.

     How can it be considered successful? That is, after this set of actions is completed, the bowl on the head does not fall, and the light in the bowl does not go out.However, the clown scenes in Sichuan operas have a plot, so that when watching the performance, it is more fun and interesting.

     The number two player is just one person. Luo Yiming stepped up to him and said, "I think your appearance should be a clown show with rolling lights. Should you perform it alone?"

     One exit is an expert.

     The one immediately showed people of talent appreciate one another: "You can see this, it's not me, but the mouth of my family."

     "Oh, the two are playing the Rolling Lantern, what is the name of the performance?"

     "It's called Pidgeon Rolling Lantern."

     Pijin Rolling Lamp?

     Luo Yiming met all of a sudden.

     "Pijin Rolling Lantern, also known as "Pijin Dome Light," Sacrifice Club and Mallet.

     This is one of the classic lantern plays in Sichuan Opera.

     It is also one of the most famous unique skills in Sichuan opera.

     The language of "Rolling Lantern" is witty and eclectic.

     The story is about the scholar Pidgeon who is obsessed with gambling, and his wife is so angry that he has trained him to "roll the lights" and promote the development of the plot.

     What other Jiu-Jitsu rolling lights, Fengxian rolling lights, or Nanyuan rolling lights, Luo Yiming may not know-how, but the Pijin rolling lights are too classic.

     Luo Yiming can think of the plot of Pi Jin's Rolling Lamp.

     Naturally, he plan in advance.

     "Rolling lights, changing faces, and vomiting fire are also called three unique skills of Sichuan opera.

     "Pidgeon Rolling Lamp focused on displaying the special effects of Rolling Lamp. Its difficulty and hilarious degree demonstrate the unique charm of Sichuan Opera. Are you confident to perform?"

     Pidgeon is a harlequin kung fu drama and requires a lot of acting skills.

     The player who plays Pi Jin must have solid waist and leg skills and skilled skills.The contestant patted his chest and believed: "I have confidence."

     "Okay, please bring your lady up, put the bowl on top, and the show begins."
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