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47 Chapter 48. Couples Host (Recommended Ticket)
    Chinese Name: 巨星从综艺主持人开始  Author: 村中野夫(Cun Zhong Ye Fu, Wild Villager)
    Original: | Translator:

The wife who plays the Pijin man comes up, which is considered to have entered the plot.

     Luo Yiming and Zuo Yan stood on the edge of the stage and gave up the main stage to the performers.

     "That lying ear, went to play mahjong again, see if I come back to clean him."

     Si Chuan's sisters have a fiery personality, and their men are obsessed with gambling, so naturally they have to take an emergency measure to suppress them.

     The man came up at the meeting, and the woman yelled: "The dead ghost is going to gamble again, see if I won't clean up you."

     "What are you talking about? Want to clean up me? I won't be a man if I don't slap you twice today" Pi Jin said harshly.

     But when he saw his lady both hands on the hip, standing on the stage like a compass, she immediately persuaded.

     The woman raised her head and said triumphantly: "Oh, I want to see if you are a man!"

     The man rounded his arms, made full preparations, and rushed to the lady, but he only dared to pat his wife twice on the shoulder, flattering, "I will dust you!"


     The actor of Lady Pi Jin is even more proud, with a full moon face almost up to the sky: "Will you get off the light today?"

     Because it is not a theater play, makeup takes time.

     In order to reduce this waiting time, the appearance of the man has been drawn long ago.

     The man nodded like garlic, his nose and mouth wrinkled together: "Go away, go away."

     Lights, of course, are not so easy to roll.

     Put the bowl on top and put the oil lamp.

     The man was particularly wronged.

     Previously, he just "twisted his butt, twisted his neck", and his small waist was like a willow.Pi Jin, a male character, also wore a woman's red apron and lotus root pink satin pants, twisted and ugly, he even made a serious look, and the audience laughed so badly.

     "You just rolled me like that?"

     "Lady wife, how do you get off?" The actor Pi Jin looked at the lady innocently.

     "Your "rolling light" not only requires the light not to fall off, but also goes under the two benches and then comes back."

     "Ah, is this so difficult?"

     Lady Pi Jin put her arms on her waist: "Get out of here?"

     "I'll go, go."

     Pi Jin was helpless, there was no choice not to roll his ears, he sighed, and the next second his body was bent down.

     The audience was shocked by this wild waist, has to say, the body is very flexible.

     Pi Jin with great difficulty got through the bench and smiled triumphantly.

     I thought that the lady's anger was enough now, so I could sit down and rest, and sang: "Sit in rows and eat fruits."

     "You still want to eat Guoguo?" The lady stretched out her hand and pulled at his ear.

     "You have to drill for my old lady today!"

     "Go back?"

     "I said I want to drill back, drill now!"

     It is already difficult to drill over, and it is undoubtedly more difficult to drill back.

     Fortunately, Pidgeon lightly touched his head, he moved the oil lamp to the top of his forehead, and with the soft waist, he held the breath.

     He retreated from the bench a little bit.

     When Pidgeon's actor withdrew from the stool little by little, the oil lamp was only a few millimeters apart from the edge of the bench, and when he finally withdrew, the audience burst into applause.The lady calmed down, but still wanted to tease him.

     "You blow out the light for me."

     Pidgeon is now to see, hear and obey, he had to pouting a "pig's mouth" and blowing fire desperately.

     The clown's appearance is already very ugly, and it is another pig's mouth.

     At this moment, the lady stood behind Pi Jin again, blowing out the fire immediately.

     Blow out and ignite immediately.

     The audience was laughing forward and backward.

     "That's not right." After a few times, Pi Jinfa felt strange, so she boarded the high stool to blow the fire, and when she looked back, she found the lady just stepped on one foot.

     "It turns're making a ghost."

     The strategy was seen through, and the couple shook their shoulders and laughed.


     The audience also laughed.


     If Luo Yiming abandon his host status and watch it as an audience, the level of this show is equivalent to the performance in the previous life The Smiling, Proud Wanderer.

     Who is a hero is a very amazing variety show, all-inclusive and all-embracing, whether it is comedy, drama, traditional art, or modern music and dance, he is very rich and has the potential to become the current variety show.

     Luo Yiming became more confident in this program.

     Rao is the one who brings together The Smiling, Proud Wanderer, China's Got Talent Show, and may even be a good Chinese voice in the future. A variety show like a singer can't make himself, so he is really not strong enough.

      Unimaginable, Mango Terrace used to hold such a good hand, but played poorly.

     I have come, and I must change everything.

     "Good. Very wonderful clown show."Luo Yiming walked onto the stage with Zuo Yan as he spoke.

     "Rolling Lantern, as a lantern show in Sichuan opera, actually differs slightly in each performance."

     "Different actors in the performance have different skills. You performed "top lights", "blow lights", and "rolling lights". In some performances, "sticky sticks" and "water spitting" were added."

     "If you have the opportunity to continue performing, can you make the story of the rolling lantern better?"

     The man's stage name is Liu Dan, and Liu Dan said: "I have confidence."

     Liu Dan's wife said: "If we can become champions, we will bring more exciting performances to the audience."

     "Okay, I believe you. I'm very optimistic about your performance."

     "Zuo Yan, do you think their husband and wife show is better than our couple's host?"


     Luo Yiming was not serious again.

     In fact, Zuo Yan knew that Luo Yiming was playing style.

     For a show, the host’s style is actually a terrible thing.

     Without style, you just describe fiction in the host.

     Luo Yiming always emphasized the mode of hosting two people when a man and a woman pair up together, and now it is named a couple's file, which is also a gimmick.

     It is impossible to play entertainment and host without any emotional sacrifice.

     Even if the entertainment news really hyped the two of them as lovers, Zuo Yan would have to bear it.

     And she won't suffer.

     Luo Yiming is now in the host, show off one's ability, she and Luo Yiming are rumored to have an affair, and that the advantage outweighs the disadvantage is the increase in her reputation.

     Zuo Yan is a smart girl who knows what it means, smiled, said: "It's all wonderful."She did not refute the word couple.

     Luo Yiming almost guessed what was in her heart.

     "Then, listen to the opinions of the three observers."

     Luo Yiming also didn't want to enter this link.

     Because it was full of embarrassment.

     But the more embarrassing and unbearable, Luo Yiming wanted to let the three of them perform.

     It is now the fourth prequel of the broadcast. The three observers of the prequel did not perform well, so there is still a possibility that they will be eliminated.

     Luo Yiming didn't want to even cooperate with these guys when the series was actually broadcast. He still had a secret agreement with Teacher Gao Xiaosong.

     Teacher Na Wei was actually a Lianqi player. He played chess before and became a comedian. He didn't understand the art of rolling lanterns.

     Without thinking of being the first to speak, Teacher Na Wei was silent.

     Look at the African guy, this guy has a hundred thousand whys on his face.

     No way, the middle-aged woman, let's go, her representative said: "I think this rolling light is a good performance. The man dressed up as a clown is so ugly that it makes the audience laugh haha, which is good."

     There is no nutrition at all, and the comments are dry. If Luo Qiang could bear it last time, but the quality was suddenly pulled down, Luo Qiang felt that this should be adjusted.

     He immediately motioned to Wang Li, and Wang Li said: "Ka."
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