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49 Chapter Fifty, Host Xiaohua
    Chinese Name: 巨星从综艺主持人开始  Author: 村中野夫(Cun Zhong Ye Fu, Wild Villager)
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What Luo Yiming thought was.

     The first four issues, today recording these two issues Gao Xiaosong and Guo Degang must come without enough time.

     If Luo Qiang can get in touch with Gao Xiaosong and Guo Degang, he will record the third and fourth episodes the day after tomorrow.

     With the joining of these two, the background of who is the hero of the show is suddenly different.

     In addition to being able to play with treasures and sell cute infinitely.

     Guo Degang and Gao Xiaosong, these two are also live treasures in the variety show world.

     With a little "training", the energy they can release in the show can definitely get rid of these three streets.

     By then.

     Who is a hero is completely different.

     The style of the whole program improves.

     Guo Degang is in charge of traditional opera, comic dialogue and comedy.

     Gao Xiaosong is responsible for literature and art, poisonous tongue, and sharpness.

     Coupled with my own sensationalism and humor, the whole show suddenly became popular.

     Naturally, in the program, the ambiguity between Zuo Yan and her lover file was appropriately added.

     Who is a hero has become a large-scale life service category, traditional culture and art category, modern song competition category, celebrity live-action category, and colorful variety shows.

     Luo Qiang is no stranger to this Guo Degang.

     In fact, Guo Degang has a relationship with Mango Terrace in his previous life.

     But it did not develop because of the two pillars of the Mango Terrace.

     He Jiong and Wang Han are working hard in the station, and Guo Degang is also in the host world to get rich. He will host the programs in the station to Lao Guo, not the pillars, which obviously cannot be justified.However, in 2005, there was not even Upward Ho at that time, and Wang Han's pillars had not yet been erected. Naturally, to invite Guo Degang to do the show, this doesn't have any problem.

     Originally, Guo Degang hosted the drama action on Anhui Channel, and the big guys on Mango Channel paid attention to him.

     Luo Qiang took this opportunity to call Guo Degang to the first stage of cooperation in the station. He felt that the station would totally agree.

     "Okay, Luo Yiming. Your suggestion is very good, and I am very satisfied with the two people you recommended."

     "Then this is said beforehand. You go down and rest. At 2:30 in the afternoon, we will continue to record the show. Three observers, you don't want them to say so much. Anyway, you have to replace it."

     "..." Luo Yiming smiled, which is what he thought in his heart.

     Turning around just about to leave.

     Luo Qiang's voice came from behind again.

     "Yi Ming, you performed well this morning, just keep your style in the future."


     Luo Yiming was stunned for two seconds. Seriously, he really didn't know what his style was.

     However, when Producer Luo said so, he knew he was praised by the other party.

     After all, those hostesses will be talked about host style.

     Thinking about it, don't kill me. You are just a newcomer venturing from one's thatched hut for the first time in hosting this line. Luo Yiming walked out of the room.

     Zuo Yan has always been next to Luo Yiming. When she was in the house, Zuo Yan, the deputy coffee maker, did not speak.

     She also knows that the show who is the hero belongs to Luo Yiming.

     She just cooperated with Luo Yiming.Just like in the fast book, He Jiong is the boss, and other hosts must respect him a bit and call a teacher.

     Through the first host, Zuo Yan understood how she should be in the show.

     "Zuo Yan, you are not angry when you say that on the show today?"

     Luo Yiming made a lot of jokes on Zuo Yan this morning, but he was all for the effect of the show.

     If you really want to be a couple with Zuo Yan, Luo Yiming has not thought.

     Now, he needs to preach in the presiding community, besides, he won't think too much.

     "I'm not angry, I know, you are all doing program effects. I can still afford this kind of joke."

     "That's good." Luo Yiming smiled. Who is the hero on this station, and the male and female host match up, and make a little gimmick, which is good for the viewing of the show.

     Otherwise, those popular variety and reality shows in the past will not always speculate on CP.

     It's 2005, and there is no such thing as CP yet, so his performance with Zuo Yan will make people shine.

     Since hosting this show, Luo Yiming has been planning. It seems that he presided over lightly and easily, strolling leisurely.

     Ke Luo Yiming's brain pressure has always been great.

     Not only to design, but also to cooperate with the three pig teammates, Luo Yiming was afraid of which link would go wrong, and kept a high level of vigilance during recording.

     "No, I want to take a break. See you in the afternoon?" Now that I have eaten, there is still one more hours before the recording starts in the afternoon. Luo Yiming wants to find a place to take a good night's sleep.

     "Are you okay, you seem a little uncomfortable?""It's okay. Did the show just start recording? Every beginning is difficult, as long as it's after the first two episodes."

      has to say, Luo Yiming, who is serious about hosting the show, is really charming. Zuo Yan had misunderstood Luo Yiming before and thought he was talented, but she didn't care about hosting the show and didn't work hard.

     But if you say that he is talented, he is working harder than others, this is no solution.

     It seems that it is not accidental to win who is the host of the hero.

     Saying goodbye to Zuo Yan, and not seeing Wu Xin in these two days, Luo Yiming wanted to see what she was doing.

     Concerned about Wu Xin, on the one hand, Luo Yiming was not worthy of what happened to her in her previous life.

      To have tender, protective feelings for the fairer sex, pleasure from helping others, but that is not the most direct reason.

     The most critical.

     Luo Yiming will definitely join Happy Camp.

     But in what attitude and role he enters, this requires the cooperation of Wu Xin and Du Haitao.

     In the previous life, Zhang Peng's third runner-up failed to enter the fast book, which led to Xie Na and Li Weijia smoothly filling their seats and forming a happy family.

     But in fact, the original plan of the Happy Family was to get married with Shining New Anchor Three and He Jiong.

     At this time, Luo Yiming's current popularity is not better than the top three in Supergirl, but this winter, Luo Yiming is really hot.

     Therefore, he must successfully join Kuaiben.

     Du Haitao relied on his relationship, good popularity and popularity, so entering Kuai should have no problem.

     The core of the problem fell on Wu Xin.

     Wu Xin changed.Today's Wu Xin fashion still retains the agility and purity of her previous life when she participated in the shiny new anchor. If this girl can withstand the pressure in The last battle 4, win the top three.

     It is very likely that Mango Taiwan will consider teaming up with He Jiong.

     But if Wu Xin loses and Zhang Peng wins, the fate of the previous life is expected to fall again.

     Zhang Peng cannot enter the fast book.

     He and Du Haitao joined Kuaiben.

     How spicy, Xie Na and Li Weijia will both enter.

     Newcomers joining Kuaiben’s self, no matter how strong they are, they cannot become a vice coffee bar in a short period of time.

     Finally, it has to be a long way.

     Compared with Xie Na, He Jiong, and Li Weiga, okay, Luo Yiming felt that he still bullied Du Haitao and Wu Xin for their comfort.

     If Kuaben could be a combination of several of them, Luo Yiming would rise super fast in Kuaben, and Kuaben could bring him more resources.

     Wu Xin recently lived in the mango dormitory. At this time, there were not a few host Xiaohua at the mango station.

     Sun Xiao entered the Hunan Entertainment Channel in 2007.

     Shen Mengchen signed a contract with Hunan Entertainment Channel in 2008.

     Liang Tian signed a contract with Hunan Satellite TV only in 12 years to host the news.

     After Li Xiang left, the current hostess of Mango Channel is Yang Leer, Zhao Liang and Xie Na.
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