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50 Chapter 51, Either Die Or Live A Wonderful Life
    Chinese Name: 巨星从综艺主持人开始  Author: 村中野夫(Cun Zhong Ye Fu, Wild Villager)
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Xie Na did not receive much attention from the station in 2005. In July 2005, Xie Na also left the host team of Happy Camp. It was after the shiny new host competition that she gradually returned and finally decided to join the Happy Family.

     Let's talk about this New Year's Eve concert.

     Both Yang Leer and Zhao Liang were selected successfully, but Xie Na, as Zuo Yan's senior, was picked by Zuo Yan.

     This also shows to a certain extent that Xie Na has never been trained as a hostess in the female anchor training program of Mango Channel.

     It's just that none of them expected that Xie Na grew so barbarously.

     At this time, the Happy Camp team, including producer Luo Xin, had great hopes for Wu Xin.

     Kuaiben lacks a smart and beautiful female anchor.

     Although Wu Xin's overall quality is slightly lacking, everyone thinks that as long as she is exercising, she should be able to do the job.

     Now, among the top four of the shiny new anchor, there is only one female anchor.

     In the 4 to 3 game, as long as Wu Xin plays steadily, Luo Xin must keep this only girl.

     When she ran to the door of Wu Xin's dormitory and called out this girl, Wu Xin saw Luo Yiming and immediately smiled like a full moon.

     "Are you here? Shouldn't you record your new show now?"

     Wu Xin is very concerned about Luo Yiming. In other words, Luo Yiming is also her benefactor.

     "It's a recording program, but you always have to take a break at noon. Why, what are you doing in the dorm?"

     "I...and there's nothing about it."

     "Do you mind, let me go into your room?" Luo Yiming thought Wu Xin as a best friend, so he didn't really think much."Ah... okay. But my room is a bit small... messy."

     "It's okay, it can be messier than mine."

     The temporary dormitory arranged by Mango for the anchors is not big, which is about ten square meters.

     Except for a multifunctional desk lying lazily by the wall, there is only one bed left in the room, not even a stool for lowering the bottom.

     Simply, Luo touched Wu Xin's bedside as soon as he knew it.

     Sitting there, smelling the faint fragrance from the quilt, Luo Yiming felt a little rash.

     "This, can it be done here?"

     "Yes." Wu Xin's face flushed. Luo Yiming didn't ask, she didn't think it was a big deal. It was weird to deliberately such a saying.

     Seeing Wu Xin's face suddenly flushed, Luo Yiming recalled what he said just now. This sentence is particularly ambiguous. Why should I sit here and do it?

     Embarrassment, Luo Yiming is also embarrassed.

     Wu Xin is afraid that he has heard the ambiguity!

     Luo Yiming wanted to explain, but at this time, the more the explanation, the more ambiguous the atmosphere.

      Look in all directions, Luo Yiming was driving away the embarrassment. He suddenly thought of his purpose and said: "Wu Xin, come here today. Actually, I want to ask you how is it going for the finals?

     "It's okay. Rehearse a song and a dance."

     In the finals of the previous life, everyone also showed their own housekeeping skills.

     Wu Xin danced the Xinjiang Dance and sang a French song. My name is Elen.

     It can be said that that was Wu Xin's best performance.

     Hearing Wu Xin's words, Luo Yiming felt more at ease."Come on for the final, I hope we can enter Happy Camp together."


     For Luo Yiming and Wu Xin, being able to enter the Hunan TV station is a new starting point in their lives.

      Happy Camp is another variety show on Mango Channel burn your hand, feel the heat.

     This show brought the best memories of the post-80s and post-90s generations.

     Although the appearance of past reality show variety shows, Happy Camp’s ratings plummeted.

     But Kuaiben is still a variety show where the audience discuss something enthusiastically.

     So, be sure to enter Happy Camp.

     Luo Yi said something secretly, and looked at the time, it was already late.

     Three poles in the sun, he has to prepare for the next recording.

     Luo Yiming hurriedly returned to the program group without staying at Wu Xin.

      After half an hour, the program group is turned on again to prepare for the following recording work.

     With noon adjustments, Luo Yiming reduced the roles of the three observers.

     He controls the entire stage.

     Although this is very hard, but at least there is no such sudden embarrassment.

     An acrobat who walks upside down on glass, a folk artist who plays a musical instrument with his nose and mouth at the same time, Luo Yiming shows his sentimentality and humor to the full.

     When recording, Luo Qiang couldn't help but praise Luo Yiming.

     A good start was opened like this, and the recording of the afternoon was very smooth.

     From the beginning to the end, the second recording of "Who is a Hero" can be called success.

     The reaction of the audience and the viewability of the program have been significantly improved.Luo Yiming let the audience decide the new form of the players to stay, neither blunt nor rigid.

     This can be confirmed by the audience shouting out the names of the players.

     Until the camera was turned off, the audience continued to exit, and various sorts and varieties were still heard.

     "We removed the observer's elimination of players and replaced it with our audience's choice of heroes. I think it looks better."

     "Yeah, it feels like this show has shed one's mortal body and exchange one's bones, and the whole thing has become interesting. Especially that tall and handsome Luo Yiming, not only looks seductive, but also speaks very funny and humorous. "

     "Oh, you are an idiot! You didn't look out, Zuo Yan has an unusual relationship with him. They are lovers." A girl teased her girlfriend.

     "Bah, I think you are stupid. That's all for program effects. Do you really believe that they are lovers?"

     The woman looked deeply through.

     "Then what are you doing, want to ask him out for a cup of coffee and talk about life."

     "Yeah, you hate it. I didn't say what to do with him. I just said that the show he hosted is very good!"

     "Well, I believe you, since you like this show so much, we will try to watch it live when we record it next time."

     The day's recording work was over, Luo Yiming returned to the dormitory, looking back at the recording of who was the hero in the first two episodes of today.

     Perhaps the audience was satisfied with the second episode that was later changed.

     I think the host is pretty good.But as a reborn person, Luo Yiming can still clearly perceive who is the shortcoming and disadvantage of the hero program.

     Especially when Luo Yiming compares who is a hero with the hot Chinese talent show and dream show in his previous life, he can immediately see picture scrolls in his mind.

     In the picture, there are Zhou Xiaobo and Gao Xiaosong. They are sitting in the judges' bench with the contestants on the front and the audience on the back.

     The two can always keep the most romantic, shocking, and confident moments on the court.

     They can send outstanding talents to the next round, and release the energy from the players who failed to make the next round as much as possible on the stage.

     It is true that on the China Got Talent Show, the host role of the host Cheng Lei has faded a bit, while the dream show is Zhou Xiaobo's host.

     What Luo Yiming wanted to do was to restore that classic as his host, similar to Zhou Xiaobo.

     With such a program format, Luo Yiming is confident that he can do a better job than Zhou Xiaobo in his previous life and dedicate a classic to the audience.

     The filmmaker Luo Qiang is currently already looking for Gao Xiaosong and Guo Degang, and I want the third episode and the fourth episode to be more beautiful.

     Naturally, Luo Yiming also hopes to replicate those wonderful players in the China Got Talent show.

     Well, if you have the opportunity, intentionally or unintentionally guide the program group.

     At least, Luo Yiming knows that in 2005, some excellent players can still be arranged.

     For example, Zhu Jie, who suffered from dwarfism, staged a romantic love story like a bubble drama on the Talent Show. The little brother who loved her confessed to her. The ratings of the current China Talent Show directly exploded.Also, Liu Wei, who plays the piano with his toes, said during the show, either die quickly or live wonderfully. At that time, Luo Yiming cried directly.

     Naturally, Luo Yiming still has many moving, touching, and confident images in his memory. He hopes that these can appear on the stage of who is a hero.
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