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52 Chapter Fifty-three, Stealing A Floating Half-day Leisure (for Collection)
    Chinese Name: 巨星从综艺主持人开始  Author: 村中野夫(Cun Zhong Ye Fu, Wild Villager)
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"But, will the duration of such a program be too long? What about the next round of competition?" Luo Qiang asked, because of the major changes in the format of the program, he must think carefully.

     "That's not easy. Produced by Luo, this variety show is sometimes long. If you get stuck at that time, just stop recording at which player." Guo Degang said lightly.

     Luo Qiang is a muscle, but Guo Degang is right.

     It can be done.

     Then, those who enter the next round can compete again in the following matches.

     In this way, the audience's sense of expectation may be even more lifted.

     Luo Qiang glanced at Luo Yiming, don't know why, he couldn't bear began to trust Luo Yiming.

     Luo Yiming is nodded. This method of Teacher Guo is the template for the China Talent Show. With this operation, the viewership of the show is improved, and the presence of a variety of players on the stage will also make the show more beautiful.

     "Anyway, your program is a pilot film. Can you try the two episodes? It really doesn't work. You can modify it there’s no problem." Gao Xiaosong said at this time a key sentence.

     He such a saying, Luo Qiang's worries completely disappeared.

     "Okay, just give it a try."

     It’s all to wade across the river, feeling for footholds as one goes, Luo Qiang also doesn’t have any Variety show cases can be referred to, changed the format of the program, the station book needs to be revised.

     Postpone the recording.

     Simply, Luo Qiang gave the observers all the information about the players in his hands. He didn't know how many players could be included in the next round, so much for long time.

     Record it and watch it.Luo Qiang and the choreographer and the production team of who is the hero convened an emergency meeting to make corresponding adjustments to some changes in the show. The live director also communicated with the players.

     The ten contestants were all here today. Luo Qiang asked Wang Li to move in to rescue the soldiers. This is Liang Yi who used to preside over the stage but later faded out of the audience's vision due to a sudden illness.

     Time is little by little. After half an hour, the audience friends waiting in the studio are somewhat anxious.

     Speaking of recording a program, suddenly changing the format of the program, this is a rare thing.

     To catch up with such a thing today, Taili is not expected at the outset.

     But in order to present the program better, Luo Qiang felt that he had to be sloppy.

      To drive a duck onto a perch's show is impossible to be wonderful, he is the ace producer on the station to be responsible for his show.

     Luo Qiang took care of the re-release of the program.

     But at the scene, the audience was boring, and it was the host’s job to liven up the atmosphere.

     Before that, Luo Yiming really had to think about how to make the scene less embarrassing.

     Now, there is a treasure like Teacher Guo Degang on the field.

     It is a waste of resources not to let him put on a cross talk.

     "Teacher Guo, you see that the stage is quite deserted right now, or would you tell the audience a cross talk?" Luo Yiming is very good at weighing up sb's words and observe their facial expression, knowing that Guo Degang can't be free, he stepped forward and said .

     Gao Xiaosong immediately echoed: "Yes, just for a while, everyone in the province is waiting for boredom."Guo Degang said, "I want to talk about cross talk now? It can't come. It's fun to have cross talk. My partner today didn't come. Say yes, or, let's come, Mr. Komatsu?"

     "No, don't tell me." Gao Xiaosong couldn't speak cross talk, and shook his head repeatedly.

     Suddenly, Gao Xiaosong raised his brows and he thought of Luo Yiming.

     "Teacher Guo, I said that cross talk is not possible. You can talk about cross talk with Luo Yiming."

     Guo Degang thought of the stand-up comedy that Luo Yiming said in the preliminary round.

     He does have the foundation.

     "How about it, Luo Yiming, if you can have a paragraph with me, I will fight this old bone today."

     "What else are you asking? Come directly." Gao Xiaosong quickly said: "Lao Guo, you have a good cross talk this year. I often listen to it, selling tickets with Yu Qian. Just come here, audience friends, okay? "

     Gao Xiaosong's skill in inciting the scene is also very strong. He raised his hands together, and the audience immediately responded with "OK" and "OK".

     The audience was looking forward to it, and if Luo Yiming didn't show up again, it would be really disappointing.

     "Okay. Since Mr. Guo and Mr. Xiaosong have said so, and the audience is so enthusiastic, I will accompany Mr. Guo to talk about it.

     "However, I am not so familiar with this cross talk that sells tickets, and I have to bear with you."

     Luo Yiming actually listened a lot to the cross talk about selling tickets.

     The "ticket" in this paragraph is not a train ticket during the Spring Festival travel season, but an admission ticket to the theater.

     With a clever mouth, bluffing a small movie ticket is hard to find.In order to listen to a famous drama, there are not only seat tickets but also standing tickets in the theater;

     There are not only standing tickets, but also squatting tickets;

     There are not only squatting tickets, but even party tickets;

     With the party ticket, the ticket is not finished, but the ticket is actually invented.

     The so-called hanging ticket is the ticket that hangs people up with a rope and hangs on the ceiling fan of the theater to watch the show.

     The ridiculous thing about this ticket is that the price of this ticket is higher than that of other tickets, not because of a good view, but an extra rope money.

     This is an old joke.

     Ma Sanli, father and son, and several old gentlemen have talked about it.

     Guo Degang changed this cross talk and incorporated some elements of "The Great Bodyguard, as well as some modern elements, to make this piece more acceptable to young people."

     Luo Yiming liked to listen to cross talk when he was fine in his previous life, and selling hanging tickets was also one of his what's frequently heard can be repeated in detail.

     "Then start."

     At the beginning, Guo Degang's tone and temperament came all at once.

     Luo Yiming stretched out his hand and said, "You come first."

     Teasing, holding it, it must be holding the master, holding it second.

     Guo Degang brightened his throat, stepped forward, toward the main hall, after the voice came out of his throat, like Zhong Hongliang: "Hello audience, there are so many audiences who come to see me and say cross talk, it shows that the art of cross talk is promising, and we can't let them down. "

     Luo Yiming followed Teacher Guo and stood in line with him and said, "We will be fine."

     Guo Degang stretched out his hand and introduced: "Audience, this is also a cross talk actor, a rookie cross talk."

     Luo Yiming closed his hands and said modestly: "Yes, I am also a crosstalk actor, a newcomer to crosstalk."Guo Degang tilted his head: "In fact, he is also a very famous person...what is his name?"

     "Is this famous?" Luo Yiming looked surprised: "I...My name is Luo Yiming."

     "Oh, Luo Yiming, Luo Yiming who talked about cross talk! He is very famous, who doesn't know."

     Luo Yiming waved his hand hurriedly: "No, there's nothing about it fame."

     Guo Degang said: "Ah, cross talk is good!"

     Luo Yiming shook his head: "Don't dare."

     Guo Degang looked at the former: "Well~ Is there a teacher?"

     Luo Yiming had to follow the cross talk of selling tickets, and he said: " husband is Shi Fukuan."

     "... Are you his wife?"


     As soon as the cross talk started, Guo Degang started to shake his burdens, and the story of selling tickets was also very enjoyable and hilarious in the past life.

     Luo Yiming can partner with Teacher Guo. He must keep up with the teacher's rhythm. He hopes that he can perform this cross talk well.
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