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54 Chapter 55, Power Combination (third More)
    Chinese Name: 巨星从综艺主持人开始  Author: 村中野夫(Cun Zhong Ye Fu, Wild Villager)
    Original: | Translator:

Gao Xiaosong put peanuts on the stage and watched the show while eating, with keen interest.

     When Guo Degang and Luo Yiming talked about cross talk, another ten minutes passed unconsciously. This cross talk about hanging tickets is relatively long.

     If everything is finished, it will take a while.

     Gao Xiaosong also forgot his mission, and shouted Zuo Yan to come over to watch the show with him. The latter was just about to pass, and Director Luo Qiang and Wang Li hurried over.

     These two have been mobilizing resources in front of the stage and behind the scenes. After the arrangement of the over half an hour, Luo Qiang felt that the new program format could begin.

     "You two are talking about cross talk here?"

     When Luo Qiang came over, he saw Guo Degang and Luo Yiming still talking cross talk in the middle of the studio.

     "Yi Ming, Luo is here to produce the film. It seems that our cross talk is still able to work together later." Guo Degang knows this cross talk and understands it. Besides, today's recording is really going to be delayed.

     Luo Yiming came with a lively atmosphere, and Luo Yiming was ready for the production, and he went on business.

     "Yes, it's really cool to talk to Teacher Guo about cross talk. If you have the opportunity in the future, you must teach me well."

     Guo Degang smiled: "You are a good student, student that can be taught, I really hope to teach you, and I have time to go to Deyun Club to play with me."

     " two, don't say anything?" Gao Xiaosong sat in the chair, a little unhappy.

     He is enjoying watching, but he doesn't want to with a grunting sound it stops.

     The audience was in the same mood as Gao Xiaosong. Seeing this cross talk, they didn't talk about it, and they made a lot of noise."Everyone, let’s listen to Teacher Guo’s cross talk. There is still a chance. I will make an appointment with you. In the free time for recording, Teacher Guo will promise to fill up this cross talk for you. Can Teacher Guo make up?" Luo Yiming asked. Go to Guo Degang.

     The latter said: "The audience is our food and clothing parents, as long as you want to see, I am happy Guo Degang."

     "Have you heard? Teacher Guo agreed to this agreement. We will listen to the cross talk in the future. As long as you come to the scene, you will be able to feast your ears."

      "All right, record the show, time is tight, and the task is heavy. Let's spur the horse to full speed and run."

     Luo Yiming nodded towards Luo Qiang.

     He is ready at any time. What's more, as the host of who is the hero after the revision, Luo Yiming is also looking forward to what kind of sparks he can make with the two teachers' partner.

     In the past life, the Chinese talent show Roaring Across the Horizon, in the variety show, can be said to have created brilliance, not inferior in the slightest Happy Camp.

     Since the show is close to the talent show, Luo Yiming must rely on this variety show to become famous.

     "(Of the people in a group) to get into position."

     "Who is the hero, the third recording, start."

     With an order from Director Wang Li, lighting, video, scenery, sound, and staff members were all in place.

     There are a total of ten cameras on site, which can capture the front of the host and contestants from any angle.

     When cutting into the studio, Luo Yiming and Zuo Yan appeared in front of everyone.

     With regard to the ten contestants participating in the competition today, Luo Yiming's cross talk had already mastered all their information.Among them, Luo Yiming feels very powerful and interesting, and there should be three.

     One is a migrant worker street dance troupe from Shenzhen, and the eight young boys are all migrant workers from different lower-level positions.

     In their free time, they formed a street dance troupe, city construction. After a busy day of work, they gathered together in their free time and used street dance to express their love of life and sports.

     Because of the special status, if the host is good, Luo Yiming knows that this will definitely become a hot topic and a flashpoint for the show.

     The second is the seven-year-old boy who loves to talk about cross talk.

     His cross talk skills may not be very high, but because of his young age, likes traditional art, and Lao Guo is here, this is likely to create a topic.

     Then there is a pair of young men and women who are also from He Province. They are performing acrobatics, and through the cooperation of both sides, they complete a start sth new or original show.

     These three programs are what Luo Yiming most anticipates and prepares the most.

     When the recording started, Luo Yiming and Zuo Yan smiled and greeted the audience and the camera in front of the stage. Luo Yiming said: "Welcome everyone to come to the scene of who is the hero on time. Welcome to our new teacher Gao Xiaosong, Guo Degang. "

     "Here is the third episode of the hero's lead film. Starting from this episode, our program will have a brand-new upgrade."

     Zuo Yan took over: "Each game, we will have a number of players come to the stage to perform, through the host Luo Yiming, and two observers, Mr. Gao Xiaosong, Mr. Guo Degang voted to determine whether they can enter the next round. .""Yes. Starting from this issue, our show will fully capture the world's most talented you."

     "Here, what will happen is that there will be young children standing on the stage who are babbling, and there will also be old and rare elderly people. There are boats selling and singing, and there are also street-side car repairing. Hierarchy, as long as you have extraordinary talents. The art palace of who is a hero will always be opened for you."

     "The rigorous judges and audience will stand up and applaud for you."

     Luo Yiming doesn't have a paper card in his hand, and his unscripted self-hosted show is so charming.

     Zuo Yan is a bit poor in words, but fortunately, she always keeps a smiling face, and she still looks very beautiful and lovely.

     "Heroes don't have to make great achievements, as long as you express yourself bravely, you can at least become the hero in your heart."

     "As long as you infect others, you will be the real hero in the eyes of others. This is who the hero is, and the heroic spirit that our show will convey."

     Luo Yiming said freely, his unique temperament, such as bamboo, and handsome appearance, really enhanced the viewership of the show.

     Luo Qiang smiled.

     Wang Li also smiled.

     Luo Yiming gave them surprises in every game, and this set of words, Luo Yiming played on the spot, and said really good.

      "All right, I believe the audience is already very much looking forward to who will be the hero after the upgrade. So, let’s start today’s show right away and invite the first player. A combination of forces from He Province."

     Unlike the side-screen interactive host of China's Got Talent Show, who is the hero or the direct player on stage.

     The interaction is on stage, controlled by Luo Yiming.Now, the stage is given to the players.

     Luo Yiming and Zuo Yan are under the stage.

     A pair of young men and women will walk onto the stage. The woman wears tulle-like clothes, and the pants are tight-fitting wafer-like pants. The man is just a pair of tights. In winter, the upper body is naked.

     He said he was naked, but the man could not see the cold.

     Standing on the stage, Gao Xiaosong and Guo Degang are the roles to interact with the players first.

     Guo Degang said, "Looking at your appearance, should you be an acrobat?"

     The boy was reticent and the girl was a little shy: "Yes."

     Only indifferently answered.

     Gao Xiaosong said: "Acrobats are all stand out from the masses. Boldness of execution stems from superb skill. So, what program are you bringing us today?"

     "Our two shows are called power."
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