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55 Chapter 56. Examination Questions Facing The Host (fourth More)
    Chinese Name: 巨星从综艺主持人开始  Author: 村中野夫(Cun Zhong Ye Fu, Wild Villager)
    Original: | Translator:

"Power? Is to use your body language to show the beauty of power?"

     The man is silently nodded.

     Not very talkative, Gao Xiaosong and Guo Degang can pry open his mouth.

     But if you are stupid, go and let him say it instead of asking him to do it directly.

     "Okay, then we to wipe one's eyes and wait."

     Changed the observation stage of Gao Xiaosong and Guo Degang.

     All of a sudden, the show became much more cordial.

     And, in this way they push in the foreground even more smooth and unhindered.

     How much, they shared Luo Yiming's pole, but this kind of cooperation is actually very novel and interesting.

     Just when everyone's eyes lit up.

     The combination of forces has begun to perform.

     Through the perfect combination of strength and femininity, they lifted high, exchanged body positions, lifted and jumped in the air, and a series of difficult movements brought a lot of artistic beauty to the audience at once.

     A man doesn't like to talk, but as soon as he enters the world of performance, his strong and developed physical characteristics constantly go beyond the limits of human limbs.

     When the audience had gasp in amazement, two white cloth strips hung over the stage. The man and the girl were tied around their waists. After the approach, the flying body jumped into the air.

     His arms quickly rolled the white rope in the air, and the man gradually rose.

     After the woman rose up vigorously, she swung into the air. The man hugged the woman tightly in the air. The woman wrapped around the man's waist, spinning like a butterfly in the air for a second, and moving clouds like water.

      That moment, achieved the best visual effect.The beautiful movements, the passionate collision of power and aesthetics, the whole set of movements is amazing.

     "This is an anti-Gravity miracle. That jump is exactly the spirit of who we are a hero show."

     Luo Yiming was in the side scene, but he also sent comments.

     In the side curtain position, there was a camera, and Luo Yiming's side curtain host was also absorbed.

     This kind of performance brought unlimited visual impact to the audience.

     In the audience, the applause and cheers could no longer stop.

     "it is good."


     "I was shocked by the jump just now."

     The judges, Guo Degang and Gao Xiaosong are also dumbstruck.

     Absolutely, this performance is truly extraordinary.

     Compared to any of the previous two episodes, the performance of this power combination must be the most exciting one.

     Nodding frequently, such an opening is a to be taken aback.

     Compared with the surprises of the players, the stage of the 600 studio seems to be a bit out of line.

     "To change, to change."

     Luo Qiang also realized this.

     If the quality of every player is so strong.

     He would definitely ask Tai Li to sponsor himself more.

     Money is not a system problem. Who is the hero named by Baojie Company? As long as the quality is in, Luo Qiang feels that everything can be in place.

     After a series of heart-warming and romantic movements in the air, the two gradually returned to the ground. The moment they fell, the audience's gripping hearts were completely let go.


     Wonderful performance.

     Luo Yiming returned to the stage alone.The next link is time for him and the two judges to vote.

     Looking at a pair of young men who were sweating profusely, Luo Yiming was still indulging in their talent performance.

     "Strength combination. Your performance just now was wonderful, I want to ask a question, what is the relationship between you two?"

     The woman said: "Lovers."

     Luo Yiming smiled, he guessed everything.

     "I think so. Today, you not only showed me the power and skills, but also showed me the emotion, the harmony. And the thing that warms me."

     Guo Degang said: "What Yiming said is. Your performance is different from those individuals. From your performance, I read that love, love, is moisten with spittle, is companionship day and night."

     "Yes." Luo Yiming said: "Accompanying is the most affectionate confession. Teacher Gao Xiaosong, their performance, what do you think?"

     Gao Xiaosong pondered for two seconds, then solemnly said: "The show is looking for heroes, who dare to express themselves and infect others. I think if this is not a hero, what is a hero?"

     "Others can't compare to you. Others can only practice during the day. They practice during the day and practice at night."

     "This kung fu is incomparable."


     It is said that Luo Yiming and Guo Degang are taking the affectionate line, and Gao Xiaosong now breaks into a humorous style.

     The audience enjoyed it.

     After practicing that sentence during the day and practicing it at night, it also became something else for some bad boys.

     "Who is a hero, I think this show has the strength of the Spring Festival Gala. I voted first, and I said yes." Guo Degang took the lead.Luo Yiming said: "Compared to this wonderful show, I prefer the pure emotion contained in the performance, I said yes."

     Both said passed.

     Gao Xiaosong would stand up directly from the chair, stretch out his hands, and make a gesture of hugging the player: "I said, yes, yes, yes."

     There are no computer lights on site, doesn't have any sensational or funny sound effects.

     The performances of the players and the reactions of the audience are original and original.

     But that moving effect, that kind of humorous moment, the three people's perfect cooperation, all achieved.

     And, there's nothing about it in the middle, there's nothing about it, everyone's comments on the place, and the enthusiastic response from the audience. In the post editing, there's nothing about it.

     It turns out that choosing the right person is such a key thing.

     Luo Qiang was convinced.

      If this is not the case changed the observer, he thought, the show of who is the hero would not be so wonderful.

     The brief interaction of the host, the stage of the judges are either funny, serious, or affectionate. These constitute the main elements of the program. There is not so much flashiness, but it presents a simple and grand theater form.

     Luo Qiang is looking forward to the next recording, and he is even more looking forward to the moment when the results are finally verified during the broadcast.

     This is just the beginning.

     Luo Yiming clearly knew that this was not enough.

     When the two failed contestants were selected according to his rhythm, Luo Yiming's heart was slightly tense for the forthcoming migrant street dance troupe.

     Wearing the same white t-shirts and skateboard pants, these fashionable lads will arouse the attention of public opinion when they step onto the stage.In the audience, who can believe that their true identity is construction worker, security guard and car washer.

     In the previous life, China’s Got Talent Show had such a group of migrant workers’ street dance troupes. After the performance of China’s Got Talent Show, many viewers who watched the show made criticisms, believing that Dragon TV was a fake, and invited a wave of stars to act as migrant workers. .

     If this scene is not well hosted, it is likely to be backfired.

     The time has come to test Luo Yiming.

     How to convince the audience of the true identity of these migrant workers.

     How to make migrant workers and street dance no longer make the audience feel deviated, from deep in one's heart, truly respect migrant workers, no longer just sympathize with them, like their performance, this is an exam question.
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