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56 Chapter 57, Peasant Workers Street Dance Troupe (for Collection)
    Chinese Name: 巨星从综艺主持人开始  Author: 村中野夫(Cun Zhong Ye Fu, Wild Villager)
    Original: | Translator:

"I would like to introduce the young people who will be on the stage. They are new migrant workers from the deep town. Among them are construction workers, security guards and car washers."

     "For the same hobby and to express themselves, they formed a street dance team. The next stage belongs to them. Let us welcome the migrant street dance troupe on stage."

     Eight young boys came to the stage to the applause of the audience.

      The thoroughly white T-shirts, cool skateboard pants, each carrying a small prop bag, the boys are very energetic, at first glance, there is no appearance of migrant workers.

     "Come on, introduce yourself?"

     This performance is different from the previous one. The power combination is not talkative, but the migrant street dance troupe represents one type of strength, and they need to speak for this class.

     A boy in the lead laughed heartily. He said, "My name is Zou Jian, a construction worker from He Nan, and I am now working in Shenzhen."

     "My name is Wang Liang and I am from Anhui. I work as a car washer in Shenzhen, and sometimes I go to the construction site to do odd jobs."

     "My name is Deng Erkun and I am from Guangzhou. I work as a security guard in Shenzhen."


     The eight young men introduced themselves one by one. All of them said they were migrant workers, but Luo Yiming noticed that the audience below was talking.

     From the dressing of these people and the professional street dance styles, it is difficult to establish the impression of migrant workers.

     Sure enough, Guo Degang, the representative of "farmers", said: "Yi Ming, will their identities be verified when they come to the show? I think these young people have subverted my impression of migrant workers.""I ask you, are you migrant workers? I think you are the stars posing as migrant workers?"

     Guo Degang is not afraid of offending people, he is a rural person, at least, that kind of simplicity, Guo Degang has not seen.

     Zou Jian was not angry. He said, "We are all migrant workers."

     Deng Erkun said: "Teacher, we are indeed migrant workers. Street dancing is our hobby."

     Being suspicious is affirmative, because people subconsciously think that migrant workers have a hobby of street dancing and can still have this dream.

     Luo Yiming neither too fast nor too slow, he couldn't resist Mr. Guo, and calmly said: "The eight of you can show me your hands and the audience at the scene."

     "Okay." Wang Liang is a car wash worker, soaking in the soap foam every day, and repairing the car. For many years, some grease stains on Wang Liang's hands can't be washed off.

     He immediately said: "Look at me."

     As he said, Wang Liang opened his hands, and in his hands, he could see some stubborn dirt that could not be washed away.

     Originally, a youngster's hands shouldn't be so swollen, but Wang Liang's hands had been soaked for too long and were already deformed.

     Zou Jian also stretched out his own hand this time, and his hands were full of calluses.

     The cocoons are thick and yellow.

     There is a big bulge in the palm of the hand, which makes people sad.

     In the next second, all the other migrant workers raised their hands. The hands of the young people were covered with calluses or stained with grease that could not be washed away. When their hands stayed in the air for the next second, the camera When I went to feature, Luo Yiming's heart suddenly became sore.Look, these hands tell it all.

      if this is not the case migrant workers, what have to go through to make a pair of originally young and beautiful hands like this?

     They are only in their twenties, youth, and they were fucked by strong...women.

     Guo Degang was silent.

     His eyes will not lie to himself.

     He saw the medals belonging to these people.

     Luo Yiming is nodded, the eyes of the audience in the audience are much milder. Some people, like Luo Yiming, suddenly melted their hearts.

     "Glory belongs to the simple soul. What you have in your hands is the medal given to you by this city. I think you should be proud to raise your hands higher!"

     "I believe that at this moment, no one will question your identity anymore."

     "You are one of the countless migrant workers in Shenzhen. I believe that you formed a street dance troupe for the dream in your heart."

     "This stage, regardless of class, as long as you dare to show off your excitement, you are a hero."

     "Below, is your performance time."

     "let's start."

     The audience in the audience saw different things in these young people.

     Luo Yiming's words, let everyone be fired up.

     Yes, just like the ancient saying that princes and generals are like Xiangning, there is no rule that street dancing is a sport for the children of the rich.

     We are migrant workers, and we can also dance hip-hop.

     Wearing the same white t-shirts and skateboard pants, they began to dance to the dynamic music.

     Thomas spins, turns with one hand, turns his head, and from time to time, eight young people make difficult moves.On the stage, basically unable to make people imagine that the true identity of these fashionable lads is migrant workers.

     But the group of that's it is indeed one of the countless migrant workers in Shenzhen.

      For oneself’s hip-hop dreams, they work on the construction site during the day and concentrate on dancing in a small space at night.

     It is the spirit of pursuing dreams that makes them very attractive on stage at this moment.

     They did it.

     After completing a dance that is tantamount to those young people who like street dancing, a few boys suddenly stand in the front row into a landscape.

     One after another there were boys doing something behind.

     The schoolbag that they had put aside was opened.

     A few seconds later, Zou Jian and Wang Liang changed their outfits.

      They already put on their work clothes, car wash uniforms, construction worker uniforms, and safety helmets on their heads.

     Then Deng Erkun, and then one by one, they quickly completed the change on stage.

     The eight boys in construction overalls finally lined up in a row, greeted the audience, and arranged their helmets one by one.

      extends a finger To the distance, his head is raised proudly, showing the vigor and masculinity of modern construction workers.

     At this time, several young men took out the props from the bag. They had bricks and rags in their hands. They threw bricks, built bricks, and laid bricks. They wipe the car, rush the car, and they choreographed a set of movements that they only had at work.

     Interspersed with the elements of street dance, after a moment of dazzling people, I was pulled by what thing in my heart.The performance did not end, but it won very warm applause.

     Luo Yiming didn't know what's your name for the music they used.

     But this music is very powerful.

     This music, this action is like hiding in their blood.

     As long as they jump up, these migrant workers will immediately become a flame, unable to do it themselves, infinite stamina.

     Street dancing is like their inherent dream.

     Hidden in the depths of the blood, it was just lost before, or there was no meeting. Now that I find it, migrant workers feel that life is full of fun.

     From the first action of this street dance, Luo Yiming understood that they are dancers, and they are dancing seriously, not thinking of being labeled as a migrant worker.

     When Luo Yiming sighed, suddenly the three young men held hands to build a solid wall, squatted down, and then two young men stood on their shoulders.

     Five people squatted down, and two others went up. With their skillful movements, they built the third floor in a few strokes.

     Stacked Arhats.

     That's right, these migrant workers, no, dancers, are stacking arhats.

     When the Arhats on the third floor are ready, the audience friends can see that the three young people at the bottom are already sweating.

     They gritted their teeth and suffocated their strength, even though they were uncomfortable looking at them, but the amidst the meaningful glance(s) that firm, tenacity, and unyielding spirit infected everyone in the audience.

     All the audience followed them and wondered whether this last street dancer could climb to the top of the pyramid.
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