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57 Chapter 58. Two Big Bags, One With Random Hair (for Collection)
    Chinese Name: 巨星从综艺主持人开始  Author: 村中野夫(Cun Zhong Ye Fu, Wild Villager)
    Original: | Translator:

Love brings them together, hard work, persistence, dreams and miracles will appear.

     When the last street dancer climbed up the human wall layer by layer, and finally stood on the shoulders of the two on the third floor, Luo Yiming shouted at the side-screen camera: "They did it! They did it! One! A wonderful show, the most perfect show!"

     In the infield, Guo Degang and Gao Xiaosong also gasp in amazement.

     This, this performance is amazing.

     The average hip-hop enthusiast can't reach this level. These eight boys are fantastic.

     "I like this performance. I like these young guys. I think the vigor in them is worth learning."

     After Gao Xiaosong finished speaking, Guo Degang said: "My eyes are blind, the master is among the people. These migrant workers are the cutest people."

     Gao Xiaosong said: "This show really made our workers powerful. They put the element fusion of street dance in the construction worker labor process, with clever ideas and full creativity. I think it is a good dance."

     "These guys must have invested effort underneath. I believe they have practiced for a long time on this show, slow work yields fine products, and they won."

     When the Arhats were stacked and the eight young men stood on the stage again, the applause of the audience had already swallowed everything.

     It's time to vote again.

     It's time for Luo Yiming to take the stage again.

     The surging in his heart was still there. Luo Yiming stood on the stage, looking at the eight young boys. They were no bigger than themselves, but their destiny was completely different from his own.

     At this moment, they showed themselves on the stage.People who work hard should have a more perfect life.

     "The show just now is over. I want to ask you, how long has this show been rehearsed?"

     Zou Jian pointed to Deng Erkun this time, and the creativity of this dance should come from him.

     Deng Erkun smiled: "In fact, the eight of us have lived together at night since we started dancing."

     "Eight of us live in a 20-square-meter house, which is crowded and tired, but in the dance we will forget the tiredness, the fatigue of the day, and the unhappiness."

     "Starting from the year before last, we have been honing, this show has also taken root from that time."

     The year before last, that is, 2003, it is currently already almost 2006.

     This dance took more than two years.

     "...Very good. I believe your dance has infected a lot of people. I hope you don't give up this dream, you should keep jumping."

     "Well, we will keep jumping." Zou Jiandao.

     After talking with the players, Luo Yiming looked towards the audience.

     As he walked forward, he slowly said: "In the vast city, in fact, migrant workers like them are by your side. Many times, in fact, they are different from the young people in the city without too many."

     "They long for spiritual abundance and respect. Sometimes, they don't fully agree with the label given to them by this society."

     "During this period of severe winter, I can still see hundreds of migrant workers on the Xiangjiang River working in the strong wind these days.""Two big bags, one with random hair, you will often see them crowding the bus."

     "But what you have not seen is that they are magnificently dressed and dance hip-hop like today."

     "They have grown up and they need to express themselves"

     "To be honest, I hope the society can change its traditional vision of them."

     "Migrant workers should no longer be "two big bags, one hair", they should be part of this city, "They don't need to be sympathized, what they need is real respect. "

     "If, discarding their identity, you still like their performance, please tell me aloud and keep them, then I will say yes."

     "If you think their street dance is not good, it means that their performance can't move you, you tell me it can't."

     Luo Yiming was already on the edge of the stage.

     Not far from him are the audience friends.

     However, as soon as he stopped, his words stopped, and the audience's voice immediately resounded throughout the studio.

     "Yes, yes, yes..."

     The whole audience was the voice of yes. Such a shocking performance is something that many professional dancers can't do.

     Art comes from life and is higher than life.

     The migrant workers turned their true and real life and true and real work into a dance, and their performance conquered everyone present.

     Luo Yiming heard the voice, "yse, I said yes."

     "Yes, I will give you a big yes." Gao Xiaosong then stood up and shouted.Guo Degang also got up from his chair. He rarely stood up for a contestant. Old Guo put the palms together before one, did a disrespectful gesture of worship, and said: "Your performance is the best performance today. yes."

     The whole audience ignited.

     Although there is no music, although there is no other embellishment.

     But it was just their performance, the comments of two judges and a host.

      This stage is already hot.

     Every comment that is in place hits the bottom of people's hearts.

     Two big bags, one messy hair, they should not be sympathized, what they need is real respect.

     Luo Yiming's words repeatedly plucked people's hearts.

     They are the kindest people, they are the most respectable people, and they are also the most owed people in this city.

     "You have entered the next round, and I hope to see your more exciting performances in the semifinals."

     There is no complete game system for who is the hero now.

     However, the China's Got Talent show in the previous life is the semi-finals after the audition.

     The semi-finals are divided into n games according to the players entered, and the champion of each game enters the final.

     In the final, the final champion will be selected.

     "Thank you, the host, and thank you teachers and judges." The eight young people laughed, and they are proud to laugh.

     It's the feeling of being truly respected and conquering everyone with the show.

      This kind of feeling is very good. Luo Yiming patted them on the shoulder and watched them end.

     This is the effect that Luo Yiming wants to be a hero.

     Who is the hero he wants to host should be such a burning show.Luo Qiang, Wang Li, and all the production teams who are the heroes were all impressed by the talent of Luo Yiming.

     Of course, the performances of the eight migrant workers were excellent, but without Luo Yiming’s host and his sincere narration, perhaps many of the audience present would not feel the faint sadness in their hearts.

     This program will not become so moving.

     During the recording process of the show, Luo Yiming continued to be fans in the circle. Those girls who made a special trip to watch Luo Yiming's performance nod their heads frequently, indicating that it is worthwhile.

     Last time I never thought about meeting Luo Yiming’s sister, Yang Hui. I really wanted to go up and hug Luo Yiming. No way, he became a girl’s idol.

     He is not only handsome, but also beautiful in heart.

     The recording is still going on, the fifth, sixth, and six players have finished recording.

     Time already passed noon.

     Four hours, 240 minutes of recording, the performance of six players, 75 minutes of which were selected and edited into a film, the material was still not enough.

     Luo Qiang also discovered that if the players are good on the field, then the material will be very good for recording.

     Just like the power group and the migrant street dance troupe, the two of them can perform for 30 minutes.

     But other players with no special features, the two observers and Luo Yiming, were all spending time with them.

     In the middle, Guo Degang interrupted the performance of the two contestants, but also wasted effort and delayed the recording.

     Who is the hero who is driven out of the two episodes? If one episode is not recorded in the morning, it will be recorded in the afternoon.

     Even if it is recording, there must be good and outstanding players.Luo Qiang seems to know what he should do when the film is finished. That is to use the resources on the stage these days to find the most powerful players in the world.
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