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59 Chapter 60 You Are The Superhero In My Heart
    Chinese Name: 巨星从综艺主持人开始  Author: 村中野夫(Cun Zhong Ye Fu, Wild Villager)
    Original: | Translator:

"How is it? Luo Yiming."

     After Zuo Yan made her final appearance, she asked Luo Yiming beside her.

     Zuo Yan herself has a great body, and the host pays great attention to her body. Zuo Yan's model naturally walks well.

     "Very good, your model is very dignified and grand. Your two long legs are very charming."

     Zuo Yan said: "You pay attention to my long legs, right?"

     Luo Yiming always jokes on himself, and Zuo Yan's sentence also digs a hole for Luo Yiming.

     Hearing Zuo Yan's mockery of Luo Yiming, the audience let out a long sigh, which is not too much to watch the excitement.

     "I'm looking at your legs. How happy it is to have such a perfect pair of beautiful legs. It will attract the eyes of boys like me. It's great."

     "Zuo Yan, do you know why I let you take this model step?" Luo Yiming's jokingly unsound eyes suddenly became serious.

     Zuo Yan was blinded: "You... don't you want to watch me perform? Give the audience a small show?"

     "Yes. I'm going to give the audience a short show. But I don't just have this purpose."

      After seriously get up, the audience didn't understand what Luo Yiming was going to do.

     Zuo Yan is most afraid of speculating about people's thoughts. Luo Yiming's host stand out from the masses, can it be said that this is related to the next show?

     Oh, right.

     Zuo Yan thought that she was not a stupid girl.

     The next one to appear is the rescuer from the station.

     She was once the female anchor Liang Yi who was once supported by the Hubei Provincial Health Bureau.

     However, in 2001, the female anchor suddenly fell ill in the dressing room due to illness.Excessive fatigue caused the hemangioma in her neck to rupture, and the blood flowing out pressed the central nervous system. In just a few minutes, Liang Yi was paralyzed.

     The doctor found that there was a cavernous hemangioma in Liang Yi's cervical spine, which was congenital and was brought from the womb.

     Her life was rescued, but she had to sit in a wheelchair forever and completely lost her ability to take care of herself.

     Liang Yi couldn't stand up anymore, let alone walk the model walk like himself.

     Luo Yiming wanted to make Liang Yi's stage more profound through this comparison?

     Let the audience remember how happy the health of the body is.

     as predicted.

     Luo Yiming introduced the next player: "In the 1980s, everyone knew that Zhang Haidi was a model for young people to learn and a model of self-improvement."

     "When she was five years old, she suffered from spinal hemangioma and was paraplegic at a high level.

     "With a high paraplegic body and tenacious perseverance, she taught herself the professional courses of elementary school, middle school and university, and was awarded the master's degree by the philosophy department of Jilin University."

     "She persevered in fighting for literature and dedicated many outstanding literary works such as the novel "Dream in a Wheelchair" for people.

     "And today, the player we will invite next is another Zhang Haidi."

     "You invite Liang Yi, the host in a wheelchair, to come on stage... to present her model show." Luo Yiming's voice suddenly rose, and in the studio, his voice swept through the air in the next second.

     Everyone hadn't thought, Luo Yiming asked Zuoyan to take the model step to create this kind of contrast for Liang Yi's stage.When Liang Yi appeared on the stage in a wheelchair, the audience fell silent.

     Every time her hand slid the axle and the car rolled forward, the audience felt the depression of her lower body legs.

     At this time, what the audience recalled in their minds was what Luo Yiming said before, how happy it is to have such a pair of perfect and beautiful legs.

     Liang Yi pushed the wheelchair forward, step by step, but her face was smiling, and her smile was no different from ordinary people, or more brilliant.

     This is not pretend, it is from the heart and soul.

     "The host said that I will perform the model walk. The wheelchair is my leg. I hope everyone will not dislike my performance."

     Liang Yi held up her head when she said this, and the force of her hand pushing the wheel axle was even greater. After she slid out, her hands were still waving in the air and dancing.

     A peaceful stage, because Liang Yi's performance is no longer peaceful.

     Many people understood why Luo Yiming wanted Zuo Yan to perform that section.

     Without legs, you can still walk out of the most beautiful model.

     It is self-confidence and a smile that support all this.

     The wheelchair is Liang Yi's leg.

     Like a snail, it crawls slowly, but it can crawl anywhere it thinks of.

     When Liang Yi pushed the wheelchair back to the center of the stage, Luo Yiming had already stood back on the stage.

     "Liang Yi, some of the audience may not know her, so Please allow me briefly introduce her first."

     "Liang Yi, graduated from Beijing Broadcasting Academy Broadcasting Host Academy of Arts in 2001, female host in Mainland China.""Before graduating, she served as the host of the "Cultural Fax" program of Friends Station. After that, she joined the city channel of our Lake Province TV station and hosted the opening party. After that, she served as the host of the large-scale live entertainment program "The City of Lovers and Music Program" people."

     "At the age of 22, she was selected as the subject of Intensive Training that year and became the master host of the Hubei Channel Metropolis Channel."

     "She is beautiful, hardworking, and ambitious. She cherishes every opportunity the station gives her very much. Whenever she has a task, she will never refuse."

     "Originally, her future would be very good, but in that year, overwork caused the hemangioma in her neck to rupture, and the outflow of blood compressed the central nervous system, causing paralysis of the whole body."

     "Everything caught off guard, at that time, she completely lost the ability to take care of herself. Even raising her hand to turn over is an extravagant hope. She used a very unpleasant saying, "If you want to die, you can't die. "

     "God deprived you of the right to die. That is a kind of despair filled with incomparable helplessness...

     "..." Speaking of this, Luo Yiming's eyes were blurred, but Liang Yi beside her was always smiling. She stretched out and took Lalo Yiming's leg and patted it lightly, meaning to let Luo Yiming leave "cry".

     Liang Yi's heart-warming gesture comforted Luo Yiming.

     Her strength caused the audience's heartstrings to be touched at once, and the faint sadness came.

     "...Let's introduce it here. Everyone should see the rest now. She is confident and sunny. She sits in a wheelchair, except that her legs cannot stand up. She is no different from ordinary people."

     "On August 1st of this year, she launched a personal website, which firmly opened a new window to the world.""She won the 9th Global Love of Life Award, and served as the "Life Rainbow Fund Image Ambassador" of China Soong Ching Ling Foundation and the National Youth "Life Education Love Ambassador"

     "Below, is her performance time."

     "Liang Yi, leave the stage to you, show yourself, you are the super hero in my heart!"

     Liang Yi nodded, Luo Yiming's words regained her confidence.

     She is no stranger to the host's stage, although she is in a wheelchair, she always has the anchor station in her heart. In the past two years, she has insisted on studying broadcasting and hosting, and she cherishes this opportunity to perform.

     Liang Yi's host and speech began. She started with her story, a good start, followed by illness, despair, and the bitterness of seeking medical treatment.

     In the end, she successfully "stands up", opened a personal website, got the attention of entire worlds and realms', and became the love Image Ambassador of the world organization.

      until the end The sentence "When you embrace society with a healthy mind, life will return the same gift to you." When it was said, the audience responded with warm applause.
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