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60 Chapter 61, The Most Beautiful Expectation (for Collection)
    Chinese Name: 巨星从综艺主持人开始  Author: 村中野夫(Cun Zhong Ye Fu, Wild Villager)
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The perfect speech.

     It is worthy of what Luo Yiming said is a super hero show.

     When Liang Yi finished his performance, Guo Degang, who was sitting in the judges' seat, said: "After all the competitions of "Who is a Hero" are over, I believe that Liang Yi's speech must be the most recited."

     Gao Xiaosong said: "Liang Yi's performance reminded me of a sentence. Some people have legs but they can't stand up at all. Some people don't have legs but stand taller than anyone else."

     "The pain in the past makes your present host and speech more attractive, I like it very much your performance today."

     In his previous life, Liang Yi's subsequent development was just as praised by Gao Xiaosong and Guo Degang.

     She raised the wind again.

     In 10 years, Liang Yi was admitted to China Media College for Master of Arts in Broadcasting and Hosting.

     Beginning in 2012, Liang Yi returned to Hubei Province and began to host “Help Through Train” on the Public chat box of Hubei Province.

     Also participated in the "Super Speaker" program of Anhui TV.

     Many people regard her as an inspirational role model.

     Today, the power of this role model has arrived ahead of schedule.

     A sunshine girl with dreams, Luo Yiming believes that she will become a "superman among peers" in the future.

     "Liang Yi, if you can enter the next round, I hope you can still challenge yourself. Without healthy legs, if you can dance the most beautiful dance in a wheelchair, I am willing to be your partner and create miracles with you."

     Today’s speech has consumed Liang Yi’s talent for hosting.

     Next, Luo Yiming needs Liang Yi to pay more.

     This is not only needed for the show, but also Luo Yiming wants to help Liang Yi prove that she is no worse than ordinary people.Liang Yi nodded: "Well, if the judges let me pass, I will dance with you next time."

     Liang Yi looked at Luo Yiming firmly, who clenched his fist: "Yes, I'll give it to you."



     Both Guo Degang and Gao Xiaosong passed. At this meeting, the audience in the audience also shouted, cheering.

     The recording was over and it was a complete success.

     Today’s two recordings lasted more than ten hours. With 10 cameras and more than 6,000 minutes of footage, the production team needed to carefully edit and produce two 75-minute films.

     In addition to the previous two issues, more than 3,000 minutes of footage, and 150 minutes of finished film to be edited, it can be said that the requirements for the hero's creative team are also very high.

     In less than a week, on January 4th, whoever is the hero of the first episode will be broadcast.

     Then, on January 6th, another issue of the main album will be added again, and before that, we will go to the country to recruit players.

     Then Luo Qiang's team will be busy, but Luo Yiming falling is also not bad for two days relatively easily.

     The recording is over.

     Audiences who have watched the show on the spot can be said to have enjoyed it.

     Although it was recorded late, they felt that this show was worth watching.

     Luo Yiming is a key character in the pilot film of Who is the hero. If you carefully taste the show, you will find that he is slowly promoting the development of the entire show, and he designs every link. Control the entire stage.

     The audience received good reviews, but the final result will really have to wait until the first broadcast.Without the task of recording, there is still one many weeks before the New Year's Eve concert, Luo Yiming's focus will also shift.

     During the New Year's Eve concert, I will host the concert with Mango TV's bigwigs He Jiong and Wang Han, and it is bound to attract the attention of many colleagues.

      Have what skills and abilities, the newcomer of the Mango Channel holding one young to host the stage, foreign audiences who have not watched Luo Yiming host the show, the media will definitely make a big fuss and say something about Cynical.

     If Luo Yiming is an ordinary person and does not stand in the entertainment circle, as this public figure, Luo Yiming is not too surprised by the evaluation of himself.

     But since you are a public figure and a celebrity artist, every word and action must be paid close attention to.

     But if you don’t do well, you might be called Dove occupying the Magpie Nest.

     The New Year’s Eve concert on Mango Channel is a show that audiences all over the country love to watch. In particular, this year’s Super Girl has unprecedented influence. In addition to the celebrities in the entertainment industry, the addition of Super Girl will also make this year’s New Year’s Eve concert very popular. .

     Then do a good job!

     Although the draft of the shiny new anchor made him famous, although the song as empty as anything made Luo Yiming a small sensation on the Internet.

     To be honest, Luo Yiming can only be said to be a local celebrity from the local celebrities in Gahu Province, compared to the real big brothers in the circle.

     Take a look, which online singer can become popular all over the country by singing a song. Just say Da Zhuang, Xiao Bai, they have accumulated several songs to accumulate fame.In addition, any local host who has not had his own star variety show, has not won several ratings champions, will be known to audiences all over the country.

     Luo Yiming is a fire, but only a small fire.

     But if you reveal outstanding talent at the Mango Terrace's New Year's Eve concert, you can definitely amaze the world with a single brilliant feat.

     The New Year's Eve concert is undoubtedly a place where singers sing. The content of the show is music.

     In the previous life, the New Year's Eve of Mango Terrace was mostly the confrontation mode of Happy Team and Tiantian Team.

     But now, Happy Camp hasn't established a family yet, so it's natural not to say Brother Tiantian.

     There is no confrontation mode, and the New Year's Eve in 2005 is more about talking.

     To talk, you need the quality of the host to keep up, especially the understanding of these singers, and the insight of music, so that the host can move clouds and flowing water, vivid and colorful.

     Luo Yiming has not been officially notified by the station, so Luo Yiming has no way of knowing which celebrity will participate in the New Year's Eve at the Mango station.

     However, Luo Yiming can use the time and memory of his previous life to try to infer who might come.

     In 2005, Mango Channel was a powerful satellite TV channel. Other channels could not compare with Mango Channel. Please star, Mango Channel is rich and arrogant.

     Therefore, as long as it is relatively hot in 2005, Mango Terrace may invite it.

     In 2005, The Flowers fame.

     Then Jielun Zhou dominated the Chinese music charts.

     That year, there was no "I Am a Singer", but the female singer Zhang Zhaohan was on fire from that year.She sang the lost beauty, fables, adoration of pleasure, Aurora, and the song "The Sun in the Palm."

     Zhang Zhaohan is a singer that Luo Yiming likes very much. Without her, it is her interpretation of music.

     That clear and loud voice also accompanied him through the most difficult days of hosting.

     The memory of rebirth is still there. Luo Yiming sorted out his memory of those singers and music in 2005. He must prepare well to welcome himself and his predecessors on the same stage for the first time.

     Although it's not a contest, it's just cooperation, but Luo Yiming can't lose too much of the big guys. The more people are paying attention to this kind of show, including the big show host where other seniors in the station want to watch jokes, Luo Yiming doesn't dare Relax.

     Starting in the morning, until more than three o'clock in the afternoon, what Luo Yiming thought was written in his notebook.

     In the next three days, Luo Yiming returned home, and he and Teacher Dong Hao made the most beautiful anticipation song.

     The station hasn’t notified him that he has a chance to sing, but he said during the shining new anchor draft that he will prepare this new song for everyone. Then Luo Yiming will not let him on the station. Break your word.

     When I returned to Chang from home, it was only two days before the New Year's Eve concert on Mango Terrace.

     In the station this time, the list of invited singers and the songs they want to sing are also given to the hosts. In this list of singing, Luo Yiming discovered that he had really given him a singing quota, and the repertoire was written with Luo Yiming's new song, the most beautiful expectation.
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