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63 Chapter 64, Hosting The New Year's Eve Show (seeking Votes)
    Chinese Name: 巨星从综艺主持人开始  Author: 村中野夫(Cun Zhong Ye Fu, Wild Villager)
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The next day.

     During the day, the Guangzhou International Sports Performing Arts Center was overcrowded. After the morning rehearsal performance of mainland singers, artists and singers from Hong Kong and Taiwan came one after another.

     The four queens, jj, Lin Longxuan, Yu Wenle, Wu Jianhao, Zhang Zhaohan, east to east, Fahrenheit, and Mao Amin all appeared at the rehearsal scene, which can be described as star-studded.

     Tonight’s rehearsal will start after the crew arrives. The main mode, Mango Channel, also designed a super showdown between Hong Kong and Taiwan singers and mainland singers.

     Speaking of this kind of showdown, the strength of the Hong Kong and Taiwan singers is obviously stronger, but in order to promote the hot Super Girls in 2005, Mango Channel also gave absolute confidence support to the Super Girls.

     Two PK teams, edit the SMS to support which team, and at the end of the New Year's Eve celebration, the luckiest audience will be selected.

     At the beginning of the rehearsal, soldiers lined up according to the program list, and Hong Kong and Taiwan singers and mainland singers launched a great music show.

     The super girls sang their most meaningful songs when they participated in the competition, Blade Wolf, and Zheng Yuan also staged their famous song.

     On the Hong Kong and Taiwan side, the four big queens, jj and Zhang Zhaohan took the stage one by one, also pushing the dress rehearsal of the night to **.

     Compared with the wonderful and complete singing of the singer, the hosts were relatively relaxed this evening. Their main rehearsal last night was the string of words.

     Relatively speaking, tonight is the role of an announcer.

     A New Year's Eve concert is more than four hours, and the host can only give the singers the stage to practice as much as possible tonight.

     As the bell of the New Year gets closer and closer, the atmosphere of the New Year will grow stronger.The dress rehearsal that night did not end until more than ten o'clock. After the day's rehearsal work was over, Zhang Zhaohan was about to leave, and Luo Yiming chased after him.

     Before communicating with Zhang Zhaohan, Luo Yiming had already found The Flowers and went east and forth.

     As his own interactive singer, Luo Yiming wanted to establish a sense of familiarity with the singers first.

     Chatting with the east and the east, let Luo Yiming understand more of his state of mind when you are alone when you think of someone creating it.

     This will be of great help to him when he introduces the song tomorrow.

     "Zhang Zhaohan, hello. This is Luo Yiming, the host of Mango Channel."

     Tonight’s host, Luo Yiming, there's nothing about it exposed, because it is He Jiong, Wang Han and others who do not have many scenes.

     "Oh, I saw you on stage, and you reported my song."

     Zhang Zhaohan smiled sweetly, she was very thin, with a skinny beauty, like an elf.

     In 2005, Zhang Zhaohan was the hot time in his previous life.

     Dolphin Bay Lovers was aired in 2003. Zhang Zhaohan played the role of Yi Tianbian, the heroine with extraordinary talent and dream of becoming a singer.

     In the play, she also sang the episode "journey and the ending song" The Lost Beauty. Through this play, Zhang Zhaohan became popular.

     In the same year, she completed her personal host debut, which is also her experience in hosting "Singer in a previous life."

     "Yes, but tonight, the stage is mainly for you to sing. We are only one walking screen machine.""But tomorrow, I may have a few words with you during the live broadcast. So, I will get to know you first, and we will have that strangeness to each other when the time comes.

     Zhang Zhaohan smiled. Luo Yiming felt refreshed and clean. In order to better host, he worked hard in advance. Zhang Zhaohan also had a good impression of Luo Yiming.

     "Yes, then let's get to know you officially. My name is Zhang Zhaohan. How about you?"

     Zhang Zhaohan stretched out her soft, boneless hand, and Luo Yiming shook it up quickly: "My name is Luo Yiming."


     "You will be responsible for the interactive host of my singing tomorrow, then you will ask me what, and give me a mental preparation."

     Luo Yiming said, "Actually, I really got to know you. I know that your fame is not easy. You are the eldest daughter in your family. You took the burden of supporting your family at the age of 15. At that time, you suffered a lot. I also participated in many singing competitions."

     "Don't talk about it. I'm afraid I will cry during the New Year." Zhang Zhaohan guessed what Luo Yiming wanted to say, and stopped in time.

     "No, what I want to say is, at that time you won a lot of prizes by singing. You won back all of your appliances by singing, right?"

     "Puff." Zhang Zhaohan smiled, as if when he was a child, his home appliances really won a lot of prizes.

     "Don't worry, I won't say this tomorrow, but I think I have become famous. As a star singer, some of the songs you sing if it's possible can be used in reality to give society positive energy. You should be willing to do this, right? ""I mean, I like it very much the lost beauty that you are going to sing tomorrow. I think that besides that kind of emotional affection, maybe the title of this song has more practical meaning, don't you mind me Rely on your song title to give the audience a wave of chicken soup for the soul, right?"

     "So you meant to say this..."

     "Yes. We walked too fast and we forgot to look back, and sometimes we lose some of the good things. The new year is here, and the old year is over. When we look forward to the new year, we must also look back on the past and be grateful for those good things. "

     Zhang Zhaohan nodded, in a brief chat with Luo Yiming, Zhang Zhaohan could not determine anything else.

     But for the host, the boy's not one thread loose attitude made her appreciate.

     After all, Zhang Zhaohan has also been a host. In September of this year, she and Dong Hao also co-hosted the CCTV "Nick Kid’s Choice Joy Ceremony". He felt that Luo Yiming, who was serious, had the style of a CCTV host.

     While chatting with Zhang Zhaohan, she drove her to the car of her driver and agent.

     After saying good night, see you tomorrow, Luo Yiming put his hand into his pants pocket and returned to the night.

     To host the New Year's Eve concert tomorrow, in addition to having an opening show with a few senior hosts, he will have a performance in the middle and at the end.

     Then there is the interaction with several singers.

     In the singer's part, Luo Yiming and several singers talked briefly and felt that it should not be a big problem.

      The Flowers is very talkative, chatting and interacting with Da Zhangwei, they are not cold at all.Traveling east to the east is not as boring as Luo Yiming imagined, and he should be able to make a splash, Zhang Zhaohan...

     2006 is about to be ushered in. On the way to the hotel room, the street lights are bright as daylight, the first large-scale New Year’s Eve concert is hosted, and the first time to host on the same stage as the senior celebrities, Luo Yiming is both looking forward to and Nervous, both nervous and excited.

     Kicked a small stone on the side of the walk, it slammed into the roadbed and jumped back into a beautiful arc.

     At this moment, Luo Yiming's mood is a bit like his song, the most beautiful expectation.

     I have a dream, like a rainbow after the rain, with all the tears in exchange for a smile, and a kind of love, crossing the sea of people, picking up the lost dust.

     The love here is the dream. With hard work and persistence, the dream that belongs to the host of his bright future is exchanged.

     Everything will finally come to a conclusion on the live broadcast tomorrow.

     At night, Luo Yiming didn't rest well. When the alarm clock rang at 6:30, Luo Yiming seemed to have just fallen asleep for a while.

     After washing his face, he went to the hotel cafeteria and took a sip. Luo Yiming hurried to the International Sports Performing Arts Center.

     Set the scene with the staff members in the stage, audition, in the morning, everything is ready, this time the stage design incorporates many elements, both from Eastern culture and full of modernity.

     Compared with the previous year's 2005, Mango Terrace's New Year's Eve seems to be even better, and the lineup of invited guests is indeed even better.In the afternoon, the audience arrived one after another. There were already other hosts in the stage warming up activities. The fans went to the sports performing arts center. They had star hammers, light sticks, and idol posters in their hands. , Before evening, the audience is already a sea of entertainment.
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