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65 Chapter 66, Listen To Jiangnan First (for Collection)
    Chinese Name: 巨星从综艺主持人开始  Author: 村中野夫(Cun Zhong Ye Fu, Wild Villager)
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When the models came on stage, Luo Yiming was exposed under the spotlight, suits, leather shoes, short hair, charming smile, standing there, it was a beautiful landscape.

     "With such a band, they don't care about the evaluation of the outside world, but are only loyal to their true inner feelings. They pass happiness to everyone and make themselves."

     "An album called "The Flower Season Dynasty" was released to the end of the year, and the circulation exceeded 300,000 copies."

     "According to incomplete statistics, this was one of the best-selling records last year by EMI Chinese companies and even in the country.

     "And the title song of this album, "Happy Sweep, has occupied the top spot in various music and wireless charts in various places for several weeks."

     "It's an honor that our first song on New Year's Eve is from this band. This song is Gee Sue, brought by The Flowers, and it's a high-level Gee Sue."

     Luo Yiming's voice was all sounded in the end, and with the rush of music, three teenagers appeared in the audience's field of vision on the stage.

      The Flowers lead singer Da Zhang Wei played his electric guitar on stage to greet the audience.

     Then, the music began, and the stage suddenly became lively.

     Luo Yiming's opening show was very successful.

     A smooth start made Luo Yiming quickly find his status.

     The giggles' songs were very burning, and when the chorus was sung, the whole audience went crazy with Da Zhangwei.

     "Take mine and give it back to me, eat mine and spit it out to me."

     Da Zhang Wei sang.

     The lyrics are straightforward and simple, and it is the Inner World of young people who are very suitable for the scene.After a song ignited the scene, The Flowers then presented their second song "Huadiefei."

     Although the song of Huadiefei has plagiarism disputes.

     It was even heated up this year.

     But Da Zhangwei doesn't care about the evaluation of the outside world, continue in one's own way.

     On such a grand occasion of the New Year's Eve concert, he chose to sing Huadiefei.

     At the end of the singing, Da Zhang Wei said, "Someone accused me of plagiarism in the song of Hua Die Fei, so let me scold me. In fact, I wrote it according to the rhythm I thought."

     "Say I copied him, why don't you say he copied me."

     "Friends at the scene, it's a new year, as long as you have a good time."

     "What others say, the mouth grows on others, we can't interfere, it's enough to live our lives well."


     In the last part of the song, Da Zhangwei can sing vigorously.


     Luo Yiming stepped onto the stage.

     Da Zhang Wei didn't have a mouth to shut the door, leaving him alone on the stage, really worried.

     When interacting with him, Luo Yiming had complete control of the field.

     "Da Zhangwei, happy new year."

     "Host, happy new year."

     "Every time I see you, I have an illusion."

     "Ah, what's the illusion?" Da Zhangwei smiled and looked at Luo Yiming.

     "I always think you are like a clockwork chick, chirp chirp twitter twitter all the time."

     "Haha, isn't it? Isn't this year the Year of the Rooster? It will be the Year of the Dog soon, and I should be barking around next year.""I mean, you are very energetic and happy every day. In fact, you are more like a happy elf. Moreover, your music is also very spiritual. In the music circle, you have a unique style of one's own, just like me. Young friends like it very much."

     "Thank you." Da Zhangwei was a little proud.

     "The new year is coming soon. Do you want to send blessings to audiences and friends all over the country, still has your home, people and friends." Luo Yiming is very calm, even if he is with Da Zhangwei, this smasher He leads the deviation.

     "Of course. Here, Da Zhangwei wishes everyone who likes me, I like a happy new year, everything goes smoothly in the new year, happy every day, and good health."

     "Well, speaking of healthy body. Why don't you teach us to do a healthy exercise. Okay? Just use a healthy song, you give a tone, let's twist it together."


     Luo Yiming wanted Zhang Wei to get up with the audience.

     Everyone knows the lyrics of the health song, so Zhang Wei also picked up a tune at will.

      The Flowers plays the music of health songs.

     Da Zhangwei sang: "Three circles on the left, three circles on the right, twisted neck and twisted butt."

     While singing, Da Zhangwei's neck and buttocks also twisted in response to the music.

     Luo Yiming sang to the side, twisting with the music, and reached out to call the audience below to join in.

     The music continues, the singing continues.

     Then the audience sang to the music and twisted their bodies.

     Luo Yiming has a strong sense of variety.When he and Da Zhangwei were doing a big health dance on the stage, director Xu Ke and producer Luo Xin laughed from ear to ear.

     It may be He Jiong and Wang Han, the two big men might not twist their butts like this.

     But Luo Yiming is different.

     He is young, young is capital, and can have such a dynamic and youthful twist.

     And, it won't be embarrassing for people to watch.

     The audience played and danced for a while, and everyone smiled like a flower.

     I feel that my waist is no longer sore, my legs are no longer painful, and my full of vitality is a lot.

     "Da Zhangwei, the health dance has also been danced, and the blessings have also been said. Next, we have to see the performance of the singers from Hong Kong and Taiwan. I heard that they are coming aggressively."

     "Okay. Let them taste our power." Da Zhangwei nodded.

     "Leave the stage to them." Luo Yiming stretched out his hand, and The Flowers and Luo Yiming walked off the stage.

     It was Fahrenheit against The Flowers.

     Zuo Yan hosted this session.

     The artists of Fahrenheit are all oxygen boys. Fahrenheit has just made his debut in 2005. Four very handsome young men sing not what kind of.

     But the handsome appearance, cool singing and dancing performance, after the end, still received rounds of applause.

     After Fahrenheit’s performance, He Jiong and Zhao Liang took the stage to host, and then one of the big names Cai Yilin appeared on the stage.

     Cai Yilin sang three songs in a row, watch me 72 Changes, Pirate, Love Thirty-Six Stratagems.

     Every song is easy to hear.

     After singing, He Jiong and Cai Yilin sang Love Thirty-Six Stratagems live, and also fed a wave of dog food to single dogs.After that is Xiao Xiaoxuan.

     This time, it was Zhao Liang and Xiao Xiaoxuan who were learning to dance, and it was also the second party that pushed the party.

     After two days of performance, the mainland singers are a little pulling on the lapels exposes the elbows.

     Teacher Wang Han made an emergency rescue. He Jie, the fourth who moved out of Supergirl.

     He Jie came out with a pair of black leather pants and a tight-fitting black sweater with a waistcoat. The look is very cool.

     She took the stage and sang and held hands, although she was singing and dancing, but compared with the diva, it was obviously inferior.

     Wang Han rescued the field again and let Brother Daolang enter.

     Knife Wolf is pretty awesome, a 2002 first snow, which also reproduced the grand occasion of a thousand people chorus.

     "The voice of the knife wolf is still so beautiful, the song has a sense of story, and it is said."

     After Daolang sang, Wang Han and Yang Leer already returned to the stage.

     Yang Leer said: "Yes, the singing of the sword wolf is very vicissitudes, and I have the feeling of telling the story to you. I also have a singer here. His singing is very pure and clean. You can guess what I want to say. Who is this singer?"

     "Didn't it mean me?" Wang Han said shamelessly.

     "It's not you. The singer I'm talking about is JJ Lin Junjie. He has a very nice song."

     "Oh, Jiangnan. You can pick lotus in Jiangnan, and he Tiantian with lotus leaves. Are you talking about this Jiangnan?"

     "Yes, it is Jiangnan."

     "Well, jj is indeed a very good singer, but I also made a joke just now. I also have a good singer here, but I need to keep it secret. Let's listen to Jiangnan first."
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