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71 Chapter 72, Premiere
    Chinese Name: 巨星从综艺主持人开始  Author: 村中野夫(Cun Zhong Ye Fu, Wild Villager)
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Some of these blessings are from the sincerity, and some are truly false display of affection.

     But at the end there was a text message that made Luo Yiming's heart warm.

     This text message was sent by my mother Wang Haiyue. In her message, she said, son, you are the best, and mother is proud of you.

      Without too many gorgeous language, plainly but directly hit Luo Yiming's heart.

     Thinking that this period of time was busy recording and didn't go back to visit his mother, Luo Yiming took two days off with the station, just to go home to accompany his mother.

     Until the evening of January 4.

     The Who is the Hero show finally ushered in its premiere.

     In the past few days, the station is intentionally or unintentionally promoting who is the hero. Luo Qiang is also full of confidence in who the hero is. He is about to reappear a super variety show in front of the leader of the station.

     Luo Qiang brimming with confidence, coupled with Luo Yiming, a rookie host, every day in the station in the evening before the Golden Eagle solo theater, advertising who is the hero.

     Therefore, local loyal viewers of Lake Province, including some loyal Lake Province TV audiences in other places, know that on Wednesday, January 4, a new program will be broadcast on Mango Channel.

     After some haggle over price, the pilot film Who is the Hero starts at ten o'clock in the evening.

     For the first four episodes of the pilot film, the opinion of the leader of the station is that if the ratings can reach 2, then the station will agree to start broadcasting at 8:30 in the prime time on Sunday who is the hero.

     However, the ratings will not rise.

     It's a tasteless show.

     That must be the same as before, at ten o'clock on Sunday night.

     Nowadays, there are many programs on the station rushing for perfect time on the weekend, and the producers of the respective programs are also very competitive.It’s not just Luo Qiang, but Luo Xin, the producer of Happy Camp, and Dong Mei, the producer of "Gold Medal Mom".

     There is also Wang Xiaolun, a producer who is happier with his strategy, who pays attention to the first episode of the hero.

     Mango TV is different from other TV stations. The fighting inside the TV TV station may not be fierce, but the several producers of Mango TV have a competitive mechanism.

     TV shows that have the lowest ratings within a month, the station will consider replacing them.

     If there is no improvement in two months, the station will be removed directly.

     And if the producer of one show dies, and the next show still can't get up, the producer will have to wrap up and leave.

     Compared with the fate of leaving, Luo Qiang will become a gold medal producer at the Mango Terrace, one short of a golden variety show.

     Therefore, who is the hero's ratings is very important for him.

     In fact, a few months ago, Luo Qiang was voted an olive branch by other stations, and even the other station took the temptation to split with his variety shows.

     In 2005, the separation of producers and TV stations was still immature, but in the West, the separation of production and broadcasting systems had long existed.

     The variety show share proposed by the opposing channel means that part of the revenue from the channel belongs to the producer team.

     Therefore, Luo Qiang had a heart like a frisky monkey, mind like a cantering horse at that time.

     However, with his back leaning on the big tree of Mango Terrace, Luo Qiang wanted to create another ace variety show. In that case, his chair of the gold medal producer was stable.

     In this way, Luo Qiang has a bargaining chip when he arrives at the other party's TV station.

     After passing the Golden Eagle solo theater, at ten o'clock, the premiere of Who is the hero arrived as scheduled.In the Luo forced film, Luo Yiming chooses to host the lead, and Zuo Yan, deputy coffee, the first period is still three awkward observers, so who is the hero begins.

     The loyal viewers of Mango Channel were waiting in front of the TV on time.

     Yang Hui's family sat on the sofa early, looking forward to the "Who is a Hero" that was mythic by her daughter.

     Yang Taiping deeply knit the brows, his mood today is somewhat complicated.

     Two days ago, he went to the Mango Channel specially and met with Luo Qiang, including the leaders of the platform, but who was the sponsorship of the hero was still not discussed.

     Mainly, the exclusive title of who is the hero was taken by Baojie, rich and arrogant of Baojie, and there are not many advertisements about who is the hero. Therefore, the willingness of Mango Channel is not strong.

     Yang Taiping prepared a sponsorship fee of one million yuan, but during the initial negotiation, Yang Taiping did not state the price in his mind.

     Tonight, Yang Taiping is also thinking about watching who is the hero's show, watching the dish, and then going to talk with Mango Channel.

     When the show started, Luo Yiming and Zuo Yan took the stage, and then Luo Yiming invited out the master cyclist.

     The cyclist performed his unique skills.

     In fact, Yang Taiping thinks there is nothing to show off with a bicycle riding around.

     But when Luo Yiming opened the scene, he said that he pours Donkey Rider to my grandmother's house on time, and then a string of Thomas spins and turns around in the air. When the host word of standing on a bicycle and lifting dumbbells is said like popping popcorn.

     The little bike show revitalized him.

     Then, this kid wiped the female host's oil through the game of driving people to pick up people. Not to mention he was really witty and humorous."This kid can preside over."

     "Yes, Dad, I didn't lie to you."

     "But I think the format of this show is not what kind of, it's just with keen interest he hosted."

     Yang Taiping looked for a while and commented.

     "Dad, this issue is actually completely supported by his one person. When I watched it, it was quite awkward. However, the whole is still possible. Behind, there is a performance of four kushiro and gold rolling lights. I also know art very well."

     "Really, then I have to take a good look."

     After the cycling performance was over, a couple performing lantern dramas followed.

     As Yang Hui said, as expected, Luo Yiming knows Pi Jin's Rolling Lantern very well.

     He introduced the drama, with a similar posture, really unlike a newbie host.

     Several players from behind took the stage.

     But the more he looked back, Yang Taiping became more disappointed.

     Because apart from Luo Yiming, he really couldn't find the highlights of these players.

     What is the advantage of this show.

     Moreover, the three observers seem to be playing soy sauce.

     Comment on the player doesn't hurt, doesn't tickle.

     There is no way to cooperate with Luo Yiming.


     The performance of the contestants is not good, and the later editing is also useless.

     In fact, in the first issue, who was the hero's production and editing team, did not have enough material at all.

     Pick the big one from the short one.

     Everyone tried their best to make it like this.

     The first episode of the show finally the dust has settled.The real-time viewership statistics during the broadcast hovered between 15 and 16, not only did not climb 2, but compared with several other programs on the station, this viewership is somewhat not presentable.

      has to say, who is the hero in the first period.

     Compared with who was a hero last year, this ratings has improved slightly, but it still cannot change the fate of rushing to the street.

     Luo Qiang, who watched the full episode of the program, was in a bad mood. He knew in his heart that there were problems with the first and second episodes.

     But he couldn't think, the ratings are so bad.

     This is much worse than Luo Qiang's psychological expectations.

     From now on, he is a little nervous. Will the ratings of the third and fourth issues be similarly upset?

     The next day, when the station put the ratings report of who was the hero last night on the LED display at the door, it was arranged with the results of Raiders of the Lost Ark in the same period last week, with 18 ratings.

     Moreover, the gold medal mother who was about to be broadcast at the same time tomorrow also had 17 ratings.

     When passing by the door, Luo Yiming was not particularly surprised to see that the first program he hosted was the result.

     Because, the first issue of Who is a Hero basically followed the old-timer who is a hero, different broth but the same old medicine, basically unable to save the column, even though Luo Yiming knew that he did well.

     But he is not a god either.

     Luo Yiming's expression was laid-back and calm, but he couldn't do without others' ridicule.

     They only felt that Luo Yiming was doing it better.

     Although he didn't hear it clearly, Luo Yiming could know the pride in the hearts of those who want to see his jokes at this moment.However, the mountain is high and the river is far, the future is long, Luo Yiming is not in a hurry.

     Luo Qiang's heart is not as big as Luo Yiming's. When he arrived at the office with a dark face, he immediately asked Luo Yiming to find him.

     Luo Qiang's heart is very unreliable. In the past few days, he has recruited some players across the country.

     But who is the hero's show, he doesn't know now, in the end is it not the audience doesn't like to watch it, or there are other problems.
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