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72 To Sum It Up, I Like This Book!
    Chinese Name: 巨星从综艺主持人开始  Author: 村中野夫(Cun Zhong Ye Fu, Wild Villager)
    Original: | Translator:

First of all, I would like to thank every book friend who supports this book. It is your support. Let the superstar start from the variety show host last week's new book second. All data scores are excellent.

     Weekly rewards exceeded 20 for the first time, and we also have the first hall master.

     Sprinkle flowers.

     However, this time, I think I should also answer some of the questions in this book.

     First, the rhythm of my book.

     Many people think that the pace of this book is slow. Indeed, the early stage is a bit slow. Every beginning is difficult. Although I am reborn as a host, I enter a TV station. If I don’t slow down the early stage, I will see the protagonist’s learning and hard work. Without seeing the accumulation of spectators and fans in the game, he suddenly became popular, and it was a bit unreal.

     Therefore, the rhythm will be slow in the early stage and must be slow. But the show has taken shape and has become famous, and it won’t slow down anymore, even if it’s slow, it’s slow does not raise.

     Second, the issue of substitution of variety shows.

     Variety shows themselves are not easy to write. Every show has something he likes and dislikes. If you want every person to know this variety show and like this variety show, it is almost impossible.

     Therefore, I will try my best to choose some variety shows that you may like, and try to restore the wonderful variety shows. If you don’t like any variety show, just forgive it a little bit, and then read on, maybe stick with it, you will like it later.

     (I have already thought about more than a dozen variety shows in this book. Of course, I may add them later, but please believe them, they are all wonderful.)

     Third, the issue of recommended tickets and rewards.This is an old observation, recommendation ticket, reward, these two data can reflect the quality of a book more than collection, recommendation ticket is the embodiment of reader stickiness, reward is shown in the fan list. How many people are there in this book.

     What is a fan? As long as you have rewarded the book with one hundred starting coins, it is a fan. The starting point rules, if you have a hundred fans, the number of fans displayed on the client will be 10,000. Therefore, rewarding is also very important.

     These two data, I know the recommendation votes, not so good, because after all, there are many books. But if you like this book, please give me a reward of 100 coins. (Shameless face) Let the fan list show more than ten thousand, then I guess I will laugh all night.

     Of course, if there are more recommended votes, the Yefu update will be fierce.

     Let me talk about these three issues first, the most critical and most important is the last one. I hope everyone who likes this book can vote for it, because it's Monday again!

     More on April 30th.
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