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73 Chapter 73, Luo Yiming, Looks Like A Producer?
    Chinese Name: 巨星从综艺主持人开始  Author: 村中野夫(Cun Zhong Ye Fu, Wild Villager)
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Luo Qiang's out of one's wits, hiding in the office smoking a cigarette, surprised Luo Yiming.

     In other words, Luo Qiang is a tycoon who is about to be named a gold medal producer. Because of the poor ratings of the first episode, he is so decadent. Luo Yiming is a little doubtful how he can get in today.

     Luo Yiming didn't know that Mango Channel's cruel producer system, if you don't do it well, you have to leave.

     The key is that you have to be looked down upon by the producers.

     To put it bluntly, the producer works for the Mango Channel, and if you have a good program, you may not get much benefit.

     Just for a reputation.

     The current entertainment industry is a Vanity Fair, but countless people have their heads sharpened and entered.

     They all admire the Hubei Satellite TV, so there are countless talents who are willing to be gilded here even though they can't get any money.

     Isn’t it the same for yourself?

     It's like all talents are going to the north, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, and other places. If you don't go to such a place, it's as if you have wronged your talents.

     "Luo Yiming, have you seen the ratings for the first episode of Who is the Hero? On the big sign at the door, the ratings of 16 are really smashing.

     Just now, Luo Qiang also received a call from Dong Mei, the producer of the gold medal mother of the yet another show. The call was full of comfort, but Luo Qiang knew that it was a joke when someone watched him.

     Originally, the four days of continuous broadcasting took up her gold medal mother's broadcasting time, and the latter was not happy.

     This viewership hit the street and called, more or less a bit mocking posture.Seeing Luo Qiang's dark face, Luo Yiming wanted to laugh, and after holding it back, Luo Yiming said: "No, Luo Yiming? Who is the hero of the first two installments, didn't you watch it?"

     "The first two phases were completely without revision. Both the players and the observers were inferior. The ratings of 16, in my expectation, always exceeded last year's data."

     To put it lightly, it is because Luo Yiming is only the host, and Luo Qiang is the general in charge of the show. He is under great pressure.

     He has to rely on this variety show to negotiate with him.

     "I said that, but the ratings are too low. I'm still in front of the boss, saying that who is the hero must be another famous variety show on Mango Channel. But the gap... is this kind of variety show itself not that big? Attractive."

     Luo Qiang still expressed his concerns. For such a variety show, he put a lot of hard work into it.

     But the ratings of the first issue fell, making him face nothing left.

     Who is the hero now is no longer what he originally imagined in the show. It can be said that Luo Yiming has changed a lot.

     He is not the designer of this show, he is really bottomless.

     Luo Yiming understood.

     Compared with all my far-sighted, I can know that China's talent show can be very popular.

     Luo Qiang is a mortal after all, it is impossible to seer.

     Even though the audience's feedback on this program is good, the first and second episodes are equally cheered, but the ratings are not what kind of.

     It's like the directors have filmed what they think is excellent, but when they get the market test, they know that it is rubbish."Yi Ming, the initial setting of this show is not like this. If the second and third episodes still fail, then the show is likely to die."

     "Producer Luo, an innovative variety show, always requires the audience to adapt and accept it, and there is always a bit of risk. I think we might as well wait for the four episodes before watching it."

     "...At present it can only be like this. By the way, I have recruited a lot of players. Tomorrow, we will record another episode. However, it is possible that the program cannot be set for the Sunday prime time. "

     After that, Luo Qiang sighed saying.

     The start was not smooth, and the performance of the program would decline after entering the ten o'clock gear.

     In the previous life and Luo's forced film, Luo Yiming there's nothing about it intersection, but so does time reveal a person's true heart, this period of time, Luo Yiming discovered that he is a person of great joy.

     Who is the hero has just started broadcasting, and he will take credit in front of the leaders.

     But the final ratings hit the street, and Luo Qiang naturally had a hard time.

     Now, Luo Yiming and Luo Qiang are grasshoppers on a rope.

     Who is the hero? If the ratings can't rise in the later stage, his rookie host will be laughed at by colleagues at Mango Channel.

     It is very likely that it will also affect his reputation. At that time, the championship game of the new anchor will be impossible to unravel.

     Luo Yiming didn't know. After he left, Luo Qiang called Tao Hai, director of the program office of Litchi TV.

     The content on the phone between the two was short, but soon, Luo Qiang turned off the computer and hurried out of the office.

     There is nothing wrong in the station, Luo Yiming is the choreographer and director of who the hero is, and the director Wang Li continues to communicate the show.Originally, the concept of this variety show, including the modifications made, were all done by him. Now Luo Qiang loses confidence in the show and loses his will. Luo Yiming really can't expect him to let the show "rise from the dead."

     In fact, there are still problems with the current version of who is the hero. The game system is not perfect, and there is a bit tiger's head, snake's tail when recording.

     There are a lot of scripts and touching plots, but because the directors did not design in advance, the sensational or humorous effects were not optimal.

      In other words, it all depends on the personal charm and personal ability of the host and the observer to promote the development of the program.

     There is no specific textbook.

     This is a bit similar to chicken strips.

     But to put it bluntly, it is based on personal performance, with the design assistance of the table, it is necessary to complete a wonderful variety show based on the ability of one person alone.

     Nest in the program group, who is the hero's director, director is very young. Wang Li, who is similar to Luo Yi's next year, and Guo Xiaoke are very easy to accept opinions. When the three of them are together, they will systematically sort out the show about who is the hero.

     For the recently recruited players, Luo Yiming also carefully checked their information one by one. There are characteristics, slots, and touching stories. Luo Yiming will take them out first and prepare to make the first two of the series. period.

     Fortunately, when Luo Yiming checked the information, he found the Piano Prince with a broken arm, and the entrepreneur who turned his head all night after failure, and then relied on selling steamed buns.The previous China's talent show, they are a model of inspiration, put such a player on the stage, Luo Yiming is confident that their energy will be the greatest release.

     Luo Yiming is particularly confident about who is a hero in the future, and in working with Luo Yiming, Wang Li and Guo Xiaoke have a particularly good impression of him.

     What's more, Luo Yiming of this young age, in addition to the identity of the host, both of them feel that he is sometimes like a producer...

     A day is spent in a busy schedule. Luo Yiming is very fulfilling. At ten o'clock tonight, the second episode of Who is the Hero will be broadcast.

     The first period was sluggish, and the second period still have a chance.

     Many viewers who still had illusions about the show still did not go to bed early, until ten o'clock.
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