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75 Chapter 75. Starting From Scratch, The Program That Is Burning Up
    Chinese Name: 巨星从综艺主持人开始  Author: 村中野夫(Cun Zhong Ye Fu, Wild Villager)
    Original: | Translator:

In these two episodes, who is the hero arranged for more than 20 players. In order to keep up with the progress of the show, all the personnel were quickly put into the state.

     "Who is the hero countdown to start shooting, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1."

     With the start of director Wang Li, Luo Yiming took the stage.

     Who is the hero in the series, Zuo Yan no longer cooperates with Luo Yiming on stage, Zuo Yan is on the side scene.

     All the oral broadcasts including sponsorship were done by Zuo Yeon.

     In the infield, Luo Yiming, Guo Degang and Gao Xiaosong mastered it.

     After Luo Yiming took the stage, he sat next to Teacher Guo Degang and Gao Xiaosong. He also became a judge and a part-time host.

     To introduce the changes to the details of the program, without other extra language, Luo Yiming directly invited the number one player.

     From the backstage, a middle-aged man walks into the studio. He is wearing a white shirt, black pants, and braids. His face is still handsome. He should be a handsome man when he was young.

     But now, his face can no longer stop the vicissitudes of time.

      Bright and piercing eyes are shining with determination, and the most eye-piercing is his white hair.

     Luo Yiming sits in the judges' seat, but he is still the host who controls the rhythm of the stage.

     Luo Yiming said: "Hello, are you the first guest in the first episode of Who of Us Heroes Series, please introduce yourself first?"

     "My name is Gao Yifeng. My art character is literary art, which was given by the childhood teacher, and my peak is Feng of Mountain Summit (山峰). I like to engage in literature and art in childhood, and I learned singing and cross talk."

     "Artist, then your teacher must be of German character." Guo Degang will take the words tacitly."Yes, Teacher Guo is my senior. I also like to hear your cross talk."

     "That's not easy, you have to have real skills, I will let you pass. Okay, Cut to the chase, what show will you perform next?"

     "Sing a song." middle-aged man said silently.

     "How old are you this year?" Gao Xiaosong asked.

     "I am 49 years old this year."


     When Gao Xiaosong asked about 49 years old, the audience exclaimed.

     Everyone is surprised at how 49-year-old Gao Yifeng's hair is all white.

     "I think your hair is very beautiful and distinctive. Is it dyed, or is it natural?" Luo Yiming knows the current player best.

     His story also began with this white hair.

     When asked about this, despite the mental preparation, Gao Yifeng still trembles. The next second, Gao Yifeng's eyes regained firmness: "No, it was more than ten years ago. After my company suddenly closed down, just a few days ago, his hair was just fine. It's all white."

     "Your company closed down, what occupation did you do?" Luo Yiming became very sharp today. He looked at the man and said, the middle-aged man.

     "I am now the owner of the bun shop."

     "I don't understand too much, you mean, you now are the owner of a bun shop, once had a business, and then it went bankrupt? Right?"

     "Right." Gao Yifeng said.

     "Because the company closed down, my hair turned white overnight. No, my hair turned white in a few days. It has been white until now."

     Luo Yiming must ask this matter clearly and let the audience know.

     Gao Yifeng said: "Yes.""Is the business of Baozipu good now?"

     "It's ok, barely possible."

     "Then your hair can turn black."

     "I don't want to." The man's expression suddenly stagnated, and the next second he became excited, silent for a moment, before he said: "I want to see it in the mirror, and he will give me some reminders."

     "I want to ask, what did your company do?" Gao Xiaosong would take over. He felt that the man with braids at the moment was actually very personal, and he should be someone with a story.

     "I used to have more than a thousand people in the company."


     When the man said that his original enterprise had more than 1,000 people, the audience was shocked again.

     "That's actually quite a big one. What is it for? Let's talk about it." Gao Xiaosong dig up roots and inquire at the base.

     "Make entertainment. Entertainment city."

     "Oh, the entertainment city, there are more than a thousand employees. I am in the entertainment industry, but I know that the entertainment city is very profitable, then your business at the time should have assets of over 10 million."

     Gao Yifeng nodded.

     "Then the company closed down, and you went white in a few days."

     After Gao Xiaosong finished speaking, Luo Yiming said: "I believe that your life has been ups and downs. With such a big gap, now you have become the owner of a steamed bun shop. Then do you think it was happy then or is it more happy now."

     "It's different." Gao Yifeng thought a bit then said.

     Luo Yiming asked: "It was awe-inspiring at the time, but now it is steadfast. Who is a hero who can come to participate in the event now?"

     "Because I have loved art and singing since I was a child, I want to give it a try."Luo Yiming smiled: "Then do you think the song you sing is different from other people? You It should be noted, who is the hero's stage here, and the abilities of each player are extremely demanding."

     "That is, I may have a deeper understanding of this song than others." Gao Yifeng still thought for a few seconds before saying.

     "Then do you sing with the mood of an entertainment city owner, or do you sing with the mood of a bun shop owner?" Guo Degang asked.

      At this time, Gao Yifeng was lost in thought.

     After a short four or five seconds, Gao Yifeng said: "I think now I should be singing with the feeling of having a brief glories and then embarking on a solid life."

     "Okay, well said."

     Luo Yiming said, “Because of the company’s bankruptcy ten years ago, my black hair turned white in just a few days. I can rise from the bottom of my life and have one's feet firmly planted on the ground to this day, and I am the owner of a bun shop. Standing on the stage of "Who is the Hero" confidently, I think you have defeated yourself."

     "Then, start your performance today!"

     When Luo Yiming's voice stopped, the music immediately rang.

     What Gao Yifeng wants to sing is a song that suits him well, Coming Back Anew.

     "All the honors yesterday"

     "It has become a distant memory"

     "Diligence has spent half of my life"

     "Going into the wind and rain again tonight"

     "I can't go up and down with the waves, for my loved ones, no matter how hard it is, I must be strong, just for those looking forward to eyes"

     Starting from the first sentence of the singing, Gao Yifeng's passion and focus are different from others.He used his experience to sing this song.

     With both hands clenched with fists, his voice without too many skills, but because of his story, it easily penetrates everyone's heart.

     For the one you love, to support your loved ones silently, no matter how hard you are, you must be strong!

     No matter how heavy it is, I have to bear it!

     He hadn't been knocked down by those hardships, but for his loved ones, those looking forwards.

     "If the heart is in the dream, there is true love between Heaven and Earth. It is just Coming Back Anew if you see success or failure in life."

     As he said, he sang differently from others because he understood the song itself better.

     When his high pitch was pulled up, the audience watched his clenched fists, singing vigorously all over, and they were moved inexplicably.

     Gao Yifeng enriched the song with his rough experience.

     Just as this song explains his life.

     Love is in the heart, the heart is in the dream, and the dream can start over.

     "It sounds good."

     "This song, he really sings so nicely, so touching."

     The audience could not interrupt his singing aloud.

     But listening to his songs will make people overwhelmed by emotions, be fired up.

     Maybe because of his experience.

     Combined with the current singing, many audiences couldn't help crying.

     They regret, they admire more.

     If the heart is in the dream

      between Heaven and Earth and true love

     Life is heroic

     Just Coming Back AnewThis song couldn’t be more apt to Gao Yifeng’s experience, from the owner of an entertainment city with tens of millions of assets to bankruptcy owing more than 3 million, and then be willing to sacrifice everything one has to pay off the debt.

     In order to make ends meet, he drove motorcycles and taxis, and finally operated a bun shop in Hefei.

     This life of having ups and downs has moved many audiences when they listen to songs.
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