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76 Chapter 76, Hehehaha Bun Shop
    Chinese Name: 巨星从综艺主持人开始  Author: 村中野夫(Cun Zhong Ye Fu, Wild Villager)
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With the end of the last ending, the whole song is finished.

     Then, cheers and applause broke out from the audience.

     Gao Yifeng is not a professional singer, but when he sings this song alone, he feels too much. The sad temperament that reveals between his brows matches the song of Coming Back Anew.

     It was like a bayonet stabbed in, and everyone's hearts were empty after listening.

     Not only was the audience moved by the singing, Gao Xiaosong, as a musician, was the first to express his appreciation.

     "You have the same surname as me. We are both named Gao. Today I am not a judge. I will call you brother. You make me really feel the heroic life."

     "Thank you." Gao Yifeng said.

     Gao Xiaosong has always been a strict and demanding person.

     It will not love one person exhibit one's feelings in one's speech.

     As pleasant as its song, Gao Xiaosong gave the player the highest evaluation.

     "Mr. Gao, from a multi-millionaire casino owner to a bun shop owner, there is a big gap between them. How do you adjust yourself?"

     "I believe that the attitudes of people around you towards you have changed a lot. How did you adjust your mentality? I really want to know this."

     "No matter what everyone thinks or thinks, my life has to go on, right?"

     Gao Yifeng recalled: "I used to be in the entertainment industry, and I was afraid of calling in the middle of the night. Although the money earned in this business is more underground than in the past, at least I can sleep safely."

     Gao Yifeng has experienced a different life. Only through experience can he have a say.When those who called you Mr. Gao before, saw you go broke and called you by name one by one, Gao Yifeng had already seen through life.

     The steadfast life may be happier than those glorious momentary illusions.

     "Brother Gao, walking this way, alone will be very hard. I think someone must accompany you." With the touch of that song, the people standing behind Gao Yifeng, I believe the audience is also very curious, Luo Yiming Asked.

     "It's my child's mother."

     "Is she there?"


     Director Wang Li hastened to let Gao Yifeng's wife, who was ready in the audience, to take the stage. When a woman about forty years old came on stage, the audience's eyes switched to her.

     After Gao Yifeng came up with his wife, his eyes were warm, full of love.

     "I want to ask, how did you accompany him when your husband was frustrated in his life and career?"

     That period of time must have been depressing and suffering, but the woman was already calm at this moment.

     "During that time, I often encouraged him, life ups and downs. If there is an opportunity, you will stand on the stage again."

      glanced at Gao Yifeng, the woman took his hand and said full of tender feelings: "Because I think my husband is the best."

     Gao Yifeng did not shed a tear on the stage.

     He is a strong man.

     He survived the hardest period of doomsday.

     But in the face of his wife's words, his tears rolled down immediately.

     Once a multimillionaire, once a high-spirited and vigorous, today's bun shop owner, today's old and gray-haired.The early bird gets the worm, and the early fox gets the bird. But the 5+4 taiiiiiiiiils fox sleeps in...
But fortunately, beside him, there is always a wife who loves him, stand by (sb).

     "Mr. Gao, all the honours of yesterday have become distant memories, and the trauma of yesterday has precipitated into the strong you who stand on the stage of a hero."

     "You can be so strong, you can continue to stand on the stage and dream."

     "You have to remember, because behind you stands a woman who silently supports you, a great woman."

     Gao Yifeng's tears had already been swallowed back into his eyes.

     But Luo Yiming's words pierced him again.

     Holding his wife into his arms with both hands, only this kind of hug can make Gao Yifeng feel worthy of his wife's moisten with spittle these years.

     Huddled tightly together, seeing this kind of scene, some little girls in the audience also cried.

     "Brother Gao. Your performance today was wonderful. There are vibrato between your words, but you are not cowardly."

     "You have tears in your eyes, but you are strong."

     "Just like your name, standing on top of the peak, still chic and elegant, Calm demenor."

     "Our generation should learn like you."

     "There are so many retreats in life, sometimes you have to grit your teeth."

     "You must wake up that sleeping self, so that you can embrace the better you in the future."

     "There are always ups and downs in life. At the lowest point, we should give ourselves a thought: if the heart is there, the dream is there."

     "Maybe your singing is not as good as professional, but you have sang your heartfelt voice with heart and affection.""If the heart is there, dreams are there. Dreams are young. There's nothing about it can stop the heart's longing for dreams."

     "Your performance today is enough to conquer me, I will give you yes."

     Luo Yiming's affectionate Xu Xu, and his extremely provocative remarks made the audience at the scene startled.

     There was applause and applause again from the audience, which was also the audience's approval of Luo Yiming's support for Gao Yifeng.

     "What our generation needs is your mentality. This society is really impetuous now. I hope that your life experience can give our generation a good reference! I will follow you and pay tribute to you. Of course I will give you yes." Gao Xiaosong said.

     When it is the last Guo Degang's turn, he will stand up and say to the audience behind him: "You said, what should I do?"

     "Yes, yes..."

     The audience yelled out loud, and some of the audience even stood up to cheer for Gao Yifeng.

     "Okay, then listen to you, I will give you yse, three yes, congratulations on entering the next round, go and celebrate with your wife."

      To everyone's delight and satisfaction, the first recording won the applause.

     Luo Yiming clearly knows that in the previous life of China's Talent Show, Gao Yifeng's episode set a ratings record.

     After the broadcast, the talent show became popular.

     Then it triggered a blowout in the number of participants.

     For this reason, the program group has an extra game.

     Who is the hero recording today? Gao Yifeng’s performance is more exciting than his previous life. The cooperation between himself and Guo Degang and Gao Xiaosong is also seamless heavenly clothes.

     In this way, Luo Yiming doesn't worry about ratings."I'm actually quite curious about where his buns are spread out now. Can we go and get some business for his buns?"

     Teacher Guo Degang joked after the first contestant went down.

     "Then Teacher Guo, you take a Ma Zhazi and sit at the door of his bun shop and talk cross talk." Luo Yiming teased Lao Guo humorously.

     "Is that heehee haha bun shop?"

     At this time, there is no cross talk group called hip-hop buns shop.

     Luo Yiming's sentence surprised Luo Yiming.

     Unexpectedly, Guo Degang could also seer.

     It is definitely a coincidence.

     Luo Yiming raised his hand and said: "Let's invite the next player."
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