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77 Chapter 77, The Most Sensational Scene (rolling For Collection)
    Chinese Name: 巨星从综艺主持人开始  Author: 村中野夫(Cun Zhong Ye Fu, Wild Villager)
    Original: | Translator:

The second contestant, Luo Yiming and the choreographer team selected a super funny, super music-loving young man on stage.

     This young man sings really badly. Basically, every sentence is not in the tune. Even when he is singing, his microphone is not easy to hold.

     But he is the kind of young man who is very confident, very infectious, and friendly.

     Halfway through the song, the three judges couldn't listen to it anymore and interrupted the contestants.

     With the suspension of the three judges, the live music closed.

     The man still does not know what happened. After completing a slightly funny dance move, he stared and looked at the audience.

     "Why did the music stop?"


     The audience burst into laughter.

     "Are these all your performances?"

     Gao Xiaosong felt that this kid was here to make trouble for this stage.

     Sidescreen Zuoyan said: "It feels like he came up to toss the music."

     The young man is still immersed in his own music, looking at the ceiling, looking around, pretending that the music can come back up again.

     The audience was so cute by his innocent look.

     Gao Xiaosong continued: "If the music teacher does not stop your music, our heartbeat may stop."


     The audience was happy again.

     "You can't be called playing music, you are called being played by music, you know?"

     "You have a microphone in your hand, not a fritters. Have you ever seen anyone in the world sing like this? What do you think to hold a microphone like this."

     Gao Xiaosong immediately pretended to be a distorted youth holding the microphone.The young man said: "I just want to be different from others, but you are very unlucky because the performance behind is more exciting, you can't see it anymore."


     This kid's self-confidence didn't know where it was stolen, but the bragging look was really enjoyable.

     Gao Xiaosong was stunned. He thought that if he said that, this man would knowing oneself.

     But he is totally enjoying himself.

     "We don't think it is a pity, we have heard enough." Teacher Gao Xiaosong said, brother with a face, you spared my expression.

     "In fact, the performance behind me is a dance that I learned from a poem by everyone in the Tang Dynasty. I also want to perform dolphin and huaqiang performances. But unfortunately, I am afraid that you don't have the eyes and ears."

     Don't say the man bragging looks very cute.

     The audience's enthusiasm made him so hooked, and he really provoked it.

     Brother has a bad temper.

     Gao Xiaosong knew that this kid was sent by a monkey to make fun of him, but he wanted to see his performance.

     Luo Yiming would look at Teacher Gao Xiaosong with a smile, and said: "Mr. Xiaosong, I actually think we can listen to his high pitch. There is also the dance that everyone understood from the Tang Dynasty."

     "We can't delay the time of the next players. You are already eliminated. Cherish this last opportunity to perform. You can only come to one of your dances and songs." Gao Xiaosong said with a smile.

     "Let's do it, or let him have a dolphin sound, he must be like a dolphin." Guo Degang would suggest.

     All three teachers agree.The young man made a move at this time. Before his voice rose, the expression on his entire body and face was distorted into a ball.

     Then, like a big cock, or a big cock that was dumb, the young man stretched out his hands quite high into the sky, but his voice didn't even rise.

      wail like ghosts and howl like wolves.

     Especially meow, the audience was also amused by this kid's courage.

     "This is the dolphin sound you are talking about? This dolphin must not be well developed." Guo Degang said.

     Gao Xiaosong originally listened looking forward to it. As soon as the sound came, his whole body made a movement to coordinate with the fall, which was also really thundered by the sound.

     In this section, although the man’s performance was rubbish, the laughter on the scene was so much for long time. Who is the most joyous of the heroes?

     The stage of who is a hero requires not only inspirational stories, inspirational players, humorous and funny, various types, all-inclusive and all-embracing stages are created by Luo Yiming.

     Through the laughter from the audience, Luo Yiming knew that there was.

     "Why is the stage for who is a hero really diversified, and there are all kinds of talents. Just now this little brother refreshed my impression of dolphin sounds. It turned out that I can also sing dolphin sounds."

     Luo Yiming then also howled for a while, imitating the performance of the little brother just now, let alone, it was really in place.

     The next players are all choreographers. Whoever is the hero team carefully selected among the thousands of registered players, all have their own proficiency in a particular field.

     The cock mother-in-law acted as a cock.

     Retired railway workers from Shenyang sang the songs of workers and even sang Peking opera.The hawker selling duck necks set up stalls on the roadside to support his wife's singing career. The audience who sang the song Resounding Rose by his wife were also very excited.

     Chasing the Dream, who supported each other between husband and wife, also moved many people on the scene.

     Hilarious, humorous, inspirational, romantic, confident, diversified, and multi-element stage are presented during the recording.

     Whether it is a promoted player or a eliminated player, there is nothing shining about does not have one on this stage, and they all contribute to the wonderful show.

     Of course, this is inseparable from the carefully selected yesterday by Luo Yiming and the choreographer team and the design of the desk.

     There are a lot of materials, and the first recording was announced after the performance of the ten contestants.

     Then the program team prepared working meals for all cast members and judges, and then finished the second phase of recording in the afternoon.

     If you say that the quality and performance of the players in the first period are perfect, in the second period, the players led by the broken-arm boy Liu Wei, the overall performance level and attractiveness, not inferior in the slightest first period.

     In 2006, Liu Wei was only 18 years old and he had just grown up. That year, Liu Wei just used his feet to write and play on the computer, including that he was a member of the Chinese Paralympic Swimming Team.

     Regarding playing the piano, Liu Wei only started learning with a teacher.

     He didn’t have such superb piano skills yet, but when he walked out with his sleeves empty and sat down directly in front of the piano, he played the song "Dream of Wedding". Although there were some flaws and flaws, he used his feet instead of his hands to play. The first action ignited the audience.At the end of the tune, the audience stood up and applauded.

     When Gao Xiaosong asked him how did he achieve it.

     Liu Wei said the most touching sentence: "I think there are only two paths in my life. I either die quickly or live wonderfully."

     When Luo Yiming said: "Destiny gave Liu Wei a wonderful start, but he quickly blew the final whistle. But Liu Wei, who lost his arms, did not give up and did not despair, he became himself again. This is a hero. When the audience received the warmest applause.

     And the recording of the day also reached the highest level.

     Under the stage, many people wipe their tears with wet wipes.

     In the 600 studio, a scene that had never been used before appeared, and the audience stood up and applauded Liu Wei.
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