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81 Chapter 81, Full House Color (for Collection)
    Chinese Name: 巨星从综艺主持人开始  Author: 村中野夫(Cun Zhong Ye Fu, Wild Villager)
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Sometimes, fate will all come back because of the appearance of one person.

     In the past, Du Haitao could win the favor of the audience by selling cute and playing cute.

     But after there was an mc on the stage, no matter how cute or powerful, Du Haitao's advantage was completely gone.

     After the audience voted.

     And vote for the support rate of SMS in front of the TV.

     After the three groups of contestants finished their performances, Luo Yiming had the first vote. He won the championship with a large score of more than half of the live audience and the highest SMS support rate.

     Wu Xin followed by Du Haitao the least and won the third place.

     When the number of votes was announced, countless Luo Yiming fans cheered "well done."

     And this time, a number of big names on satellite TV are also watching this show silently.

     They don’t need to watch the previous game, but the champion of the shiny new anchor, in the future anchor world, must be the person who burn your hand, feel the heat.

     TV big guys should pay more attention to it.

     When the show was over, originally everyone had to switch channels.

     But the camera directly shows who the hero is.

     The shiny new anchor finals from 7:30 to 9:50, with a lot of advertisements in the middle, and who is the hero of this episode also started ten minutes earlier.

     The tycoons of Litchi TV have heard recently that this show was produced by Luo Qiang.

     They are now discussing cooperation with Luo Qiang.

     Basically, Luo Qiang's will is stronger.

     Just today, Luo Qiang also talked to him and said that he could come to the station, if Litchi Station is willing to cooperate with his team in the mode of separating production and broadcasting.Separation of production and broadcasting is equivalent to giving away some of the profits in the station. This is what Canxing did among the good voices of China in the past.

     But at the moment, this model has not yet been tried. The tycoon of Litchi Terrace deliberately invited Luo Qiang over, so he decided to see who is the hero of the variety show.

     Who is the hero in the fourth episode? It doesn't matter if the final of the shining new anchor is covered, or it is a good accumulation of the early stage public praise, in short, who is the hero tonight has attracted a lot of viewers.

     Including the leaders and employees of Hubei Satellite TV, they are all paying attention to who is the hero in this issue.

     Tonight is an extremely important day for the Hubei Satellite TV.

     The shining new anchor of the trump card audition program recently completed successfully.

     The deputy director visited the competition site in person and presented the championship trophy to Luo Yiming.

     The large and small leaders in the station all contribute to the ratings, and some leaders have to write a summary report of 800 words up.

     After watching the shiny new anchor, I directly pushed who is the hero.

     After the opening, Luo Yiming first played an impromptu joke with Guo Degang and Gao Xiaosong.

     Easy to push into the program, the old driver's driving skills, very stable.

     Then the players took the stage one by one.

     A seven-year-old boy who talks about cross talk.

     Two boys who failed to sing, but were very popular in their performance.

     The previous program is not amazing, but compared to the variety shows of the other stations, and even the variety shows of CCTV, it doesn't fall into a disadvantageous position.

     Then Luo Yiming encouraged Zuo Yan to take the model step and staged a "Beauty and the Beast" performance with Zuo Yan.When the audience thought that Luo Yiming was showing a plot of everyone loves beauty, Liang Yi's appearance made the show a perfect one.

     Liang Yi introduced a wheelchair and came out from the backstage. She said, "The host asked me to walk the show, and the wheelchair is my leg." When that sentence was said, all the TV viewers felt sore.

     Luo Yiming stood on stage, and many people understood that Luo Yiming was paving the way for Liang Yi's appearance.

     He used Zuo Yan's beautiful legs to set off, a dream in a wheelchair.

     "Originally, her future would be very beautiful, but in that year, overwork caused the hemangioma in her neck to rupture, and the outflow of blood compressed the central nervous system, causing paralysis of the whole body."

     "Everything caught off guard, at that time, she completely lost the ability to take care of herself. Even raising her hand and turning over is an extravagant hope. She used a very unpleasant saying, "If you want to die, you can't die. "

     "God deprived you of the right to die, that is a kind of despair filled with incomparable helplessness...

     When Luo Yiming said this, tears faintly appeared in his firm eyes.

     Those viewers who were still in tears, gave a stab, were touched soft, and cried all at once.

     Luo Yiming's eyes were blurred, but Liang Yi beside her was always smiling. She also stretched out La Luo Yiming's leg to stop Luo Yiming from crying.

     Such a warm action, a superman in a wheelchair, once again moved the audience.

     In the end, Luo Yiming described her as the super hero in his heart. He was extremely motivated and touching words made the audience stand up and applaud Liang Yi.As for TV viewers, there are many Unable to Restrain Emotions clapping their hands.

     It was wonderful. Liang Yi was unfortunate. Fate gave her a good start, but it played her. But she stopped/stood firmly again and won the fate.

     Luo Yiming is excellent. He discovered Liang Yi and he gave Liang Yi the respect she deserves. She is like what Luo Yiming said, she is a super hero.

     Inertia watching, but unexpected harvest who is the hero.

     This is a great show.

     A show full of energy and love.

     Of course, it also has humor. There are three famous laughs, jeers, anger and invective.

     The audience received rave reviews, which was completely opposite to the situation in the previous three issues, with advance singing loudly in the ratings.

     In Changyihu, Song Wendian had seen the latest hero, and couldn't help picking up the phone and walked to the study.

     "Hey, is it Mr. Ou's balcony? It's me. You just watched "Who is a hero?"

     "I'm watching, I'm just looking for you. The kid you mentioned last time, Luo Yiming, he performed well tonight. I think the show about who is a hero was done well. It's not like the ratings are not broken. 2's show?"

     Song Wendian also found it strange.

     In the first three episodes, the ratings of who is a hero are all dismal.

     If he hadn't missed out who is the hero because of the title battle of the shiny new anchor tonight.

     "Yeah, Luo Yiming, is the host pretty good? Hosts in the TV circle can do this to a degree. It is estimated that our two pillars are a little bit hanging."

     Song Wendian did not hesitate to compliment, and that was also the reason for this shiny new anchor."This young man is very clever in hosting the show and has his own set of ideas. But the key is to write well in the desk. This is the credit of Luo Qiang. You look back for him, if you can maintain this quality, it will be broadcast on Sunday's prime time It’s okay to come out."

     What Song Wendian wants is this single sentence by Ou Balongchang.

     After getting a satisfactory answer, he doesn't need to take the initiative to say, Song Wendian said: "Okay, who is the hero in this issue, tomorrow's ratings must be good. After the ratings results come out, I will talk to Lao Luo."
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