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84 Chapter 84, OK, Let Me Do It! (Pianover One-day Rewards More)
    Chinese Name: 巨星从综艺主持人开始  Author: 村中野夫(Cun Zhong Ye Fu, Wild Villager)
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Before Luo Yiming came, Luo Qiang hurriedly visited Song Wendian's office in the morning.

     Luo Qiang is a veteran employee of Mango Terrace. He told Song Wendian that he is leaving.

     He can only complete the handover of the work here.

     In order to prevent him from leaving there's nothing about it, Luo Qiang also talked about the recent rise of the hero program, which is the crystallization of the wisdom of him and Luo Yiming.

     After he leaves, Luo Yiming can do the show.

     Whether it is hypocritical or true.

     In short, he praised Luo Yiming in front of Song Wendian.

     This is not over yet.

     Not long after Luo Qiang's front foot left, Guo Xiaoke's samples were sent.

     When he asked if Luo Yiming had divided part of the producer's work on who was the hero, Guo Xiaoke's answer made Song Wendian have a surprise.

     Guo Xiaoke said who is the hero, the third and fourth phases basically adopted Luo Yiming's revised opinions.

     Then in the first and second phases of the main series, Luo Qiang did not participate in the design and recording of the script at all. Luo Yiming was in charge of the overall situation.

     Song Wendian felt that something was wrong.

     If it is a program created by Luo Qiang himself.

     Who is the hero of the fire, he can immediately be promoted to the gold producer of Mango Terrace.

      This time is definitely not the best time to leave.

     He just left, it should be that he has no confidence in the performance of this show who is a hero.

     He didn't make it in the first place. It's normal to be drumming up the future of the show.

      so to speak, who is the real producer of the hero, he is Luo Yiming.Song Wendian impatiently invited Luo Yiming to the office, and he also wanted to verify.

     Right now, people are coming.

     Song Wendian asked him to sit down first and turned off the video on the computer. Song Wendian said: "Xiao Luo, the first issue of the hero is Xiao Ke got me a copy, I watched it, There's no problem ."

     "The radio and television side should not be stuck. Tonight, the first episode of the main series will be broadcast at the prime time at 8:20."

     "Thank you Director Song."

     Luo Yiming is also looking forward to tonight's show.

     In his previous life, a popular player on the China Got Talent Show, he has reappeared on the stage.

     Whether this first phase takes off or not determines his future position at Mango Terrace.

     "About this program, do you tell me without other?" Song Wendian raised his head and suddenly said seriously.

     "Ah, no. I think Producer Luo will communicate with you about the show."

     "Luo Qiang? His level of familiarity with the show is comparable to you?" Song Wendian said Cynical, Luo Yiming was a little confused.

     Hehe laughed, Luo Yiming said, "Of course, producer Luo knows better than me. Who is the producer of the hero, I am just the host." Luo Yiming wants to break the ice of own awkwardness. Today's Director Song, he thinks strange.

     "Xiao Luo. Actually, I admire you very much. You are very humble, but you can't be too modest. If you have talent, you have to show it and hide it. Sometimes others can't see it.

     If Luo Yiming hadn't smelled the weirdness of today's meeting, now, Mr. Song's hint made Luo Yiming guess something.

     Luo Qiang should have been here.Or what Guo Xiaoke said in front of Director Song when he sent the film for review.

     Compared with Luo Qiang, the latter is more likely.

     "Director Song, don't you listen to the nonsense of Director Guo, I'm all about "Who is a hero is just to offer words and suggestions, recruit players, and improve the format of the program. It is all driven by Producer Luo."

     Luo Yiming can know the truth of Beautiful Tree In The Forest, Wind Must Certainly Destroy It.

     Luo Qiang is now the producer of the hero, closing the door, Song Dao talked about also just sufficed.

     After it was passed, Luo Qiang had a grudge, he, the newcomer, still does not know how much trouble it would be.

     "Xiao Luo, it's not a trivial matter. Don't hide yourself from me. To tell you the truth, Luo Qiang has been here."

     "As for him, he verbally gave me a resignation report and fired me. However, he was also frank. You have a lot of initiative in this show."

     "He didn't participate in the first two episodes of the main series. You are responsible for all the scripts and the format of the program!"

     "Producer Luo has been here?" Luo Yiming scratched the head, which was really embarrassing.

     Unexpectedly, Luo Qiang resigned.

     What kind of stuff is this playing.

     "Yeah. I think he must have left another station. He will throw you the show about who is the hero. You can't pick up such a big basket."

     "Throw it to me?" Luo Yiming was even more shocked.

      speak frankly.

     Luo Yiming was a host in his previous life, and he has not many talents in film production.

     But rebirth brought him countless variety show resources.He knows enough about the production, format and content of those hot past life variety shows.

      Since this period of time, maybe because of who is the hero, Luo Yiming always has several other variety shows in his mind.

     Including the specific content of variety shows, the scenes are as clear and profound as a movie.

     Luo Yiming only knew that, it turned out that he had kept the programs of the previous life well.

     Before, Luo Yiming wanted to be a host, but suddenly, a big basket was pushed by Song Dao and forced to buckle him on the head, asking him to pick the hero's producer.

     Those past life's memory are even more turbulent, like a wave.

     "Originally, you are a newbie mc, it was impossible for you to be in charge of a variety show in the station. But Luo Qiang happened suddenly, and there was no one in the station. The person who knew the most about this show should be you."

     "Xiao Luo, I admire you very much. I think that since this is the case, I might as well give it a try. At least whoever in the first issue is a hero I think is great. is not everyone has such a good opportunity . You have to take it well."

     Luo Yiming naturally knew that the opportunity had come, and the truth should be grasped.

     But the point is, from the host to the producer, Luo Yiming always feels that he has changed the role all at once.

     Just like this, a pie fell from the sky, and he had to calmly restrain himself.

     "Come on, Xiao Luo, I will show you a statistic."

     Seeing that Luo Yiming was still standing there in a daze, Song Wendian simply asked him to go to his computer.Song Wendian’s statistics are the ratings statistics of Happy Camp and Yue Ce happier.

     Starting from the official 50-city viewership statistics, the viewership rate of the first episode of Happy Camp was 14%.

     The more policy the happier is 1%.

     Then Happy Camp and Yuece became happier, and the ratings of these two ace programs on Lake Provincial Satellite TV gradually increased until later one reached 3% and the other reached the highest 24%.

     Luo Yi clearly understood Song Wendian's intention to show himself this data.

     Kuaben and the more policy, the happier, the ace of the Hunan Satellite TV, the first issue of the ratings.

     Who is the hero of the third period 18, the fourth period 229, this rating has already reflected Luo Yiming's excellent production ability.

     Put aside other things.

     The show was made like this, and I was too embarrassed to take over the basket.

     Who is the hero tonight is the first issue of the series, maybe it’s the heaven’s secret arrangement, continue destiny to push yourself to where the wind and the waves are the fiercest, then, why not take the wind, ascend with wind's support Ninety thousand miles.

     Luo Yiming smiled in the next second, and since he couldn't refuse, he accepted the arrangement.

     "Okay, let me do it!"
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