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85 Chapter 85, Luo Yiming Is Gone...for Ten Days
    Chinese Name: 巨星从综艺主持人开始  Author: 村中野夫(Cun Zhong Ye Fu, Wild Villager)
    Original: | Translator:

The original program contract was invalidated, and Luo Yiming, as a new producer, re-signed the contract with Mango Channel. Moreover, the contract, which is written in black and white, will be broadcast on Sunday's prime time.

     The program was successfully submitted for review. Luo Yi understood that there was nothing wrong with staying on the stage. He just waited for the first episode of the hero series to be broadcast at night.

     Yang Taiping also watched the fourth episode of Who is the Hero last night.

     If you talk about the first two installments of the pilot film, Yang Taiping feels a bit boring.

     But as far as the fourth episode of the variety show is concerned, who is the hero is wonderful.

     Hurry to the mango stand.

     Yang Taiping just wanted to help his company to insert an advertisement when the hero series was broadcast. If possible, Yang Taiping also wanted to provide free hero costumes.

     Yang Taiping does women's clothing for Peacebird. Recently, the channel agent of the factory is not very good.

     Yang Taiping knows very well that if his Business Empire wants to shed one's mortal body and exchange one's bones, from a local enterprise to a well-known enterprise in the country, it is the best opportunity to get on the "Who is the Hero" express train.

     Early in the morning when I drove for a long time, my daughter Yang Hui happened to be going back to school. Yang Hui said that he wanted to see Luo Yiming, an idol, and Yang Taiping brought her here.

     Still meet Luo Xin first.

     Last time I didn't meet Director Song, this time Luo Xin took Yang Taiping to Song Wendian's office.

     Knowing that Yang Taiping was very interested in the column of who the hero was, Song Wendian asked Luo Yiming to come to the office again.

     In a short time, Luo Yiming revisit old haunts.

     As soon as he entered the room, Luo Yiming saw a strange middle-aged man and a beautiful and refined girl sitting on the sofa. Luo Yiming really did not react.Yang Hui and Luo Yiming had met before, and that was when Luo Yiming was recording a show about who is a hero.

     However, at that time, Yang Hui was in the audience and Luo Yiming was on the stage.

     "Yiming, come on, let me introduce to you, this is Mr. Yang from Peacebird Women's Wear, and this is his daughter Yang Hui..."

     Yang Taiping usually doesn't pay much attention to the entertainment industry, and he is not cold about the stars in the entertainment industry, but since the promotion of his own women's clothing brand has been blocked.

     Yang Taiping also got the celebrity idea, looking for celebrities to endorse and sponsor variety shows.

     Overjoyed, he came up to shake hands with Luo Yiming, and he would hand out a hot stamped business card: "Hello, hello, my dear Yang Taiping, this is my business card."

     "My daughter particularly likes the show you host, but she is still your fan."

     Yang Hui's face flushed shyly, let alone, she inherited the handsomeness of her father and her mother of high noble temperament, she was so beautiful that she warms the heart and delights the eye.

     Yang Hui lowered her head.

     That lively and cheerful daughter became like this, Yang Taiping was shocked: "No, Xiaohui, you still tell me at home, when you met Luo Yiming, you want to ask him for a few autographs, why are you so good now Up."

     "Dad..." Yang Hui stretched out her slender arm and gently patted Yang Taiping with her hand.

     Then, she raised her head and glanced in Luo Yiming's direction. Damn, the two eyes met.

     Yang Hui felt like her body was shocked, and her whole body was numb.

     Everything has to be caught off guard.

     Maybe Yang Hui is the daughter of the Hot Peacebird Woman's Clothes-wearing Bigshot. Luo Yiming's first impression of her was particularly good.Yang Taiping is a little taller than himself, and Yang Hui inherited his father's genes, with a height of about 1.68 meters.

     This height is already very eye-catching for girls.

     On the contrary, Yang Hui's appearance is not inferior in the slightest compared with the popular Celebrity of the previous life.

     That kind of beauty is not a mass-produced awl face, it has a feeling of comfort, pure, but full of charm.

     After staying on Yang Hui for less than two seconds, Luo Yiming's gaze shifted to Yang Taiping.

     In his previous life, Luo Yiming didn't know him.

     However, Luo Yiming knew that Peacebird women's clothing was a big clothing brand.

     Only in 2006, Peacebird women's clothing has not yet emerged.

     Since this person can make the enterprise so big, he is definitely not a mortal person. This person is very worthy of friendship. Luo Yiming had a prejudgment in advance.

     "Yiming. Calling you over, I want to tell you that Mr. Yang intends to sponsor your show. Three million. The costume of Who is the Hero will be provided by Mr. Yang's enterprise from the third phase."

     "During the side-scene host, Zuo Yan added a few more verbal propaganda of Peacebird costume.

     "Mr. Yang, who is Luo Yiming's hero's new producer, you come just in time. You can communicate with him about the specific details of sponsorship."

     Song Wendian had already settled the sponsorship fee.

     For the rest of the details, Song Wendian didn't have the time to dig out.

     He also has other issues, let Luo Yiming take him when he left, and Song Wendian and Luo Xin left.As soon as the leader left, the surprise in Yang Taiping's heart immediately poured out: "Production Luo, I only knew that you were the host, and Luo Qiang was the one I looked for. Unexpectedly, in a short time, you will become a hero. The producer of the show?"

     Luo Yiming didn't know this long before Yang Taiping.

     He spread his hand and said, "hard to explain in a few words, in short, to drive a duck onto a perch. The former family rushed to the brighter light and left me this stall."

     Yang Taiping smiled and flicked his hand: "You are wrong. Who is the hero of the fourth issue is already on fire. Take it now and give it on brocade, add flowers. It's all about you and the development of the show Ok."

     "Xiao Luo, I'm not polite anymore. If we have the opportunity to meet, we will sit down to have a meal and chat. I have signed the contract with Director Song. I don't have much request. Nothing else will continue to talk about the details. Up."

     After sending his daughter to school today, Yang Taiping returned to Zhejiang Province.

     Luo Yiming is always long, and I don’t know at what time when I meet again.

     Yang Taiping is a refreshing person, and Luo Yiming is not hypocritical. It's just in time for noon. He also thinks that there is nothing wrong with having a meal and a good relationship.

     Just eat at a Hunan Cuisine Restaurant near the station. Yang Taiping is very talkative. Luo Yiming talks with him and laughs together. The relationship has improved a lot between pushing cups and changing restaurants.

     There was Yang Hui, and soon the topic shifted to the Who is the Hero column."Dad, I think it's not easy for Luo Yiming. He let the hero rise from the dead by the strength of oneself. Before he hosted, who was a hero was a small show with a rating of 1. He came, from the ratings From 16 to 229 now, I think the ratings for the first issue of the main series are likely to break 3."

     Luo Yiming shook his head and said modestly: "Ms. Yang, you passed the award. Now the ratings are 229, which is far from breaking 3. Moreover, on Mango TV, there are many ace variety shows, and no one is a hero now. "

     The ratings of 229 single series, in fact, this result can be ranked third in the Mango TV program.

     On top of it, the more you plan, the more happy you are, Happy Camp.

     But Luo Yiming's words are not unreasonable.

     The toughness of the first issue does not explain any problems. The average ratings of each issue must be able to reach this data, so that other producers can convince in heart and by word.

     After listening to Luo Yiming's words, Yang Taiping smiled and said, "Then Xiaoluo, after the latest episode of the program is broadcast, what do you think the ratings will reach?"

     "Break 2."

     Luo Yiming is still very stable.

     He believes that the first issue of the series will exceed previous results.

     But if he asked him to tell how much he could achieve, he felt that as long as he worked hard, his grades were really not that important.

     Yang Hui knows Luo Yiming's character, and Zang Feng is his style.

     In Big Mango, he became a new mc in a short time, overwhelming many seniors to win the host of heroes.

     In a short period of time, he won the honor of a producer who is a hero.

     If you are not low-key.

     It is bound to cause envy of everyone.Wang Han, the big man at the Mango Channel, has gone through this step for more than ten years.

     Luo Yiming was gone...for ten days.

     He always tells himself that he must not be too anxious.

     Yang Taiping picked up the wine glass: "Come on, let's hope that Luo Producer's program ratings for this issue break 2% in advance."
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